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DESCRIPTION - How to make a contortionist cuff - Learn How To: Make a contortionist Cuff


<ul><li> 1. How to: Make A Contortionist Crochet Cuffcontortionist crochet cuff - kootoyoo click &amp; hook</li></ul> <p> 2. There are many tutorial videos online of how to make a broomsticklace. Tip for making the lace is to use your kneesI found managing theneedle &amp; the hook way too tricky. 3. Make your foundation chain. I chained 15 &amp; used 3 groups of 5 loops for my lace.GOTO: 4. I completed a row of double crochet (US single) before I began thebroomstick lace. This is for stability.GOTO: 5. Complete your swatch of broomstick lace. You might need 4 rows if youve got a little wrist or 5 or more. Just make sure its snug around your wrist. 6. I added a row of double crochet (US single) after I finished my broomstickswatch. Again, for stability.GOTO: 7. Fold your cuff in half so that the two ends meet.GOTO: 8. Now just slip stitch to join the cuff.GOTO: 9. Use a large tapestry needle to weave in your ends. 10. Turn in the right way, wear &amp; enjoyGOTO: </p>