How To Get Your Designer To Love Expression Blend

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How do you combine a designer's vision with the requirements of productive software? Left brain/Right brain workflow is a sophisticated problem that impacts us all but has no easy answers. However, with Blend 3, Sketchflow, Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 3 and WPF 4, things are getting better. Come hear about design/developer workflow with Microsoft tools from the author of the seminal white paper; The New Iteration: How XAML Transforms the Collaboration Between Designers and Developers.


<ul><li> 1. The New Iteration: Designer/Developer Workflow With Expression Blend<br />KarstenJanuszewski<br /></li> <li> 2. Or <br /></li> <li> 3. How To Train a Designer To Use Blend<br /></li> <li> 4. Assumption:Design matters<br /></li> <li> 5. Assumption:Better designmakesbetter software <br /></li> <li> 6. Assumption:You cant design(I know I cant)<br /></li> <li> 7. Thesis:Better designer/developer workflow makesbetter software <br /></li> <li> 8. Thesis:When developers/designerscan collaborate they make better software<br /></li> <li> 9. Thesis:When a designer knows Expression Blend, you have to do less work<br /></li> <li> 10. The Problem:How do I get my designer to use Expression Blend? <br /></li> <li> 11. How do I know this?<br /></li> <li> 12. Tim Aidlin<br /></li> <li> 13. The New Iteration<br /></li> <li> 14. Steps to Success:1. Lure Them In2. Set Them Up For Success 3. Empower &amp; Flatter Them4. Give Them SketchFlow<br /></li> <li> 15. Step 1: Lure Them In<br /></li> <li> 16. How?<br /></li> <li> 17. private Lure GetLure(Designer d){if (!d.IsWindows7)throw new Exception();Lure l = null;if (d.Type == artist)l = Photoshop Import;if (d.Type == interactive)l = behaviors; return l;}<br /></li> <li> 18. Photoshop/Illustrator Import<br />Layers.Expression Blend preserves layer names, importing the layers as individual objects and layout containers<br />Text.When you are importing Photoshop files, text can be imported as editable text objects or as flat bitmap images.<br />Vectors.Vector art can be imported as editable path objects. Photoshop files can also be imported as images.<br />Blend Modes.When you are importing Photoshop files, layers that contain blend modes can be merged.<br />Gradients.Linear and radial gradients remain editable after they are imported. Color stops are imported as gradient brushes. Opacity stops imported as gradient brushes to the OpacityMask property.<br />Patterns.Patterns are imported as image brushes.<br /></li> <li> 19. Demo:Photoshop/IllustratorImport<br /></li> <li> 20. Behaviors<br />Add interactivity without writing code<br />Entirely XAML based<br />Behaviors community on<br />Behaviors on Codeplex:<br /></li> <li> 21. Demo:Behaviors<br /></li> <li> 22. Download Beehive Project and Tutorial Videossearch: beehive expression<br /></li> <li> 23. Step 2: Set Them Up For Success<br /></li> <li> 24. How?<br /></li> <li> 25. Read The New Iteration<br />Teach them source control<br />Set up project structure in advance<br />Data first!<br /></li> <li> 26. Step 3: Empower and Flatter Them<br /></li> <li> 27. Dont be afraid of the XAML generated by Blend<br />Let go of ownership of the UI<br />Give them lots of compliments<br />Work together!<br /></li> <li> 28. Demo:Flotzam<br /></li> <li> 29. The big payoff<br /></li> <li> 30. Step 4: Give Them SketchFlow<br /></li> <li> 31. SketchFlowA prototyping tool for skilled Blend designers<br /></li> <li> 32. Demo:SketchFlow<br /></li> <li> 33. Live The Dream!<br /></li> <li> 34. Thank you!karstenj@microsoft.com<br /></li> </ul>