how it can empower citizen developers to build apps

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  • How IT Can Empower Citizen Developers to Build Apps

  • Introducing: Salesforce App Cloud


    AppExchange Trailhead

    Shared Identity & Data Model Integration Shield

    Trusted and Connected Platform Run all your apps on a trusted platform

    Speed and Agility Every employee can build fast with clicks or code Complete Enterprise Ecosystem Best place to learn, build, buy, and sell apps

  • Win one of ten SONOS speakers at the App Cloud Keynote!

    App Cloud Product Showcase

    Moscone North

    IT Ranger Station in the Dev Zone

    Moscone West, 2nd Floor

    Thursday, September 17, 2pm Moscone South

    Tod Nielsen

    EVP, App Cloud Salesforce

    Mike Anderson

    CIO Crossmark

    Herry Stallings

    AVP App Dev USAA

    Heather Quiqley-Allen

    VP Marketing Bosma Enterprises

    Learn more about App Cloud:

  • Jennifer McClinton Director of Technology Development

  • Introducing: Brown-Forman

  • Our Salesforce Journey

    Started 5 years ago

    with CRM in Australia

    Built Center of


    Transformed our

    corporate Intranet

    Replaced Legacy


    Streamlined Manual Business Processes

    Built Applications to Support a

    Mobile Workforce

    2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

    Built and deployed over 50 apps globally in 5


  • Salesforce Center of Excellence

    Governs our Salesforce environment

    Release strategy Refresh Design review Code review Standards


  • Salesforce Developers

    20 people in IT

    Pure developers

    Analyst point and click development

    Legacy developers picked up Salesforce knowledge

    Innovation team Salesforce is just one tool in their belt

    Admins in regions


  • How Our Role in IT has Changed

  • Buy the Barrel

    Legacy application that was one of out first on the platform

    Multiple levels of approvals

    Use Chatter to discuss details of the order

    Used across 4 distilleries

    Several enhancements over the last three years as we have learned from the process

    Hand Select Your Very Own Barrel

  • Global Production Leveraging Mobility & Dashboards

    Transformed a manual process that just focused on yield

    Now track distillery efficiencies and is standardized across all plants

  • Project Priorities Corporate view of all Projects

    Every department was working on projects in silos

    Prioritization needs to happen at the executive team level

    Gain alignment and buy in

  • Plans for Citizen Developers

    Jack Daniels pilot Sanitation app

    Improve business processes

    Former Salesforce IT resources in business areas

    Global Production



  • IT Consultant IT Consultant

    Jon Thomas Ryan Knopp

  • All about

    Lilly is a global pharmaceutical company head quartered in Indianapolis with 35,000 employees. Lilly is centered around 5 Business Units: Oncology, Diabetes, Bio-Medicines, Emerging Markets and Animal Health.

  • We have a long history of Citizen Development

    Timeline 40,000 users 20,000 apps Governance and accountability challenges

    38,000 users 85,000 forms, 150 apps Governance, accountability, and access control challenges

    48,000 poten?al ci?zen developers Poten?al: 1000+ apps Future Poten?al Chaos? Controlling Shared Components / Limits? Cloud Security?

    2006 2001 2015

  • Platform The platform can enable cost

    effective, rapid application

    development of non-critical

    applications, focused on minimum

    viable product and a rapid release cycle.

    Governance Getting to the right level of governance

    is critical. To little can dramatically

    increase technical debt, and too much

    can kill innovation

    Our Hypothesis

  • Forcefest Hackathon

    The Hackathon was the key enabler to drive Citizen Development and engage employees

    Open to all IT associates Four hours of training on development Gave participants access to a sandbox Participants produced a short video showcasing their app,

    and presented to panel of judges (5-10 minutes)

    Winners were formally presented at the Lilly IT Conference

  • What it was like for a participant

    Background New to the company. Zero Salesforce experience. Background in web and app development. Just beginning to understand the landscape of pharma and how Lilly may leverage our investment in Salesforce.

    How I learned Initially, reading some documentation and tutorials. Quickly jumped into my use cases and figuring out how the platform could solve each one. 3-4 weeks part-time for learning and execution of idea.

    Why I wanted to participate Looked like fun. Opportunity to showcase my talents and ideas. Opportunity to acquire new skills and demonstrate value.

    What I enjoyed Picked up the declarative and programmatic skills in a matter of days. Many needed capabilities were already there and I could focus on my use cases.

  • Explores Gamification of treatments and prescriptions

    Rewarded points (RxP) for taking medicine and reporting on your symptoms

    Keep track of your prescription information

    Track your progress

    Custom Visualforce Page Bootstrap

    Responsive and Salesforce1 compatible

    Standard SFDC pages for administrator view, configuration, and monitoring.

    2 weeks of part-time effort

    Winning App Patient RxP

  • Hackathon Results

    16 Applications Submitted 29 Individual Participants

    6 Project Finalists One finalist was was a non-IT professional

    In the first 6 months of of Citizen Developer Service availability, 7 of the hackathon participants have

    developed, or are developing production apps.

  • Architecture Citizen developed apps are deployed to a

    separate non-quality critical Org

    Non-sensitive content

    No data integrations

    No modification to shared objects schema

    Weekly release schedule

    Applications with sensitive data or integrations are deployed to the main quality-critical org (additional developer competency is required)

    Governance Streamlined version of enterprise application

    development process

    Initial review / quality assessment

    Repository / continuous integration

    Pre-deployment code review

    Self-service access management

    Application Owner/Custodian periodic review

    Citizen Developer Service Development

    Guiding Principle: Adopt Agile approach to service development.

  • Builder 1. Development

    2. Testing

    3. Application Support

    4. Regression Testing for Platform Releases

    Builder+ 1. Source Code Management Setup

    2. Continues Integration Setup

    3. Code Packaging

    4. Code Review

    5. Code Deployment

    6. Development Coach

    The Builder / Builder+ Community Develop an autonomous community of Citizen Developers supporting two distinct roles

  • 5 Key Learnings for Citizen Dev Best Practices for your enterprise

    March-May 2014

    July August September October Timeline November December February March April June January 2015

    1. Find the Governance Balance. Governance is necessary, but dont let it kill innovation.

    2. Plan for support early. Some parts of the organization do not have local technical resources to provide support for citizen developed apps. This can limit the value realized by the business.

    3. Start with pilot apps and get value quickly. Leverage continuous improvement to grow the

    service over time.

    4. Keep the release process simple; no schema changes to shared components. Simplicity allows

    for frequent releases.

    5. Actively work to establish a strong Builder community, particularly the Builder+ role.

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