How to insert photos and videos in your blog

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  • 1. How to insert photos to your blog
    Type your blog address in the address bar and press enter.
    You will need to sign in to your blog using your email address and password.
    This should take you to your dashboard
    Click on New Post
    To add a photo you click the Add Image button
    You can now choose where you would like to load the image from
    To add an image from your computer click Browse.
    Search through your documents to find the image you want.Select it and click Open.
    Now click Upload Image
    You can close the upload image box, the image should now be in your post.
    If you want to add text you can do this now.
    Click Publish Post when you are ready.
    To add an image from the web click here
    Find the image you would like to use, right click and go to Copy 19050287931Image Location
    Paste the image location into the URL box here
    Now you can upload the image to your post and publish it.