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HOW TOSOURCE LIKE A BOSS.@marieburns | Marie Burns #SourceLikeABoss RECRUITDC 2016

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Whats my legal first name?What year were you and I competing for the same talent and what division was I working for? (not on LinkedIn)3. How many people have I hired on my own?4. Whats the #SRSCTribe drink made industry famous by friend & mentor @StacyZapar?

WHO AM I?@mduren sourced his way through this intro.





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Todays Sourcing Sesh:








What Are Your Superpowers?

What could we be missing?

What are your kick-butt skills?What do you do better than anyone else?

What do you think can up your game?What inputs will create best outputs?

Why do you wake up every day to source another day?

# Dont fly without wings. You can or SHOULD also create your own personal brand strategy. 6

My journey - hope its helpful.Break down you. Those patterns you experience again & again, theyre likely your stuff figure it out to enhance work and life.Check PersonalityHacker.comRelation to #SourcingLikeABoss?To be the best, it makes sense to strive for more.More importantly, arm yourself with human behaviors unlike your own. If you see the world through another lens, imagine that power. #FoodforThought

What I Missed: Self Awareness


Methodology to WinWhat do all of the most successful sourcing and recruiting teams having in common? They are unique. Stop copying and be yourself. BE AUTHENTICTest multiple channels for all talent channels. A/B Test. Iterate monthly on the best ideas and build from there. TESTTrack messaging, campaigns, outreach, inbound, track time spent and figure out what creates the best bang for your buck. MEASUREGet qualitative feedback from all parties (ask and survey): hiring managers, candidates, any online reviews whatever isnt working, drop it. GET FEEDBACK & PIVOT IF NEEDED




Get outside your comfort zone. Or, at least keep an open mind.

Engage and interact!

Consider the 30/60 Rule. 30% inbound and 60% sourcing at minimum due to demographic shift.




Job BoardsBooleanEventsInboundSocial SourcingCollege RecruitingExperiential MarketingSourcing ToolsReferral ProgramsAnd so much more.Sourcing Galore!Whats Your Top Source of Hire Today?

# Question: Whats working? What are you doing?11

The #SourceLikeABoss Playbook


Source Like A Boss Playbook: Source of HireWhere/Who Are You Sourcing? Start with the PLACES that arent comfortable.

Your Databases + Referrals (Whats the incentive?)QuoraRedditAngelistAbout.meWiselikePinterestTwitter FacebookBlogsBehanceDribbleCraiglistUS Patent DatabaseConferencesAngies ListLunch truck outside a place your candidates work (think)Where are the people youre looking for?


Source Like A Boss: My Special ToolboxTextio or JobGrader: craft the perfect job description for your audience. Social-Talent Boolean GeneratorCrystalKnowsSnapMail (exploding resumes!)LeadIQLeadFuzeEmail HunterCSEs (+ much more thanks to G Gutmacher)Twitter Sourcing Facebook SearchSezion: Email, call, emailSTOP! How about a customized video to showcase whats up? LETS WATCHCreative MarketFiverrGlooptMy Product Hunt MASS list of sourcing & branding tools


Source Like A Boss: Email Efficiency

EMAIL LOVEProphet: Chrome Install, push a button on any social site and typically you can grab what you need for FREE. Email Finder: Similar as above, but its connected to LinkedIn. FindThatLead: find anyones email by visiting their LinkedIn profile.Name2Email: find emails by typing their name in Gmail.AnymailFinder: A great, efficient email finderanother for the playbook.EmailHunter: find anyone at any company. This is a decent player.EmailHunter Extension: push a button and find validated email addresses.EmailBreaker: Find company email formats in a few seconds.Email Validator: If youre not sure you have the right email, this will help.CrystalKnows: Know people youre contacting PLUS get those emails written to connect with their personality. SMART!Eintro: We introduce a lot of people. This makes it simple.


