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That is, unless youve already got the proper website protection and security in place. If you dont, then this report could make a huge difference to your online future. You opened up this report for a reason and I want to urge you very strongly to not only read it right now, but to take immediate action and protect your site TODAY. Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos And dont procrastinate! Naw, thats never going to happen to ME. Introduction


<ul><li><p>Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos </p><p>How To Secure Your WordPress Website </p><p>Introduction </p><p>Website security is a bit like health insurance you never really worry about it until you absolutely, </p><p>positively need it and its just too darn late to get it. You may think, </p><p>Naw, thats never going to happen to ME. </p><p>Well, better think again! </p><p>Every day, hosting servers get fried, hackers break into accounts, websites mysteriously disappear, </p><p>and whole businesses are completely lost. </p><p>Scared yet? </p><p>You should be. </p><p>That is, unless youve already got the proper website protection and security in place. If you dont, </p><p>then this report could make a huge difference to your online future. </p><p>There is no time like right now to get your website completely secure and protected from unwanted </p><p>attacks, hackers, and other unexpected disasters. </p><p>In this article, were going to be specifically talking about websites and blogs set up using the </p><p>WordPress platform. </p><p>There are a lot of great tools available for WordPress that make it easier than ever to automate your </p><p>website backups and protection. </p><p>Keep reading for tips on backing up your website, using plugins to protect against spam, scouring </p><p>your site files for signs of hacking, and actions to take when your sites ARE hacked. </p><p>And dont procrastinate! </p><p>You opened up this report for a reason and I want to urge you very strongly to not only read it right </p><p>now, but to take immediate action and protect your site TODAY. </p></li><li><p>Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos </p><p>If you dont, you may regret it, and probably sooner rather than later. </p><p>So lets get started! </p><p>Why You Must Protect Your WordPress Website </p><p>Are you aware that your website is hosted on a computer? Yes, the term server is just a fancy term </p><p>for a PC sitting in an office building or warehouse somewhere. </p><p>Most people dont realize that the internet is not quite as virtual as it seems. </p><p>It may feel like its out there in cyberspace, but your website is actually a bunch of files on a computer </p><p>sitting somewhere in a completely physical building. </p><p>You already know that computers can have technical difficulties, as youve probably suffered through </p><p>multiple episodes of trouble with your own computer. </p><p>And so your hosting server, which is also a computer, can run into trouble too. It can get overloaded </p><p>and go bust, or it can get hacked. </p><p>Sometimes it blurps and needs to be rebooted. Any of these things can shut it down for a short or </p><p>even a long period of time. </p><p>Many people assume that it is the responsibility of their hosting company to keep their website safe. </p><p>That is just not the case and Im sure if you go right now and scour the hosting agreement you </p><p>signed, you will see that the responsibility of protecting your website and your business rests entirely </p><p>with you. </p><p>We are going to get into the how of it very shortly, but lets start by talking about the why. </p><p>Why should you protect your website against hackers and other unexpected issues? </p><p>The obvious answer is that you dont want to lose all the hard work youve put into building your </p><p>website and your business. </p><p>Trust me, this happens for real. </p><p>I belong to a mastermind group of very smart women entrepreneurs. </p></li><li><p>Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos </p><p>Just recently, I got to witness firsthand how being unprepared for problems and having holes in your </p><p>security set-up can have devastating consequences. </p><p>Many women in my network lost weeks of work and whole websites when their hosting server </p><p>unexpectedly went down for just 24 hours! There were technical problems that the host couldnt fix. </p><p>At first, some ladies were very angry that their host let this kind of thing happen, but then, they slowly </p><p>came to realize that they really should have had their own security measures in place. </p><p>Here are just a few of the ways your website can become compromised: </p><p> Website hosting issues </p><p> Hackers add code or take down your site </p><p> Malicious employee or contractor messes with your site </p><p> An upgrade creates errors and takes down your site </p><p> Website mysteriously disappears without reason (True story this happened to a client of mine!) </p><p>I would say any one of those possibilities is a good reason for taking action. </p><p>Is WordPress Weak and Vulnerable to Attacks? </p><p>Some people argue that WordPress isnt the best platform for security because it is open source </p><p>(free), which means that hackers can easily access the software to find holes in its security. </p><p>I disagree completely with this