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A short tutorial about how to design your own logo


  • How to Design your own logos Online

    Designing your own logo, can you save yourself a bit of money, or is it false economy and even worse, could it lose your company money? Designers cost an arm and a leg! How hard can it be to draw up a logo? I've heard it all before. Unfortunately it can cost a business a lot more by having an unprofessional looking logo.

    A logo is the first point of contact your potential customer has with your brand. If the logo looks cheap and home-made what does that say about your business? There are many websites which devote themselves to laughing and jeering at bad logos, and while I do not agree with tearing other people down just for a laugh I do cringe when I see a particularly bad logo. I get a similar feeling when seeing a shop front with flies in the window, or a salesperson with a grubby shirt. I simply have no incentive to buy from that shop or person. When I take a person's business card, I look at it, feel the quality of the paper, and notice the design and typeface used. I meet a lot of people in the course of my working week and a memorable logo or card really works for me.

  • Maybe I cannot convince you not to try your hand at making your own logo, but here is a list of errors that I have noticed.

    *Using a well-known easily recognized font, such as Comic Sans or Papyrus; *Not taking into account the nature of the business and the target market, for example using cartoon figures for a serious subject matter; *Not thinking of colors and what the color means or what emotion it invokes; *Not considering how the logo will look in black and white; *Not planning on the boundaries (if the logo is displayed against a darker background for example; *Not getting feedback from others on the design (there have been some terrible mistakes in this area with logos that very easily look like something else.); *Using someone else's idea - you could find yourself staring down the barrel of a lawsuit; *Using stock images as part of a logo (usually against the Stock logo image , but also embarrassing when someone sees your 'artwork' somewhere else.)

    My words of advice are - Get a professional designer to make your logo. They will give you several choices, and work on the logo you choose - perfecting it. A good designer will put together a usage document outlining how to display the logo in various settings as well as dimensions and correct colors. Your brand is something that goes before you, it should speak to the market proudly, make an impression, be memorable.

  • Start with a free online Logo design and text editor. There are many to

    choose from that are free services.

  • Select your favorite logo icon image that will customize your personal


  • Add your Project name and you can also add on a second tagline for

    more personalized effects.

    For more like this check out our online tutorial classes where you can

    learn how to design logos across several different platforms that you

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