How not to screw up your application

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Post on 18-Dec-2014




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This is a short presentation on Job applications directed at job seekers and graduates looking to move forward in their career. Applying for a job isn't easy, but if you follow a few key pointers it can improve your chances for success


  • 1. So youre applying for your Dream Job.
  • 2. Kudos, choosing a job is not as easy as it seems: Marketing Skydiving Lion Tamer Finance
  • 3. This could be you!
  • 4. Now its time to apply. This doesnt work. (And its creepy)
  • 5. Make your checklist: CV Cover Letter (if required) Voodoo Doll for Good Luck. Also creepy.
  • 6. 89% of CVs have errors Spellcheck doesnt catch them all. Is it tailored to this job? Check it before it goes out !
  • 7. Does your Cover Letter address the person by name? It probably wont be read if it doesnt.
  • 8. Lastly, why do you want the job? Because theyll ask, and youd better have a good answer
  • 9. Or else.
  • 10. Ok, so probably not that. But its your dream job. Dont screw it up now. Good advice, loads of information. Completely free.