reasoning. </p><p>Yes, WordPress is free and hackers have easy access to it, but who are we kidding? </p><p>Hackers love a challenge and they can just as easily download pirated copies of ANY website design </p><p>software they want. </p><p>The fact that WordPress is a free, open platform makes it actually more secure. </p><p>The reason can be summed up by the following quote: </p><p>None of us is as smart as all of us ~ Ken Blanchard </p><p>Most website software programs are designed by ONE company with a limited number of employees. </p><p>Yes, WordPress has one creator as well, but the community that works on the program to various </p><p>degrees is massive. </p></li><li><p>Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos </p><p>Thousands of people are involved in doing things like updating the software, creating plugins and </p><p>making easy-to-use templates. Its a huge community effort. </p><p>This means that as soon as there is a problem, someone finds it almost immediately. And when they </p><p>do, the creators of WordPress work hard and fast to solve the issue, and each time, they also release </p><p>a brand new Security Update. </p><p>Just compare that dedication to other companies whose updates are much less frequent, and whose </p><p>community is much, much smaller, and youll see the advantage and value of WordPress. </p><p>Common Problems That Can Take Down a Website </p><p>Its time to dig into the gory details of what can happen to your website. Here are the most common </p><p>problems that can either take your site down completely or cause problems that youd rather avoid. </p><p>Problem #1: Hacked Website </p><p>Getting your website hacked is definitely the most feared of all potential website issues. You dont </p><p>want someone inside your site messing around and breaking things. </p><p>Its a lot like having someone break into your house, take stuff, break stuff or just completely destroy </p><p>the place. </p><p>A hacker can do any number of things to your website, including the following: </p><p> Add unwanted links that you cant see. </p><p> Add unwanted links that you can see. </p><p> Add viruses that attack your visitors computers. </p><p> Delete your site completely (and even replace it with a nice Youve been hacked by XXX message </p><p>complete with a skull and cross bones image). </p><p> Delete website files. </p><p> Take control of your site and lock you out. </p><p>Problem #2: Hosting Company Issues </p><p>As mentioned before, every website is hosted on a computer. And we all know that a computer, as a </p><p>piece of man-made technology, can sometimes go bad. </p><p>Please dont make the mistake of totally relying on your hosting company to protect your site and </p><p>expect that theyll never have any technical issues. </p><p>The vulnerable part of your hosting company is the server where they host your website. It could </p><p>crash, get hacked or even be required to shut down. My hosting company recently had to deal with </p><p>the latter. </p></li><li><p>Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos </p><p>They were required by the city to shut off their servers for about eight hours. As you can imagine, that </p><p>was a huge inconvenience and potential loss of revenue for many website owners. </p><p>But at least, the hosting company knew it was coming, and once they were able to turn their servers </p><p>back on, things went back to normal. </p><p>However, if a company has an unexpected server problem, the damage could get much more </p><p>unpredictable and longer-lasting. </p><p>You could end up losing valuable data or even your whole website if you dont have a recent backup. </p><p>Its not uncommon for a server to catch fire, either. This could happen for various reasons, but as far </p><p>as youre concerned, its once again an unexpected issue that can lead to total disaster if youre </p><p>unprepared. </p><p>If youre prepared, however, it may be just an inconvenience. Youre in charge of which it will be, </p><p>starting right now. </p><p>Other potential hosting issues include poor customer service. Your needs may outgrow their </p><p>capabilities, or they may be not providing the kind of quality you expect. </p><p>Its a good idea to have your backups ready and handy so that you can make a quick switch of hosts, </p><p>should the need arise. </p><p>Problem #3: Someone or Something Messes Up Your Website </p><p>It could be you, or it could be your webmaster, but its also quite possible that your website could get </p><p>inadvertently messed up while youre adding a plugin, upgrading a theme, or updating to the latest </p><p>version of WordPress. </p><p>If youre not prepared, you could lose your whole website. </p><p>Important Note: You should always back up your site before doing any kind of updates! </p><p>Problem #4: A Disgruntled or Clumsy Employee </p><p>This may not be an obvious issue, but it can be a real threat. </p><p>Whether you work with a virtual assistant, or you have an employee in your office who works on your </p><p>website, you hopefully know that its important to limit their capabilities within WordPress to match </p><p>their responsibilities (and the level of trust you have in them). </p></li><li><p>Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos </p><p>For instance, there is no reason one of your regular contributing authors should have admin rights </p><p>and be able to change your sites theme or install