How to manage Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Intrapreneurship - how to stimulate it? Trends Vlerick Business Academy


<ul><li> 1. How to manageentrepreneurial spirit</li></ul> <p> 2. Good afternoon.My name is Bart. 3. This is my daughterMerel (I have 3 kids). 4. Im passionateabout coffee. 5. Im passionateI live and work inGhent. 6. You can find me onTwitter: @netlash 7. Entrepreneurial spiritTrends Vlerick Business AcademyAre you a game changer?11/10/2014 8. This is chapter title 9. Wijs digital agency 55 people est. 2006 multi-disciplinary young, fast-moving sector young, fast-moving company young, fast-moving people... (28.7 year avg) 10. Multi-disciplinary strategists information architects designers developers marketeers! T-profiles! 11. Challenge balance path to structure with entrepreneurship align drive for innovation with business goals dont lose feeling with fast moving market keep fast moving people interested 12. Just enough 13. First...Create &amp; sustain the right culture. 14. 1. Flat organization &amp; Self-steering 15. 1. Flat organization &amp; Self-steering teams with P&amp;L responsibilities, not tasks roles, not functions output, not input decision power at the right level!In order to stay able to move fast. 16. 2. Focus on cocreation &amp; communication 17. 2. Focus on cocreation &amp; communication multi-disciplinary teams on our way to cross-disciplinary teams (anti-disciplinary?) formal &amp; informal communication digital tools environment aimed at chance encounters 18. First we shape the environment.Then the environment shapes us. 19. Environment activity-based workspace shaped by movements, not position think of it in terms of city development provoke chance encounters 20. 3. Culture of transparency &amp; sharing 21. 3. Culture of transparency &amp; sharing share knowledge, internal &amp; external an eye on the numbers allow personal branding design shareable experiences encourage to share 22. Core value:open sourceWe share our knowledge. 23. Open source open source code (Fork CMS, Chopstick) blog, twitter, whitepapers Online Trendreport presentations attend &amp; organize industry events guest lectures at schools internships helping with school works sponsoring 24. Add value to our ecosystem.Pay it forward. 25. Like &amp; Share! share company life through Twitter &amp; Facebook put employees in the picture encourage employees to share (allow!) design experiences to be shareable 26. Design experiences to be shareable 27. Designexperiences tobe shareable 28. Design experiences to be shareable 29. Design experiences to be shareable 30. Design experiences to be shareable 31. Encourage to share 32. A quietrevolution. 33. 4. Continuous innovation 34. 5% time 75% + 10% 5% : innovation time 10% : internal projects(one pager, sanctioned by MT, business goals)! 35. Innovation workshops new tech after hours cross-company tinkerers &amp; thinkers 36. Hackathon. 37. Hackathon 48 hours of freedom MT leaves (hands over the keys) what, where, when, with who! 38. Hackathon2 rules/boundaries it has to contribute to the company, and you haveto be able to explain how after 48 hours, you *have* to deliver somethingtangible! 39. Hackathon bottom up steering suggestion about theme (Internet of Things) facilitation of theme scoring! 40. Hackathon 20+ projects OTTO Martha The Chicken The Pooltable! 41. Entrepreneurship encourage entrepreneurship (press, sector, coaching) allow entrepreneurship problem! 42. 28,7 43. 3 44. 80% 45. A-B-C model 46. 3. A-B-C model A-fase idea to businessplan help, but challenge own time! Dragons Den pitch 47. 3. A-B-C model B-fase 1-2 days a week 3-6 months some resources MVP service/product/clients evaluation! 48. 3. A-B-C model C-fase spin-out own company: funding, logistics, recruitment shared shareholdership!! 49. 57Part of Heaven Can Wait ecosystem. 50. Remember.What you shouldremember: 51. Entrepreneurial spirit just enough culture of sharing &amp; cocreation facilitate, dont control (bottom-up)! 52. Questions?Questions? 53. Wijs bvbaVoorhavenlaan 31/39000 GENT09 335 22 8009 330 09 83http://wijs.beinfo@wijs.beBE 0473.071.275 </p>


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