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  1. 1. How to Automate a Self-Hosted WordPress WebsiteWeve covered automating aspects of a self-hosted WordPress CMS website before, however it is wellworth revisiting again. WordPress automation is far more than just covering the basics, such as backup,but also going further and this article covers administration, marketing and SEO. If you need a WordPress developer, please get in touch.AdministrationReview installed WordPress pluginsIt must be noted that before you consider automating parts of your WordPress website, you shouldassess what you are currently running. Many WordPress administrators find that their WordPress CMSsite and accompanying WP plugins do not easily update, due to the wide variety of servers configurationsused around the world instead being reliant on manual upgrades. So the first consideration is whatplugins do you use and do you need them all? If you dont need a plugin or two, then you reduce youradministration time, which is same reason for wanting to automate a website.Example: Place Google Analytics and Adsense directly into the theme, rather than use plugins.Automate your BackupNext you should look at automating your backup of your WordPress MySQL database. It is possible toautomate the backup of a whole WordPress website with a backup plugin, however this can be abandwidth heavy process, requiring a large amount of file space if you have a large WordPress website.Automating the backup each day of your MySQL database should be a quick process though.MarketingMarketing and SEO are a blurred world, however for this post Im referring to getting the word out aboutyour latest blog posts, which will naturally also can help with website SEO.Update Facebook Page Walls and TwitterUsing the Twitterfeed service you can easily update your Facebook walls and Twitter accounts withoutbeing involved. You give Twitterfeed the RSS feed then access rights for your Facebook Page Walls andTwitter, then tell it how often to check.Another option is to install the WP Tweet Button plugin, which serves two purposes. First of all each timea new post is published it will tweet, but also it will place a tweet button within each post. So with thisplugin you can encourage visitors to tweet your posts, as well as automate your own tweeting.Search Engine OptimisationInternal link buildingIn an ideal world you would list related posts for each blog post you have on a WordPress website, this iscreate internal SEO, especially if using keywords for the anchor links. However what about your legacyposts? With the help of the Yet Another Related Post Plugin you can automate the process. YARPP willlist related posts at the bottom of each post and the results are quite impressive.Broken link checkingChecking whether internal website links are broken is a time consuming process, If you were do to itmanually. However there is a broken link checker plugin that can automate the process, then email you if/ when it finds broken links.
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