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  • 1. 5 Steps to Build a Great Drupal Team(ebook link!)1

2. Guest speakersSummer Swigart, Practice Manager at Acquia 2Meagen Williams, Program Director, Acquia 3. 5 Steps to build your team 1. Understand typical teams, roles and job titles 2. Define your requirements 3. Widen your net with your job description 4. Where and how to post jobs 5. Evaluating applicantsBlog series 3 4. Step 1 Understand team roles and job titles4 5. Will Huggins, Zoocha Dream Team RoleTypical tasksA Drupal configuration Comfortable using Drupal; not expert necessarily coding A senior developer, solutions architect Theming / Front end development5Planning, research solutions, create demos, discover hidden requirements Develop the front of the site to a design specification 6. Small Teams Technical Lead (required) Project Manager (required) Junior Developer Themer Quality Assurance Specialist6 What are small team projects like? 7. Large Teams Project Management Team Engagement Manager Project Manager Quality Assurance SpecialistTechnical Team 7Technical Architect Technical Lead Senior Developer/Developer Junior Developer Themer What are large team projects like? 8. An ideal ratio? 1 codebase = 1.75 people= 8 9. Devise your skill matrix9 10. Step 2 Define your requirements10 11. Avoid the laundry listJob posting for Penny Arcade 11 12. Defining requirements Meagen: How do you deal with a smaller budget? Summer: How do you define the absolute requirements?12 13. What is absolutely required versus merely desired? Responsibilities include: Day to day tasks Candidates will need to demonstrate: Expected experience Desirable: What will set you apart from the restFrom a Previous Next job posting 13 14. Role of training and mentoring? What training is available? What kind of mentoring on on-the-job learning do you provide?14 15. Transferable skills15 16. Step 3 Widen your net Write your job listings16 17. Pitch your company to candidates They want to know: What is the company culture? Will I be working with smart people? Are you building something interesting? 17Advice from Careers 2.0 team 18. Example job listing outline Start off with the "30 second elevator pitch" - Why this job and our company is great. Next, define the roles and responsibilities Then list the must-have skills18 19. Selling the job Summer: The Drupal market is on fire how do you sell the roles? What are developers looking for? Meagen: What patterns do you see?19 20. Attend community events sponsor, speak!20 21. Working with the community How do you engage with the community? Summer- how have you used case studies at events? Meagen- what are community meet-ups like?21 22. Step 4 Where and how to post jobs22 23. g.d.o 23 Drupal community site - Free listings List in regional groups 24. Be a good citizen! Look out for group guidelines Particularly Please do not post job adverts in this group24 25. Weekly Drop 25Newsletter $40 to list 3300+ subscribers 26. Careers 2.0 26Connected to Stackoverflow Invitation only to improve quality of candidates 27. OnSaavy 27Connect to freelancers Review profiles Add your company profile 28. Twitter! 28#drupal #drupaluk Careful of spamming at events 29. How do you hire? Summer How do you hire? Meagen How does your experience compare?29 30. Staff Referrals Very important!30 31. Step 5 Evaluating applicants31 32. Use various methods for evaluation 32Interviews Code review Portfolio review Community involvement Case study presentations Pair as interviews 33. d.o profile 33 Public profile for Drupal developers 34. Ask about community involvement34 35. 35Gild is also aggregating data and helping employers cast aside preconceived and wide spread biases, for example about what universities people went to, and increase the chances of talented people finding their dream job. (Gild best practices, 13 Nov 2013) 36. Screening Meagen What advice do you have for non-technical people to screen candidates?36 37. Technical interviews Summer How do you discover gaps? What do you look out for? Meagen- What are some good interview techniques?37 38. Using case studies Give an actual problem, relating closely to real situations. They present a solution to a small team.38 39. Any Questions? 39