HOW TO USE FACEBOOK TO MARKET YOUR MLM TO USE FACEBOOK TO MARKET YOUR MLM BUSINESS. You cannot ignore the power of Facebook for your MLM marketing. Your

Download HOW TO USE FACEBOOK TO MARKET YOUR MLM   TO USE FACEBOOK TO MARKET YOUR MLM BUSINESS. You cannot ignore the power of Facebook for your MLM marketing. Your

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<ul><li><p> HOW TO USE FACEBOOK TO MARKET YOUR MLM BUSINESS. </p><p>You cannot ignore the power of </p><p>Facebook for your MLM marketing. Your </p><p>Existing customers, Potential Customers </p><p>and Fans are using Facebook. </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>1 </p><p>When you are just getting started, your presence on Facebook must be on </p><p>a regular basis, so that people get to know your face, especially the first </p><p>three to six months. We all learn to be FITYou can develop to other </p><p>Marketing Strategy as you progress. </p><p>The Very basic. </p><p>Social Networking Sites, right now, are some of the best places to build </p><p>Your Network Marketing business, if you know how. The advertising is </p><p>completely free, and it is often many times more effective than some of the </p><p>paid advertising methods. Ive had between 5-10 people a day coming to </p><p>my website, or contacting me about my business, from Facebook alone. </p><p>How to use Facebook to Promote Your Business? Revealed for the first </p><p>time, here is the list of my TOP TEN FACEBOOK STRATEGIES. </p><p>1) GET A LIST: Get a list of 50 or more Network Marketing companies. </p><p>Why? This tutorial on how to use Facebook to promote your MLM business </p><p>is too short to cover the entire theory on this topic, but suffice it to say </p><p>Those current network marketers will be your absolute best target market. </p><p>Yes, they already have a biz opportunity. But if you can help other network </p><p>marketers reach their goals, you will often be the only person in the industry </p><p>who has, and, if you follow my guidelines, a percentage of them will come </p><p>to you asking to join your business. Thats right, no more chasing leads, </p><p>they will ask to join you! Your next best target market will be people actively </p><p>seeking business Opportunities. You can find them in Facebook groups </p><p>with more general topics like entrepreneur, or work from home, and big </p><p>names in the industry like Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>2 </p><p>2) JOIN GROUPS: Search for six Facebook groups a day related to each </p><p>company, or name, on the list. Join them and check them off as you go. </p><p>Dont join to many a day, Or do too much of anything in the same day, on </p><p>Facebook. That is important advice on How to use Facebook to promote </p><p>your business. They have much stricter rules than Sites like MySpace had. </p><p>3) POST: Post a short advertisement on the Wall of each group you joined. </p><p>You can be creative here, but follow these guidelines: a) dont market your </p><p>business opportunity at first, b) provide useful information, c) dont be to </p><p>salesy, and d) keep it short. You can market your biz opportunity after you </p><p>build a relationship with them. Trust me on this, if you Want to learn how to </p><p>use Facebook to promote your business, dont lead with your biz </p><p>opportunity, you will be completely wasting your time. I explain the reason </p><p>for this in greater detail in some of my other trainings. Add a link at the end </p><p>of the post that sends them to your Website. If you Dont use your MLM </p><p>Companys website for this. You need a personal site, with a lead capture </p><p>page to get their contact information that promotes yourself as a leader. If </p><p>you dont have a website/ Blog to send them to, you can get one here. </p><p> or contact him on Skype: jonahulebor </p><p>4) ADD FRIENDS: Pick one of the groups each day and add between 10-</p><p>30 new friends a day. Write out a short message ahead of time that says a) </p><p>that you found them on that group, and b) that you are trying to connect </p><p>with people in the industry. Notice I said Industry and not the name of the </p><p>company. You are letting them know that you are a network marketer, not </p><p>that you are