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How do you combine a designer's vision with the requirements of productive software? Left brain/Right brain workflow is a sophisticated problem that impacts us all but has no easy answers. However, with Blend 3, Sketchflow, Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 3 and WPF 4, things are getting better. Come hear about design/developer workflow with Microsoft tools from the author of the seminal white paper; The New Iteration: How XAML Transforms the Collaboration Between Designers and Developers.


  • 1. The New Iteration: Designer/Developer Workflow With Expression Blend
  • 2. Or
  • 3. How To Train a Designer To Use Blend
  • 4. Assumption:Design matters
  • 5. Assumption:Better designmakesbetter software
  • 6. Assumption:You cant design(I know I cant)
  • 7. Thesis:Better designer/developer workflow makesbetter software
  • 8. Thesis:When developers/designerscan collaborate they make better software
  • 9. Thesis:When a designer knows Expression Blend, you have to do less work
  • 10. The Problem:How do I get my designer to use Expression Blend?
  • 11. How do I know this?
  • 12. Tim Aidlin
  • 13. The New Iteration
  • 14. Steps to Success:1. Lure Them In2. Set Them Up For Success 3. Empower & Flatter Them4. Give Them SketchFlow
  • 15. Step 1: Lure Them In
  • 16. How?
  • 17. private Lure GetLure(Designer d){if (!d.IsWindows7)throw new Exception();Lure l = null;if (d.Type == artist)l = Photoshop Import;if (d.Type == interactive)l = behaviors; return l;}
  • 18. Photoshop/Illustrator Import
    Layers.Expression Blend preserves layer names, importing the layers as individual objects and layout containers
    Text.When you are importing Photoshop files, text can be imported as editable text objects or as flat bitmap images.
    Vectors.Vector art can be imported as editable path objects. Photoshop files can also be imported as images.
    Blend Modes.When you are importing Photoshop files, layers that contain blend modes can be merged.
    Gradients.Linear and radial gradients remain editable after they are imported. Color stops are imported as gradient brushes. Opacity stops imported as gradient brushes to the OpacityMask property.
    Patterns.Patterns are imported as image brushes.
  • 19. Demo:Photoshop/IllustratorImport
  • 20. Behaviors
    Add interactivity without writing code
    Entirely XAML based
    Behaviors community on
    Behaviors on Codeplex:
  • 21. Demo:Behaviors
  • 22. Download Beehive Project and Tutorial Videossearch: beehive expression
  • 23. Step 2: Set Them Up For Success
  • 24. How?
  • 25. Read The New Iteration
    Teach them source control
    Set up project structure in advance
    Data first!
  • 26. Step 3: Empower and Flatter Them
  • 27. Dont be afraid of the XAML generated by Blend
    Let go of ownership of the UI
    Give them lots of compliments
    Work together!
  • 28. Demo:Flotzam
  • 29. The big payoff
  • 30. Step 4: Give Them SketchFlow
  • 31. SketchFlowA prototyping tool for skilled Blend designers
  • 32. Demo:SketchFlow
  • 33. Live The Dream!
  • 34. Thank you!karstenj@microsoft.com