How and Why to Buy a Dehumidifier: The Dehumidifier Critic's Guide

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<ul><li><p>How and Whyto Buy a Dehumidifier ?</p><p>Prepared and presented by The Dehumidifier Critic (</p></li><li><p>Table of Contents</p><p>Reasons Why You Might Buy A Dehumidifier</p><p>How to Tell if a Dehumidifier will help</p><p>Areas of your home to consider</p><p>How to Choose the Right Dehumidifier</p></li><li><p>Reasons To Buy A DehumidifierThe 5 most common reasons to buy a dehumidifier:</p><p>Allergies</p><p>Mold</p><p>Water Run-Off</p><p>Odors</p><p>Condensation</p></li><li><p>Allergy Sufferers: </p><p>- If you find either dust mites or mold, a dehumidifier in that room will help.</p><p>Mold: </p><p>- Mold shows itself in the form of dark spots, usually on the ceiling in a moist </p><p> room. </p><p>Water Run-Off: </p><p>- Identify by watermarks in your basement after rain. A dehumidifier will help </p><p> control the moisture until you can find and fix the root problem.</p><p>How to Tell if a Dehumidifier Will Help</p></li><li><p>Odors: </p><p>- A musty smells means moisture and likely mold that you cant see.</p><p>- A dehumidifier can help control the moisture and mold growth until you </p><p> find and fix the problem.</p><p>Condensation: </p><p>- Condensation on your windows is a sign of high moisture and improperly </p><p> sealed windows.</p><p>- A dehumidifier can help prevent mold growth until the problem is fixed.</p><p>How to Tell if a Dehumidifier Will Help</p></li><li><p>Bathroom:</p><p>- Frequent area of concern because of large water use. </p><p>- Hot water causes condensation, leading to mold. </p><p>Basement:</p><p>- Under ground location makes them prone to moisture.</p><p>- Mold on the walls and a musty smell are common.</p><p>Areas of Your Home to Consider</p></li><li><p>Garage:</p><p>- INot always moisture proof, even when attached to the house. </p><p>- Damp environments lead to mold and must. </p><p>Crawl Space:</p><p>- Under ground location makes them prone to moisture.</p><p>- Not treating this can lead to problems with mold, dust mites, and other</p><p> allergens inside the house.</p><p>Areas of Your Home to Consider</p></li><li><p>First, evaluate the dehumidifier by size. Use this as a general guide:</p><p>- 30 Pints-300 to 400 Square Feet</p><p>- 50 Pints-600 to 800 Square Feet</p><p>- 70 Pints-1,000 to 1,500 Square Feet</p><p>Buying a Dehumidifier large enough to service the area should be your first</p><p>priority, even over convenience features.</p><p>How To Choose the Right Dehumidifier</p></li><li><p>Next you can evaluate based on any of these convenience features and </p><p>choose what is most important to you:</p><p>- Type of Drainage System-Continuous and/or Manual</p><p>- Noise Level</p><p>- Automatic Settings-Auto Shut-off, Automatic Start, Humidity Settings, Fan </p><p>- Speed</p><p>- Warranty</p><p>- Energy Star Certification</p><p>- Electronic Controls and Digital Display</p><p>How To Choose the Right Dehumidifier</p></li></ul>


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