in their company, although they will often assume that you are. </p><p>Copy and paste the message to your clip board and add it to each friend </p><p>request. If you want to type in their name each time that is helpful, but takes </p><p>a bit more time. Warning: dont go to fast, take short breaks, and never do </p><p>more than 30 a day. If you get a warning from Facebook, quit for the day, </p><p></p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>3 </p><p>and scale down your promotion the next time. A few too many warnings and </p><p>Facebook will disable your account. </p><p>5) START A GROUP: Create your own Facebook Group. This is the best </p><p>way to use Facebook to promote your business. The group should NOT be </p><p>about your network marketing company. It should be about a useful </p><p>marketing or networking strategy that can be of benefit to all network </p><p>marketers. Twitter users group, How to get free leads for your MLM, </p><p>How to use Facebook to promote your MLM business, and MLM </p><p>networking group, are some good examples. </p><p>6) INVITE: After you have 200+ friends who are all in the Network </p><p>Marketing industry, send them all an invitation to join your group. Repeat </p><p>this every 200 friends. </p><p>7) NEWSLETER AND TIPS: Once or twice a week send the entire group an e-mail of </p><p>some of your top strategies for marketing an MLM, and for how to use Facebook to </p><p>promote your MLM business. If you dont know any advanced strategies yet, at Kevin </p><p>Thomas Marketing we have the most current and in depth Internet Marketing training for </p><p>Network Marketers on the planet. </p><p>8) INTRODUCE: Go to the Friends tab, then to Recently Added, each day. </p><p>Create a list with the date (left hand side). Select the new friends one-by-</p><p>one (by clicking on the right) and add them to the days list. Go to the Inbox </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>4 </p><p>tab, then to Compose. Use the list as the address; it will insert all the newly </p><p>added friends. Send them a message introducing yourself as a mentor, </p><p>MLM coach, entrepreneur, or any title you like that positions you as an </p><p>expert in the industry. Dont worry, if youre not an expert yet, all you have </p><p>to do is know one or two more things than they do about how to use </p><p>Facebook to promote your business, and you are instantly an expert on that </p><p>topic. And, of course, follow my training, and you will not only become an </p><p>expert, but a top earner in the industry. And lastly, in your message to them, </p><p>invite them to join your Facebook group. </p><p> 9) ADVISE: You will soon start receiving e-mails from other Network </p><p>Marketers asking for advice and help about how to use Facebook to </p><p>promote your MLM business, and on various other topics. Continue to </p><p>educate yourself as you go, and help everyone you can. </p><p>10) PROSPECT: At this point you will have developed a whole new warm </p><p>market of the best possible prospects you could ever have. Current </p><p>Network. They dont need to be convinced that this is not a pyramid scheme </p><p>or a scam, they already see the value in buying a biz op, and they have </p><p>experience as home-based business owners. Just one of these prospects </p><p>will be worth a hundred friends or family members who often quite a month </p><p>after they join anyway. Now for the exciting part. Two things can happen at </p><p>this point. One, many people will begin asking about your primary business. </p><p>Some didnt know there was any other type of product available in network </p><p>marketing than the one that their company sells. Some will like yours better. </p><p>Also, many never had the guidance from their own company that you have </p><p>recently provided for them on how to use Facebook to promote your </p><p>business and they would much rather work with someone like you. Or Two, </p><p>you can introduce your business at this point. You are not a sleazy </p><p>salesman now; you have become a trusted advisor. Let them know that you </p><p>could spend more time training them directly if they were in your primary </p><p>business. </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>5 </p><p>Bonus