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<ul><li>1.Musical Instrument By: Sonny Juarez </li></ul> <p>2. Step 1 Gather all the items needed for the project. Tape Gift wrap Scissors Noodles or beans Paper towel roll Sheet of paper 3. Step 2 Use the paper towel roll to draw two circles. Cut out two circles on card stock paper. 4. Step 3 Tape one side with the circle. Add some noodles or beans. Tape the other side. 5. Step 4 Measure out the length to cover the roll and leave some extra to push the ends in. Tape the roll at the center. 6. Step 5 Roll the gift wrap on the roll and tape it down Push down the extra piece of gift wrap down on both ends and tape them down. 7. Your done!!! 8. Different types </p>