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The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor! (Warhammer 40k alternate History) Chapter One: The Horusian Revolution 

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The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor! (Warhammer 40k alternate History)

Chapter One: The Horusian Revolution

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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The causes of the Horusian Revolution are not readily agreed upon, and in order tounderstand them one must take into account the wide variety of factors and events that leadup to it. No two Legions views match, and the Loyalist point of view is hard to ascertain dueto the widespread devisation and even destruction of their homeworlds and fleets, along with

the ever dwindling numbers of Loyalist Legionaries themselves. The Elder are unwilling todivulge the degree of their involvement even to their closet allies, human and Xenos alike.Ultimately, the Revolution marked the beginning of one of the greatest periods of chaos inhuman history, and it is hard to conceive what kind of galaxy we would live in if it had failed.Would the Imperium continued to expand and innovate, or would it stagnate and decline?Without the power of Kaos or the tactical genius of Emperor Horus, how would it's armieshave coped with new Alien enemies that have plagued the galaxy since the Revolution?Could it even be possible that the Imperium would have achieved it's ultimate goal of HumanSupremacy and the total Unification of mankind, suppressing the 'pocket Empires'?

Despite taking place an immesurably long time ago, when many powers such as the TauEmpire did not even exist, the Horusian Revolution presents cogent questions in this times ofstruggle against the Necorn Harvests and the Tyranid Hive Fleets. Why is mankind sosusceptible to the influence of the Warp? How close can the galaxy come to alienation beforeall hope is lost? Just what is Kaos, and why should we fear or embrace it?

M 30 to M 31 - The Great Cursade After the Unfication of Terra by the first Emperor, mankind launched the Great Crusade tounify mankind's scattered colonies. To bring the diverse peoples of mankind to compliancewith the Imperium of Man, the Emperor had created the Adeptus Astartes, biologicallyengineered super-warriors. Similar to the crude Thunder Warriors of the Unification and theEmperors personal Adeptus Custodes guard, the Astartes were different in that each Astartescarried a gene-seed from a Primarch. The Primarch's were the Emperor's sons, though not inthe normal sense of the word, intended to be great generals and leaders for mankind. TheEmperor had struck a deal with the Kaos Powers in order to create the Primarch's, and whenhe broke the deal they were scattered across the galaxy.

However, the Emperor was able to secure large swathes of the galaxy with those Astratescreated on Terra, and in doing so acquired the location and the loyalty of his Sons. The GreatCrusade was fought in the name of great ideals of secularism, harmony and peace under thecentralised rule of Terra. Though the Emperor controversially suppressed all knowledge ofthe Warp Powers, this period is recognised by most as a Golden Age of sorts. For most of the

Crusade, the Emperor lead directly, with Horus Lupercal as his right hand. However, after thevictory over the Greenskins at Ullanor, the Emperor proclaimed that Horus would becomeWarmaster of the Imperium's armies and that he would retire to Terra to reorganise theImperium.

The Emperor's reasons for this decision were inexpiable to his sons, though is widely agreedthat he was engaged in some form of 'great work'. Lemuel Gaumon of Prospero claimed thatthe Emperor was intended to harness the power of the Elder Webway and proclaims thatMagus the Red originally intended to help the Emperor with this work, though his memoirsare regarded as too tainted to be reliable. The conventional view, put forward by the EmperorHorus, is that the first Emperor secretly planned to disestablish secularism and replace it with

the 'Lectitio Divinitatus' cult, disempower the Legions in favour of a centralised civilian bureaucracy and ultimately make himself a God.

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This was one in series of misguided decisions that eventually lead to the outbreak of theHorusian Revolution. Other such events include the suppression of the Word Bearers faith(which rather mysteriously for supporters of the Godhood Theory, was identical to that of the'Lectitio Divinitatus') and the Eddict of Nikaea that alienated the Thousand Sons Legion with

it's suppression of Psykers and the condemnation of the Night Lords. It was at this point intime that the Emperor's censorship of knowledge about Kaos began to backfire. Inevitably,Legions were contacted by Kaos as they moved further from the Galatic centre. While forsure we know the exact circumstances of the Word Bearers 'Pilgrimage' that lead them to theEye from Lorgar's book and the encounter Horus had at Davin, some like the Alpha Legionmay have been in contact with Kaos even before Horus was named Warmaster. There is alsothe question of whether the Lost Legions were in contact with Kaos, though this is doubtfulas this would have meant that the other Primarch's must have had at least some rudimentaryknowledge of Kaos given to them by their father.

012.M 31 - the Revolution Breaks Out 'Those of us in this room have no illusions as to what we face. Eight Legions, of which we are four, and countless words are rising in rebellion against the Imperium... You have all walked

different paths, but together, we have come to the same destination. The Emperor has failedus. The Imperium has failed us all. It has failed us by the laxity of it's laws, the decadence of

it's culture, and the injustices heaped upon us who served most loyally. It has failed us bynever recognising our virtues, never rewarding us for the blood we shed... It has failed us bybeing flawed to it's core, imperfect in it's pursuit of a perfect culture, and it's weakness to the

encroachment of Xenos breeds... And it has failed us, most of all, by being founded on lies. '

