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  • 1. How to Make Friendship Bracelets By: Monique

2. Materials Three different colored strings (craft thread) Tape Scissors Ruler 3. Introduction Friendship bracelets are so fun to make, and easy too. This one is called "The Snake Around the Pool", and it is easy to reconize because you should see a thin line wrapping around the bracelet. Your friends will love what you can make for them. This is wonderful and an easy way to make friends or create better bonds with them. 4. Step 1 First cut 3 strings, about20 inches long, 1 pieceof each color string, and a-line them. 5. Step 2 Secondly, tie a knot at the top tohold the strings together. Leave some space above the knot. 6. Step 3 Place a piece of tape above the knot. Make sure the string is fasten tightly beneath the tape and the tape is secured on the surface you taped it to. 7. Step 4 Now pick up the string farthest to the left and move it even farther to the left and clump theother 2 strings together. 8. Step 5 Overlap the left string over the clumped strings so it looks like a 4. 9. Step 6 Grab the right most part of the 4 and bring it inside the 4 and pull towards your chest. 10. Step 7 Repeat step 620 times on the same color. 11. Step 8 Finally move onto the middle string and repeat steps 4-7, then go onto the right string. You shouldhave enough space left to repeat this step again. 12. Conclusion There are so many other bracelets you can make. If you do a little bit of experimenting, you can havea collection with lots of variety. Then you cangive these as easy birthday presents or any other ocasion you wish.