How to Reap the Benefits of User-Generated Content

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This show will teach you fun ways to leverage your social media community for new original content.


  • 1.How to Reap the Benefitsof User-GeneratedContent (Contest Edition)

2. The Problem?Your Social Media marketingefforts require a big investment,and that investment isnt paying off. 3. The Solution?User-Generated Content! 4. UGC? Whats That?User-Generated Content is content produced by thecommunity of people who use your product or services. 5. Great, but how do I convince themto give me a bunch of freecontent?Offer incentives! Incentives like 6. Contests! Essay Contests Photo Contests Pinterest Board Contests Video Contests 7. Contests are a great way toengage a community. Here aresome ways you could run your contests: 8. Essay ContestsAsk your readers for stories abouthow theyve used your productsand services. 9. Example: Jeep Story Contest 10. Photo ContestsAsk your users to send in photosof them using your product in funor wacky ways. 11. Example: The Pepsi Photo Contest 12. Pinterest ContestsAsk your users to create apinterest board that features yourproduct. Double points becauseyou get exposure on both FB andPinterest! 13. Example: The Lush Pinterest Contest 14. Video ContestsAsk your users to send in videos ofthemselves using your product. 15. Example: Disney Fat Pet Video Contest 16. Tips: How to Get Them Interested Offer a Good prize Let the Community Vote for theWinner Encourage the Weird with theWays to Win. 17. Thanks for Reading!- The Lean Marketing Team