Hot to generate leads via Social Media Marketing for Realtors and Loan Officers

Download Hot to generate leads via Social Media Marketing for Realtors and Loan Officers

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<ul><li>1.Welcome To:How to Generate Leads and Attract More CustomersProven Instant and Organic Lead Strategies That WORK! Prepared For: YOU</li></ul> <p>2. Im 39I dont understand the Internet2 3. Who am I???What can I do for you? 4. How Many of You Would Like to? 5. My Mission For You? 6. WIIFM Today Youll Take Away1. How SMM Compares to Traditional Marketing Forms2. The WHY and WHAT Tools to Use3. How to Move from Good to GREAT4. Organic Lead Generation Strategies5. How to Build YOUR Online Identity 7. One HUGE Lead GeneratorThe Internet 8. Do You Have a Global Business 9. What Are We Competing For? 10. How Do The Links Rank? 11. Organic vs. Paid SearchPaidOrganic 12. Organic vs. Paid Search10% of Clicks 90% of Clicks 13. The Two Ways To Generate Leads 14. Lead Generation Strategy Choice #114 15. Lead Generation Strategy1. Get leads from Website2. Get leads by Paying Referrals3. Get leads by Advertising4. Get leads by buying Email lists 16. Lead Generation Strategy Choice #216 17. Algorithmic Ranking Factors 18. Algorithmic Ranking Factors 19. The Disruption of Interruptionthe evolution of marketingCAN SPAM ACT of 2003One-to-ManyMany-to-ManyInterruptionFilter 20. The Many Forms of Inbound Opt-In/SearchMobile Social MediaSubscribe 21. Social Footprint TodayWhere do you start?What do you need?How do you compete?Golden 22. Inbounding Appears Overwhelming 23. Some Social Concepts to Noodle On 24. P ROBLEM!!! 25. What advice do you have??? Similar to a business reception No constraints of time or space29 26. 3 Rules You Must Follow3EEducateEngage Entertain to Inspire 27. Attraction Marketing Plan Social Networks Blog Content SyndicationSearch Marketing PartnersSEO Marketing Funnel 28. PIMP OUT Your Properties 29. Getting Started On FacebookWhat Place where you share photos, articles, videos, and information with people you know or want to build a relationship with.Why FB population larger than entire U.S. Networking/Brand building is done in casual environmentsHow Sign Up @ Facebook.comTop Tips: Join 2-5 FB groups (once logged in) Build a Business Oriented Page Link Twitter and FB together via Link YouTube to FB Create specific targeted niche groups 30. Getting Started On LinkedInWhat Build and Connect with professional people you know and trust in businessWhy The #1 Social Networking site for professionals Has 50M registered users worldwideHow Sign Up @ Linkedin.comTop Tips: Connect with all past clients Connect with all people in your database Give 5-10 recommendations and get 5-10 Use as a prospecting tool to research prospects link with Twitter and sync posts by adding #in 31. Getting Started On YouTubeWhat One of the best/easiest ways to get your videos to the people who matter to you.Why 1B videos posted per day #3 site worldwide If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand picturesHow Set up a channel @ youtube.comTop Tips: Tip #1 Tip #2 Tip #3 Tip #4 Tip #5 32. Six Steps to Generate Qualified Leads1Get a blog or add blog capabilities to your web-site? Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr or Posterous2Establish presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube Get in and listen. Start interacting./engaging in conversation.3Understand your buyers persona and then engage with content4Master the art of retention thru email marketing and lead conversion5 E3 Content is King &amp; Distribution is the Queen 33. Just Do It 6 34. Thank You!!JTtheCoach @ JTtheCoach </p>