how to write a children’s book

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How to Write a Childrens Book. and make it good. Material. Make sure to work with concepts children understand Difficult ideas are NOT off limits, but they need to be simplified Yours may be holiday-themed or not. This. NOT THIS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


How to Write a Childrens Book

How to Write a Childrens Bookand make it good

MaterialMake sure to work with concepts children understandDifficult ideas are NOT off limits, but they need to be simplifiedYours may be holiday-themed or not.

This is Teddy Roosevelt. He lived in ND for a little while. Later, he became presidentNOTTHIS

Many historians agree that the impetus to place Roosevelt in the vice presidency came from a desire to do away with him politically rather than any hope of his further ascendency to power.ThisLayoutUse big letters that are easy to read.Dont put more than a couple sentences on a single page.

The dragon was excited to be invited. He began practicing his dance moves.

Sometimes, even fewer words. AppearanceMake pictures big and brightly coloredYours will all be drawn by hand.There are lots of different drawing styles. Its okay for pictures to be simple!

More about AppearanceKeep lines of text straight.Use the whole page.

It looks silly when your picture and words are tiny and theres a ton of white space.CompositionYou can use Kid-friendly strategies like:RhymeRepetitionSound effectsChanging text appearanceColor-coding wordsInteractivityLetting pictures help tell the story

Rar! Im hungry! the bear yelled.

Shhh, the mouse said. Everyone else is still sleeping!EditingChildren learn about language and how to read it from looking at childrens booksThats why its really important that you write correctly!Misspelled words and run-on sentences will really affect your grade!

I didnt know monkeys was spelled with a Z!GradingYoull be graded on the quality of your story and how well you follow the guidelines here, NOT on your artistic ability per se.