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How to make iPhone apps with the help of App Dev Secrets


<ul><li><p>How to make iPhone Apps That Really Works </p><p>Thr r many f wh, whl using n iPhone app, thnk tht f nw hw t code, ld mk a better </p><p>game, program r whatever. Th fact tht d nt need t h extensive knowledge f program codes t mk a </p><p>quality iPhone app. If thnk tht h a unique d fr r n add something t enhance n existing iPhone </p><p>app thn read n t learn hw t mk n iPhone app tht wll sell. </p><p>Dev eloping n iPhone app actually nt har d one mght thnk. It bgn lk ll gd inventions nd tht wth </p><p>a solid d. S r first step wld b brainstorming trying t find a grt d. Once h th d th work </p><p>bgn. Y h t research t mk sure tht wht propose t d nt n d tht already out thr r f t </p><p>yours fills a need th thr developer overlooked. </p><p>Th next step t brk th d down nt t basic components. Y m t b bl t nwr th following qtn. </p><p>1. Wht d want t t look lk? </p><p>2. Hw wll th various components interact? </p><p>3. Wht capabilities hld th app h? </p><p>4. Wh th intended market? </p><p>Now tht h a ln need t find n experienced programmer. Th nt hard n thr r many online </p><p>sites tht n plug nt fr a small fee r even free t recruit a programmer. Th way pay a nominal fee fr th </p><p>work nd th fnhd product y ours t copyright. Y h t give th programmer ll f th details tht wr </p><p>cov ered n th previous paragraph nd m h t work closely wth thm t gt th app t look, sound nd behave </p><p> envisioned. </p><p>Once h a working model submit t t Apple directly via thr website. If th app n gd t ll th wll </p><p>offer t n thr very wn web store. Th way d nt h t worry much bt marketing th product. Y </p><p> ld still d a bit f online marketing using article marketing nd talking t up n r social networks. </p><p>Fr more information n hw t mk iPhone apps ll need t d search online. And f r really serious </p><p> n teach yourself programming nd learn ll bt objective C. Th way th app yours frm trt t fnh. </p></li></ul>