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This is a how to help your overweight child lose weight presentation. Sean and I decided to put this presentation together after we read the CDC statistics for overweight and obesity in the United States. The sad thing is the children. Childhood obesity has increased dramatically. As people that are passionate about helping people lose weight and get healthy we wanted to share this presentation with you. Are you struggling with losing weight? Is your child struggling? Sean and I can help we want to help. You don't have to take on this challenge by yourself so don't! Watch this presentation. Check out the great tips we share and apply them to your child's weight loss strategy. Thank you for checking out how to help your overweight child lose weight. Please feel free to call me with any questions. Helping Kids Become Game Changers, Lynn and Sean Wyman 850-570-9487 For more information on how to help your overweight child lose weight check out my blog: Learn more about Sean and Lynn:


<ul><li> How to Help Your Overweight Child Lose Weight Presented By Sean &amp; Lynn Wyman 850-570-9487 </li> <li> Were Do You Start Being overweight is horrible no matter how old or young you are. It is depressing for a child wanting to change but not knowing where to start. </li> <li> At One Point I was 50lbs Overweight I felt tired and lazy. My clothes did not fit and I was embarrassed to go shopping for new clothes. I did not want to eat unless it was for comfort. Nothing seemed to work </li> <li> Where to begin I had so many friends trying to share weight loss tips with me. I was introduced to so many crazy weight loss diets. Out of desperation I tried them. None of them worked Even if I lost weight I gained it back! </li> <li> From the CDC statistics submitted in February of 2014: The percentage of children age 6-11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012. Similarly, the percentage of adolescents aged 1219 years who were obese increased from 5% to nearly 21% over the same period. </li> <li> As a Parent You must Lead by example Make it FUN Be Active Do it Together </li> <li> Its Happening Right In Front Of Us </li> <li> Lead By Example Our children will follow our examples If your child needs or wants to lose weight you have to be there for them </li> <li> Get Up and Move Something Make it FUN for them and you. Be active for an hour a day with your child </li> <li> Introducing The Project 10 Challenge </li> <li> What Is The Project 10 Challenge The Project 10 Challenge is the healthiest way for overweight children to lose the weight! The challenge focuses on a 90 day challenge targeting goals from losing weight, gaining muscle, and achieving a higher fitness success rate. </li> <li> How Does The Challenge Work The challenge is so easy. You select a kit that best fits your child's goals simply by going to Lose 10 with Lynn Click HERE When you select a kit you are giving your child a real optimal nutrition plan that educates the body to lose weight instead of manipulating the body into losing the weight. </li> <li> How Does This Help Your Child With Losing Weight? This is real nutrition. Your kids will love it though because it tastes amazing. Use your imagination and the combinations are endless For weight loss your child will replace one or two meals a day with a great tasting Vi Shake. </li> <li> Is This Another Crazy Diet This is not a crazy diet. As a matter of fact this is a proven weight loss program that has helped thousands upon thousands of children to lose weight. Millions of pounds of been lost on this challenge. We have personally helped people lose over 15, 000 pounds. </li> <li> Why Does The Product Work? The product works because it focuses on teaching your child the right way to lose weight. When your body gets the right things it needs the body will do what the body is suppose to do. </li> <li> Rewards For Reaching Your Goals What child does not like to be rewarded for reaching their goals? Your child could be rewarded just for starting their challenge, sharing their goal, and then showing off their results How many reasons do you need? </li> <li> Lose 10 with Lynn Call Lynn Wyman @ 850.570.9487 </li> <li> Introducing Project 10 Lose 10lbs and win $1000 </li> <li> Project 10 Winner Video showing you as a project 10 winner </li> <li> Help a child in need by donating meals to a local charity that helps children dealing with obesity and hunger. </li> <li> Before and After Results </li> <li> Come Join Me on the Challenge TODAY! Call Me @ 850.570.9487 </li> <li> To Learn More On How To Help Your Overweight Child Lose Weight Check out this blog: help-your-overweight-child-lose-weight/ Contact Me Like Us @ Follow Us @ Join Our Circle @ Pin With Us @ Follow Us On Instagram @ Sean and Lynn TV @ </li> </ul>