how to get big, soft, and sexy curls

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Advanced techniques helping people to get a new look everyday. Let me explain a simple way for making great hairstyle. Would you like great, fluffy curls? You too can look like like Hilary Duff with stunning, and sexy hairstyles to transform your look!


  • 1.All we want A beautiful hairstyle

2. Do you want big, soft, curls?Well likeHilary Duff 3. , and sexyhairstyles to change up your look! 4. Coz Hair is the next best thing after your face that a man notice 5. (OPTIONAL) Wash your hair the night before with a detangling treatment,shampoo, and conditioner. This will make it easier to work with and your hair will bevery smooth and shiny. 6. First, start with dryhair. Brush throughall of the knots, andtangles. If you usethe detanglertreatment asmentioned in step 1,you will not haveknots. Curling knottyhair will make uglycurls and they wonthave body 7. Spray your hair with a heatprotectant, so you do not wearand tear your hair. 8. Brush through your hair again this time only using a comb. 9. Layer your hair into 3 sections.Clip two back and work with oneat a time. 10. o the first section you want to do, openthe clasp of the curling iron and closeit on the ends of your hair. Not directlyon the end but a little above. 11. Hold it for 10-25 seconds 12. Repeat this for all sections of your hair 13. To make your curls loose, pull your hairdown from the bottom of the hair until youare satisfied with each strand. 14. Be sure to spray each section when youare done loosening it or the strands maypossibly go back to their original size, andcurliness. 15. When you are done, spray withhairspray to secure your curls 16. from the top, slowly moisturize it intoyour hair while pushing upward. 17. (OPTIONAL) Add a sleek and shine glossproduct to add extra shine to your curls. 18. Enjoy your new do!