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  • How to Start a Home based Silk Screening business

    Silk Screening is a great way to earn money from your own home. Not only make money but makemany new friends as well.

    This is an exciting and creative way to show your talents as an artiste.

    Artistic abilities will be an advantage, use your imagination and have patience.

    Beware of copy write, work must be original

    Things You Will Need

    Requirements will differ for various types of printing. You can start with a bought kit

    You need to make silk screens, (Wood frames with silk stapled very tightly over frame)

    Art work, paints, staple gun

    Supplies, shirts, caps, stubby holders or whatever you choose to print.


    Computer to use for artwork

    Customers or clients

    Step 1

  • Every year more and more people want to start their own homebusiness. Finance is the problem which holds people back in most cases and the risk of failure isanother.

    The advantages of working from your own home is that you will have less expenses to pay. No rentor building display advertising required or added insurances.

    There are so many different ways of creating new ideas for starting their own home business.Babysitting and cleaning business have been around for years. Computer tuition or training isanother good home business. Although, ten years ago you would not have dreamed of peoplestarting a bin washing, or dog washing business?

    We have come a long way with the advent of threats of recessions, and current job losses. This couldbe the chance you need to start out on your own. You will need to do your research around your ownlocality, check out your opposition, no matter what type of business you wish to start. Look for anynew ideas, how could you improve on what they are doing. What else could you offer people thatyour opposition does not offer?

  • This article on how to start a home based silk screening business will explain what you need to knowabout starting your new own home based business. You will need to use a lot of imagination andcreative skills. I did this from my home working from my games room, although you could do it fromany spare room as long as you are close to the laundry or outside taps to wash out your screens.

    What can you do on silk screens?

    This will depend on your personal choice. You may want to print T-shirts only, or do a combination ofbanners, sashes, and ribbons stubby holders, hats or artistic prints or photo prints. Curtains,tablecloths or doilies are actually classed under the textile designs but there is no reason why youcannot print your own personal decorative dcor for your own home. Friends may want you tomake their unique curtains. There is no limit to what you can create with silk screens.

    How to start

    Business Enterprise Centers can help advise you on how to start. They also offer courses on ideas forhandling clients and keeping records for taxation and other necessary information. Some shires havea chamber of commerce that will offer advice. One of the small business development agencies offermonetary help to get new home businesses started. Check out all of these before starting anything.

    You could buy an existing business or start from scratch. Before starting I would suggest that you goand have a look at a couple of existing businesses, explain to them that you are considering startingout and ask if they could give you some advice. DO NOT do this in your own area, go to anotherdistrict altogether, or they will not be very helpful.

    I bought some silk screens from someone that closed his business. Therefore I had a few screens,paints, rubber scrapers and miscellaneous items, which gave me an idea of what to expect. As therewere no customers I started from scratch and built up my clientele. My lack of artistic abilities heldme back. These days most of this can be created on the computer.

    Practice on your family and friends

    Practice, before you take on any customers. You need to know exactly how to produce a goodproduct before destroying all those new tee shirts or stubby holders. Stock costs money. Practice ona few of your old plain tee shirts. Put patterns on children's plain skirts, anything at all to give youthe experience you need before taking orders.

    Pricing orders

    Do your homework; find the best suppliers and best prices. Beware of the cheap and nasty garments.You do not want customers bringing your tee shirts back because they shrank after one wash.

    As an example; work out how much each shirt costs you; add more for printing each shirt. Then youneed to charge a one of price for the artwork and screen for each job. To give you an example only-Joe blog wants 50 shirts. So you may charge him $40 for the screen and artwork. Then you chargehim $7 for each shirt. So this will cost him $40 + $350 for printing shirts.

    The next time he orders more shirts, you will already have the screen. So you charge for the printingof shirts only. Check out the going rates before you start pricing your products. That way you will becompetitive and not under or overcharge clients.

  • Supply stickers, advising that shirts need to be ironed before washing to seal the paint.

    Your own home businesses might consist of some of the various shapes, sizes and forms offered.Your small businesses doesn't just provide you with a different revenue to the routine job, as well asthe potential for replacing it entirely, this also offers other benefits as well. Here are a few ways inwhich your home based business could make your life easier all round. The most prominent reasonsfor creating a home-based business is always to make your daily life easier by being capable ofworking while staying at home with your young children or other dependants.


    This can be done over the phone or by doing a bit of legwork. Contact your local hotels, sportingclubs, and schools, or anyone that could use advertising in the form of a tee shirt. I made tee shirtsfor local hotels. Sporting clubs needed tee shirts for their members. Schools may require first,second and third place ribbons for their sporting events. I also did sashes for the Princess of the faircommunity shows. There are lots of different ideas.

    Combining ideas

    If you can do embroidery, you could also combine this type of creativity with the screen business and

  • make more money.Your husband could do the screen business part and the wife could do theembroidery work.Of course you would need to invest in an embroidery machine.

    There is no limit to the creative ideas you can achieve if you let your imagination work overtime.Areyou the creative type if so then why not give this a go?

    Tips & Warnings

    Be reliable and produce products on time.

    Look after your clients and they will come back for more when you know how to start a home basedsilk screening business.

    There are so many different ideas for starting your own home business


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