new plugins. </p><p>Top WordPress Security Plugins </p><p>A distinct advantage of WordPress is that it has a whole community of very loyal developers who are </p><p>creating new plugins (add-ons) all the time. </p><p>Even better, WordPress creators, developers, and users are very diligent when it comes to security. </p><p>Yes, hackers are fast and smart, but the community as a whole does its very best to stay ahead of </p><p>the game. </p><p>There are a number of security plugins you can use to stop hackers and other threats to your website. </p><p>We dont have the space to cover them all, but the ones weve listed will go a long way towards </p><p>keeping your website safe provided you install and use them! </p><p>Here are some of the top WordPress Security Plugins: </p><p>Plugins for Backups </p><p> WP-DB-Backup This is a free plugin that will back up your WordPress database. What it will not </p><p>do is backup your websites files (PDFs, widgets, themes, plugins, or other HTML files), so you will </p><p>have to save those separately if you use this plugin. </p><p> </p><p> Backup Buddy This is a premium (which means you have to pay for it) plugin that does a whole </p><p>lot more than the free ones. You can schedule whole site backups (that include site files) daily, </p><p>weekly, etc. </p><p>Click Here To Know More About Backup Buddy </p><p>Plugins For Spam </p><p> Akismet Im sure you know that spam is a big problem on blogs. Akismet is the program that </p><p>comes already installed with WordPress. All you have to do is activate it. However, you will need to </p><p>get an API key to do so, a key you can get from (for free). </p><p>Once properly activated, Akismet will filter out your spam comments and send them directly to the </p><p>trash. It works very well. Akismet is free for most use (blogs making less than $500/mo are </p><p>considered personal use), but theres a charge for high traffic profitable blogs (business use). </p><p> </p></li><li><p>Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos </p><p> Bad Behavior This is another spam blocking plugin. Unlike Akismet, it is free for everyone. In </p><p>addition to the basic spam blocking features, the Bad Behavior plugin also blocks spambots from </p><p>even seeing your site, which can also help improve your sites load time. </p><p> </p><p>**Important Note** This plugin will currently expose your WP admin email address to spammers. </p><p>While this may be worked around by using a gmail address that you dont mind showing to a </p><p>spammer, it brings up a bigger issue. </p><p>Always review the user comments on the WordPress plugin page prior to installing any plugin! Doing </p><p>this can help you avoid some major headaches. </p><p>Plugins for Login Protection </p><p>Brute force attacks on your site attempt to guess your login information by simply trying to log in over </p><p>and over again. This is done by an automated robot, so it can be very persistent. </p><p>Of course, your first line of protection is having login information that isnt easily guessed (admin not </p><p>named admin and a strong password). </p><p>After that youll want to use one of these plugins to temporarily lock out the pesky robots computer. </p><p> Login Lockdown </p><p> Limit Login Attempts - </p><p>Plugin For Other Security Issues a. Wp Security Scan This plugin will scan your WordPress </p><p>passwords, files, database and others to see if there are any known vulnerabilities in your site. It will </p><p>also suggest corrective action to problems found. </p><p> </p><p>WordPress Plugin Tips </p><p>1. Stick With When searching for and downloading plugins you are safest if you </p><p>stick with If you get plugins from any other sources or websites be sure you are </p><p>getting it from a trusted source. Plugins can create vulnerabilities in your WordPress installation and </p><p>unknowingly allow problems in. </p><p>2. Keep Them Updated Good plugin creators will keep their plugins up to date. You will get a </p><p>notice within your WordPress installation that you need to update your individual plugins. Do this right </p><p>away! Protecting your WordPress website is an ongoing process. The worst thing you can do is look </p><p>at this list, feel overwhelmed and do nothing. Just pick one thing to get started, get that all set, and </p></li><li><p>Click Here To Get Free Instant Access For 4 Traffic Generation Videos </p><p>move on to the next. Or if you just dont have time to do this yourself, hire a virtual assistant, hand </p><p>them this report and ask them to do it for you. WordPress security is important. Hackers or server </p><p>crashes wont wait until you make time to get this done. Take a bit of time and get yourself set up with </p><p>some of these great plugins right away. </p><p>How to Back Up Your WordPress Website </p><p>Okay! I think Ive convinced you that its extremely important to back up your WordPress website, </p><p>correct? Not only that, but I also hope Ive convinced you that its absolutely, positively non-</p><p>negotiable. </p><p>Before I show you some methods for backing up your website, I think its important to talk about the </p><p>different pieces that make your WordPress website run. </p><p>When backing up your website, you need to make sure you get all these pieces in place or you wont </p><p>have a complete backup. </p><p>Your WordPress Website is Made Up Of: </p><p>WordPress Files: Includ...</p></li></ul>