Tip: Update your Whats on your mind status frequently with MLM </p><p>tips and links to your other sites to promote yourself as an expert and to </p><p>draw traffic to your websites and other social media sites. This is the exact </p><p>method that I used to generate between 5-10 leads a day from Facebook </p><p>alone, for free, and to get many sign ups into my primary MLM. This is how </p><p>to use Facebook to promote your MLM business. Once you get used to the </p><p>strategy it will take about 45 minute to an hour a day to conduct your </p><p>Facebook marketing. Is this work? Yes, but it is a whole lot better than </p><p>prospecting strangers at shopping malls, the reps you sign up will be high </p><p>quality business builders, and on the Internet, you will never run out </p><p>of leads. Imagine implementing five or ten other Internet Marketing </p><p>Strategies like this one. You will soon be getting 20 50 leads a day. And </p><p>that is the substance of a multimillion-dollar business. </p><p>Groups to Join Attracting the R... </p><p>CHUG IT </p><p>Bloggers Reflect... </p><p>The Bloggers </p><p>MLM Skills for... </p><p>Bloggers Network </p><p>Network Marketin... </p><p>Article Marketing </p><p>Home Based Busin... </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>6 </p><p>Lets Network </p><p>Post your offers... </p><p>Largest Facebook... </p><p>1000 "likes" in... </p><p>Jennifer's Adver... </p><p>Official Group o... </p><p>Internet Marketi... </p><p>Empower Yourself... </p><p>MLM - Network Ma... </p><p>Network Marketing... </p><p>Bizz Opps and Music </p><p>Sunrise Travel Club </p><p>RBs Keys to Succ... </p><p>Add Me as your F... </p><p>Network, Promote... </p><p>Team work makes... </p><p>Forexleo </p><p>100 Millionaires... </p><p>Income Opportunity! </p><p>Visionaries Of T... </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>7 </p><p>Radu's Official... </p><p> Attraction Marke... </p><p>Howard Heath Sim... </p><p>ELITE INTERNET M... </p><p>NETWORKING FOUND... </p><p>ENTREPRENEURS &amp;... </p><p>MLM </p><p> </p><p>Global Information... </p><p>Make love more sweet and beauti... </p><p>100 Millionaires Online </p><p>1000 "likes" in 90 days - </p><p>1000 Things to Be Grateful for </p><p>Add Me as your Friend!! </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>8 </p><p>Antoine Bethea's I DO MONEY (I.D.$) </p><p>Article Marketing </p><p>Attracting the Right People For T... </p><p>Attraction Marketing Training Wit... </p><p>Bizz Opps and Music </p><p>Bloggers Network </p><p>Bloggers Reflections </p><p>BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES </p><p> </p><p>CHUG IT </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>9 </p><p>Commitment Matrix </p><p>ELITE INTERNET MARKETING </p><p>Empower Yourself By Empowering Others... </p><p>ENTREPRENEURS &amp; MARKETER'S MARKET </p><p>Epicure Selections. Forexleo </p><p>Global Information Network Intern... </p><p>Home Based Business Opportunities </p><p>Income Opportunity! </p><p>Internet Marketing Strategies </p><p>Janet Garcia Internet Video Marketing... </p><p>Jennifer's Advertising </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>10 </p><p>Largest Facebook Group Ever! We n... </p><p>Leading Networkers - If you are c... </p><p>Lets Network </p><p>make your own business become big... </p><p>MARKETING </p><p>MLM </p><p>Network Marketing No Spin... </p><p>MLM Skills for Success </p><p>Network Marketing Is Sexy! </p><p>Network Marketing Mastermind Group </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>11 </p><p>Network, Promote, Post! </p><p>NETWORKING FOUNDATION </p><p>Official Group of Kelechi Ibe </p><p>Official Group of Network Marketing... </p><p>Online Success and Lead Generation... </p><p>Post your offers here - Business,... </p><p>Radu's Official Mastermind Group|... </p><p>RBs Keys to Successful Cash Gifting </p><p>Sunrise Travel Club </p><p>Tamia Postell ~ a Wealthy Nulife </p><p>Team work makes the dream work </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>12 </p><p>The Dave Saunders Mastermind Group </p><p>Travel as a Career </p><p>Vince Pangori's Success Marketing... </p><p>ViSalus </p><p>Visionaries Of Tomorrow </p><p>Ways To Make Money Online </p><p>We The Bloggers </p><p>Would you challenge 'Fate' &amp; assi... </p><p>YoUNGSTERS