Source Like A Boss: Sourcing Tools & TrainingSOURCING TOOLS + Boolean + SupportMentor-Social Talent:If you arent addicted, you will be. First, sign up, download the extension and source like a champ.Jobvention Boolean String GeneratorHow to figure out emails and contact info via Stacy Zapar.Shally's TrainingPersonal Tracking & Success RatesJoin these groups/sites:BooleanBlackBeltBooleanStringsFacebook Secret Sourcing GroupFacebook SourceCon


Source Like A Boss: Custom Search EnginesCSE's & Glenns Genuis

LinkedIn pre-built CSEYou can use the free Chrome extension Search Bar to put a large number of custom search engines at your fingertips in a toolbar format By noting where the variable text of your search appears in a URL (, you can create and save easily accessible custom searches by replacing the variable text with %s Glenns full presentation is here (one the bestsourcing decks out there).


Source Like A Boss: Sourcing Web ToolsSearch Bar: A power search for just about awesome sourcing lists, similar to Scraper, but easy with amagic button. Sign up then add themagic with your team to view everyones collaborative connections. Fileapp:Get the missing data added automatically. Sweet! Fileapp is a Pipl product.Sane Connect:A sales product using employees? Common. Were in sales. Use your most powerful assets.Salestools:Now you can use you LinkedIn account as an asset, instead of ignoring it.


Source Like A Boss: ProductivityPocket:How much content do we try to keep up onwhile at work? Save articles for later. Theresan app for that, too.Streak:A top-notch email tracking, mail-merging, template building and CRM all-in-one. Since we have additional tools to research candidates, Streak has the most robust features for free. Sidekick & Yesware also have Outlook integrations and easier mail merges. TweetDeck Launcher:Click. Launch. Source and research. One of the most untapped resources for great candidates, Twitter. Grammarly:Dont get caught with poor grammar (nervous just writing that). Download the Shorten your links with the press of an extension.Check My Links: Ensure all hyperlinks work before pushing content live.Evernote & Evernote Clipper: Easily add info directly to Evernote. Save yourself time and annoyance. Wonder:How often do we spend going down a rabbit hole researching something while we should be executing? Wonder solves for that. Its $20 a pop or buy in bulk. $20 for a few hours of intellectual research? I was sold!ShidoSlack: Get someone to complete ANYTHING in under 4 hours. Its a lifesaver.


Source Like A Boss: Branding & Social ToolsBranding, Messaging, Social & ExperienceTextio: craft the perfect job description for your audience. Yes, Im serious. Lets take a tour: Sezion: Email, call, emailSTOP! How about a customized video to showcase whats up? LETS this little beauty to integrate into you content management planning. delivers daily articles based on your desires, community and what theyre sharing. Just click share. Post Planner: Facebook and Twitter Marketing at its best at only $5/month. Set it, forget it. Wiselike:Do you have experts on your team? Of courseyou do! Showcase them like the boss they arefor free.Buffer: Ahhh, Buffer. The extension simplifies social content sharingeven more.Fiverr: People on Fiverr can create wonders that you cant. Facebook Search is back! Use it.


What Are We Forgetting?Relationships = Recruiting.Lets take it a step further.What organizations connect AT ALL with your candidate market?Co-Living: Common. Krash. Co-Working: WeWork. NGIN. WorkBar.Incubators. Accelerators. Industry Associations, Unions, Unemployment, YearUpCollege Innovation Centers & ProfessorsAll Social: Twitter, Eventrbrite, GitHubEvents that matter. Delegate YOUR details to Freelancers to free you up to recruit MORE. And never forget to use your INTERNAL teams knowledge, first. Where are your candidates? GO_TO_THEM!


SOURCING & ATTRACTING TALENT:(panels, candidate education, interview tips) Heres My Pinterest for Candidate #Love to get you started.


Sourcing & Attracting with Apps


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Keep In Touch Im not far. Email: marie@talentamp.ioCell: 919-649-8756Twitter: @marieburns

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