How Is Mail Delivered Around The World? Infographic

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From mules to boats to motorbikes, a look at all the different ways people get their mail delivered around the world. Featuring USA, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and the UK


<ul><li> USA NEW ZEALAND CHINA INDIA AUSTRALIA UK . USPS. Largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world. 218,684 vehicles. Most Post is delivered by bicycle. Pelorus, South Island, use mail boat. Mail delivered by horse couriers in mountainous parts of Sichuan and Tibet. Motorcycles used on 6,600 routes. Mail delivered by van, bicycles, have been phased out due to health and safety fears. Royal Mail employs 150,000 permanent postal workers and takes on 18,000 extra for Christmas. Home of the fastest coin operated Postman Pat van, which reached 101.36mph. Walking used on 1,000 routes. Bicycles used on 350 routes. Mail delivered by foot in parts of Diqing, with paths reaching 4,500 meters in altitude. Supai, Grand Canyon, mail delivered by mule. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, mail delivered by a mail jumper who jumps on and off a boat that never stops moving! Most Post is delivered by bicycle. Mail delivered by bicycle HOW MAIL IS DELIVERED AROUND THE WORLD,_Arizona Credits </li> </ul>