Of 21st CeNTURY </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>13 </p><p>Women Groups To Join </p><p>Womens Trust </p><p>CEO Business Women's Club </p><p>Independent Women's Voice </p><p>Women's Professional Soccer </p><p>The Women's Conference </p><p>WWD - Women's Wear Daily </p><p>National Women's Council of REALTORS </p><p>Women's Initiative for Self-Employment </p><p>Women's Health &amp; Fitness Magazine </p><p>Women's eNews </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>14 </p><p>Women's Health </p><p>Women's LifeStyle Magazine </p><p>Women's Sports Foundation </p><p>Independent Women's Forum </p><p>Women's Funding Network </p><p>Women's Leadership Exchange </p><p>Women's Online Magazine </p><p>Women's Health Magazine Australia </p><p>WIN (Women's Information Network) </p><p>Washington Husky Women's Tennis </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>15 </p><p>Canadian Women's Health Network </p><p>The New York Women's Foundation </p><p>Society for Women's Health Research </p><p>The Baltimore Women's Film Festival </p><p>Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence </p><p>Womens Wellness </p><p>Women's Network Australia </p><p>Jewish Women's Archive </p><p>Metamorphosis Women's Conference </p><p>NCCU Women's Center </p><p>National Women's Law Center </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>16 </p><p>Women's Health South Africa </p><p>Kiyonna Clothing - Stylish Plus Size Women's Apparel </p><p>South Bay Sequoias Women's Rugby Football Club </p><p>AWHONN - The Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal </p><p>Nurses </p><p>Womens Ab Workout </p><p>Hispanic Womens Corporation </p><p>International Women's Day </p><p>Women's Media Center </p><p>runHers Women's Club </p><p>Powerful You! Women's Network </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>17 </p><p>International Black Women's Collaborative </p><p>Women's Small Biz Network </p><p>Women's Business Development Center </p><p>The Women's Center of Orlando </p><p>Bucks County Women's Advocacy Coalition </p><p>Center for Black Women's Wellness, Inc </p><p>Deborah Kern - Women's Wellness Empowerment Speaker </p><p>Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence </p><p>Women's Caucus of the California Democratic Party </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>18 </p><p>Top 50 MLM </p><p>MLM / Home Based Business Popularity Top Gainers </p><p>Based on percentage increase in our last sampling </p><p># 1 Talk Fusion 159.82% Gain </p><p># 2 The Customer Advantage 155.83% Gain </p><p># 3 Jusuru 132.93% Gain </p><p># 4 YOUNGEVITY, INC. 117.91% Gain </p><p> # 5 NCD WellnessCeuticals 86.02% Gain </p><p># 6 Nature's Sunshine Products 85.06% Gain </p><p># 7 Forever Living 78.86% Gain </p><p># 8 bamboo pink 78.29% Gain </p><p># 9 The Trump Network 66.53% Gain </p><p># 10 YTBTravel 63.54% Gain </p><p># 11 Don Caster 56.16% Gain </p><p># 12 Oregano Gold 49.88% Gain </p><p># 13 Amigo Health 48.18% Gain </p><p># 14 TVI Express 46.20% Gain </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>19 </p><p># 15 Oriflamme USA 40.04% Gain </p><p># 16 Xanga 38.88% Gain </p><p># 17 Numis Network 37.58% Gain </p><p># 18 Xocai 30.50% Gain </p><p># 19 VIVIANE 27.36% Gain </p><p># 20 Genesis Pure 26.38% Gain </p><p># 21 World Ventures 26.27% Gain </p><p># 22 Home and Garden Party, Ltd. 25.10% Gain </p><p># 23 Global Information Network 24.97% Gain </p><p># 24 Reliv International 24.27% Gain </p><p># 25 GBG 23.78% Gain </p><p># 26 Shaklee Corporation 23.38% Gain </p><p># 27 Watkins 21.98% Gain </p><p># 28 Moxxor 21.78% Gain </p><p># 29 Pre-Paid Legal Services 20.99% Gain </p><p># 30 My Shopping Genie 20.14% Gain </p><p># 31 My Harvest America 20.00% Gain </p><p># 32 Agel 19.07% Gain </p><p># 33 Qivana 18.13% Gain </p><p># 34 Coastal Vacations 16.91% Gain </p><p># 35 Market America 16.26% Gain </p></li><li><p>How to Use Facebook to Promote Your MLM Business </p><p>20 </p><p># 36 Xyngular 15.66% Gain </p><p># 37 Life Path Unlimited 15.50% Gain </p><p># 38 Conklin Company 15.26% Gain </p><p># 39 Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing 13.07% Gain </p><p># 40 Yves Rocher 12.59% Gain </p><p># 41 Global Verge 12.00% Gain </p><p># 42 One24 11.21% Gain...</p></li></ul>