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<p> 1. How To Properly Evaluate A Home Based Business /how-to-properly-evaluate-a-home-based-business/ Anastacia Hauldridge How To Properly Evaluate A Home Based Business Have you been presented with the opportunity to earn additional income with a home based business program? Do you know where to start your research when evaluating the company? Would you like a step-by-step checklist to help you get started right? Check this out 2. We want to teach you how to properly evaluate a home based business so you know the difference of real vs a scam. Read more! There are so many money making opportunities that is considered a branch within the Network Marketing industry with the likes of Multi Level Marketing (MLM). By now there have been so many bad vibes with Network Marketing that it can be confusing and overwhelming as to what to do to make money or how to tell if its for you or not. We have written so many company and product reviews we thought about creating this step-by-step checklist to assist you in your research of what to look out for. We feel that with all the online social media and distractions from marketers about having the best home business, or best MLM, or even the best product is really not helping anyone. The real problem is too many consumers are only joining these companies but they really havent taken the 3. liberty to really dig into finding out if the opportunity is legit or not. The only advice they are getting are from the people who are showing videos and photos of them counting their cash and rubbing what they consider to be Rich in their faces who have absolutely zero credibility or trust. Soon as you see a landing page with fancy luxury cars, yachts, and the lifestyle by so called gurus you think it is going to easy for you to get those same results. This is why its important to look for that very important statement and review it called a Income Disclaimer. This disclaimer helps you and the company you are getting involved with understand the terms that is accordance with the FTC guidelines for money making opportunities. We really care about helping people and seeing our students and business clients succeed. So lets find out how to evaluate a business opportunity properly. How To Properly Evaluate A Home Based Business FAQs The first thing to do after you been presented with a home based business opportunity or offer is to ask yourself a few questions before signing the contract. 1. How is the leadership and management team in the company? 2. Does the company practice good business ethics? 3. What type of community support does the company provide? 4. Is their training valuable and up to date in teaching you marketing skills? 5. How much is the minimum order for Auto Ship? 6. How much volume do I have to sell in order to earn my first commission check? 7. Is the product a Me Too Product meaning the same type of product can be purchased at retail stores for far more less that offers the same benefits? 8. Is the compensation plan too complex to understand? 9. Are the leaders at the top the only ones getting paid much higher commissions than new marketers who are not at that level? 10. Is there a bunch of hype and exaggerated income claims with not enough proof? Once you get your answers to each of these questions you have to decide if the home based business opportunity is for you or not. The truth is working from home for yourself is every entrepreneurs dream and it can be a serious burden if it is not a great fit for you. The industry is different than working for a boss where your an employee and constantly being shadowed and told what to do everyday. Your being told when to eat, when to take a vacation, and constantly missing out of special events that your child does during the day that you arent allowed to attend. All for a lousy stinking paycheck that is in the amount of a peanut compared to type of six figure income you be earning by becoming your own boss. Now we arent saying that working a job is a bad thing but it makes sense to work part-time at your job and full-time building your fortune. 4. That way when the day arrives that your part-time fortune is exceeding your full time job income you can quit your job and live that lifestyle of your dreams. Im sure you can totally relate to what is being stated here. You have to understand that the home based business industry is not for everyone. Which is why it is important that you do take the time to ask as many questions before you sign that distributor contract. If you have to ask the top executives and leaders how they are marketing their business in order to achieve success then do it. It cant hurt to ask them as a matter of fact that is how we been able to build relationships with the greatest of people who hold a seat at the top levels in the home based business industry. If anything they want you to ask them questions that are relevant to your reasons for wanting to join the business opportunity. Just dont get caught up in the 3 way edification trap you want to talk to one person, your already sold on the idea of your choice but still have questions thats important and needs answering. If you cant get the kind of support with the business you chosen then that is not a place for you to be apart of. We have been involved with like companies that werent supportive in fact we can share with you some crazy Network Marketing stories about how cruel the industry really is. It wasnt until we read the book by Mike Dillard, Magnetic Sponsoring and the Coffee House Letter that really opened our eyes to what is the hidden agenda behind MLM and how to be a professional internet marketer. Okay moving along here is a comprehensive list of what you should do as a form of your own due diligence. 1. Stay clear of the words Ground Floor Opportunity because this term is practically used by every home based business so dont fall for it. 2. Find out who are the founders and CEOs of the company and run a complete background check by searching their public profiles. Most of their information can be found publicly online but you can access by typing in the full name in quotes in Google Search. For Example lets say we wanted to search background information on the owner or CEO of the company you plan to join. You would type it Full Name in the search bar. 3. Avoid making any decisions when you are upset or not in the right frame of mind. This can cause you to fall victim losing more than your shirt and miss out on seeing red flags. Keep in mind what happened to Zeek Rewards for example they got shut down by the SEC as a Ponzi and many people who invested their hard earned money lost it all. 4. Check the business trade name and registered business name with the state the company is supposed to be registered with by researching the business license files in order to validate the company. If the company is international then follow through with the same process in that country. 5. In Google type in the exact registered business headquarters address and click Map so you can view 5. from satellite if the company has a brick and mortar location or residence. *Some companies do have the business from their home so caution yourself of that if they claim to be a million dollar corporation but yet are operating in a cloud based system with no address. 6. Read through company and product reviews and ask questions in the comments of the website it is published on. How To Properly Evaluate A Home Based Business | Conclusion There is no rush to how long it will take you to get all your questions answered before you make a solid decision to run with the company and dont ever feel pressured by pushy scare tactics by the company representatives. You must take your time this is your future we are talking about here. How have you been evaluating the business opportunities that have been coming across your desk? Leave us a comment below and share your story we are listening and love to help. See you on the next post! Anastacia Hauldridge &amp; Rich Guzman If Youre Struggling To Generate Leads &amp; Sign-Ups in Your MLM, Direct Sales or Affiliate Business CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO WATCH MY FREE TRAINING. Thanks For Visiting &amp; Please Come Back Again! 6. 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