How To Promote Your Book On A Shoestring Budget

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1. Spoken Word Press Presents: How To Promote Your Book On A Shoestring Budget Workshop Oct 20 2012-Feb 2 2012St. Louis Public Library Schlafly Branch 225 No. Euclid St. Louis MO 63108 2. Workshop Sessions & Dates: Session One- Free Websites & Blogs Session Two-Using Social Media tools to promote your book Session Three-Free tools for author events Session Four-Free marketing and promotional tools from Amazon, the worlds largest book seller Session Five-Free reviews for your books 3. Introduction Youve published your book, now what? The objective of this workshop is to share inexpensive marketing techniques I used to promote my book. 4. Free Websites: 1& Why you need a website: Think of your website as your online store where you can showcase your books for free! 5. Free Blogs Blogger Wordpress Why you need a blog: One of the most popular platforms Great plugins Has a free content management system 6. Part Two Adding Images and music to your website: 7. Royalty Free images What is it? Refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalty fees each time you use it. Two companies I use: 8. 9. Finding images on Dreamstime 10. How to purchase credits 11. Screen shot of back office 12. Adding images to your website 13. How to edit your website 14. Inserting an image to your site 15. Check out my Kindle I just added 16. 17. Images for my new book 18. Purchasing images from 19. Adding music & sound to your website 20. Using Widget Bank 21. Thank you for attending the workshop. You can contact me via email: My website: To book a Live 15 or 30 minute interview to promote your book on Author Chat with Lynda D. Brown please log onto: 22. SWP Publishing