-Lorgar the Urizen addresses rebelling Legions

Angered to breaking point over the Emperor's marginalisation of the Primarch's by refusingthem seats on the Council of Terra, his misleading and confusing line on Psykers and Kaosand rumours of an Imperial Cult being established, fully half of the Adeptus Astartes revoltedon Isstvan III. In a lighting campaign, based on deceit and surprise, Horus managed todevastate and misdirect most of the Emperors Legions within a short time period, whilequickly ridding his Legions of loyalist elements in a series of Bloody Purges. Disloyalty had

been sown with a network of Warrior Lodges set up by Lorgar's Word Bearers, that were permeated with Kaos worship. The motives of each Legion were diverse, and deserve somedetail at this stage:

Sons of Horus - Horus, acting on information he received from the Kaos Gods, claimed thatthe Emperor intended to make himself a God. The Sons of Horus, as the proudest and mostsuccessful of all the Legions, believed that this was an abuse of the sacrifices they had madein the Great Crusade. Other factors in this rebellion include an element of Kaos worshipintroduced through he Warrior Lodges, and a cult of personality surrounding Horus. Horushimself felt betrayed due to the Emperor's refusal to tell him about the nature of his 'GreatWork', and that he had not been given a seat on the Council of Terra

Night Lords - The Night Lords particular brand of political and legalistic authoritarianism,that held that mass Terror as the only way of maintaining order in the Imperium (and insociety as a whole) was not favoured by the Emperor nor by other Legions, and was openly

condemned first by Rogel Dorn and then the Emperor. This dispute resulted in combat between Curze and Dorn and Curze's eventual imprisonment, which he escaped. Curze then

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destroyed his crime ridden homeworld as a gesture of how far he was willing to go to enforcehis philosophy of indiscriminate punishment. However, revisionists (including many NightLord factions) claim that the Emperor sanctioned the Night Lords Terror, and that it was asense of betrayal that caused the Night Lords to rebel. Some sources have even suggested theEmperor tired to assassinate Curze before the revolution. The Night Lords ideology was

hostile to Kaos, as it was to all forms of freedom negative or positive, and there is somecontroversy as to whether Curze ever truly turned, a question that obsesses Night LordFactions to this day.

Iron Warriors - Perturabo, convinced of his own strategic genius and fiercely jealous of allhis brothers, never warmed to the Emperor's authority. He had railed against the decision tomake Horus Warmaster, believing the position rightly his. Perturabo was believed loyal in theinitial stages of the conflict, and was able to divert and acquire vital equipment from underthe nose of the Dark Angels. As is often the case in revolutions, Perturabo seems to have

been motivated by little else but a desire to exploit the chaos of the Civil War for personalgain.

Alpha Legion - The complex motivations of the Alpha Legion will probably remain amystery for ever. The only clue is their cryptic ideology, similar to that of the Old TerranPhilosopher Osvald Spenglar of the Nordafrik Conclaves, which held that decline andimperfection in society was inevitable. While clearly incompatible with Imperial ideology,how this lead to them siding with Horus is unclear. It has been suggested that the CraftworldElder know something, but those who seek out such knowledge have a tendency to disappear.

The Cultist Legions - A amalgamated group of about four Legions. the Death Guard,Emperor's Children, World Eaters, and Word Bearers who who unconditionally acceptedKaos and either sought to make it the Imperium's offical religion, or were simply driven mad

by it. The Word Bearers are the most significant and enigmatic in this respect. Originallyworshipping the Emperor was a deity, the Word Bearers were humiliated by the Ultramarinesfor their religious beliefs at the Emperor's orders. Desperate to find an alternative truth

beyond mere the offical Imperial Truth, Lorgar launched a 'Pilgrimage' that ultimately leadthe Legion to the Eye of Terror. Converting to Kaos worship, the Word Bearers set aboutspreading their poisonous faith through a system of Warrior Lodges. The other three certifiedCultist Legions worshipped monotheistic versions the Chaos faith, centring on Khrone, She-Who-Thirsts and Nurgle respectively. This religious approach to the Revolutions cause wouldeventually cause a rift once Horus was crowned Emperor. Some would classify the ThousandSons as a cult Legion, though it's doubtful whether the Thousand Sons has anything like a

normal religious belief system, or that they have any time for the concept of God at all.

The Thousand Sons - Based on the memoirs of Lemuel Gaumon of Prospero, it is purposedthat the Thousand Sons were actually loyal and sought to warn the Emperor of the comingconflict, but through the machinations of the Changing Ones were falsely labelled traitors.Also, the readable sections of a incomplete copy of the Book of Magus states " <censoredinformation> " interestingly adding " <censored information> -on Fenris". The ThousandSons then surprised Horus by escaping annihilation by the Space Wolves and declaringsupport for the rebellion. How they got to that stage is questionable, as is everything aboutthe Legion.

The Dark Angels - The Dark Angels civil war amongst themselves was a remarkable versionof the Revolution in miniature. Born out of the corrupted Kaos essence at the heart of their

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world and a Feudalistic Planetary Nationalism, the rebellion of the Dark Angels stationed onCaliban aganist their Primarch coincided with his realisation that the Loyalist cause was lost.After savage fighting, and a great deal of inner searching, El Johnson used his political geniusto organise a compromise with those rebels who would join with him in fighting against thenew Emperor Horus on the condition that Caliban would always maintain it's independence

from the Imperium, whoever the ruler. Fatally dividing the rebels between Kaos worshippersand those whose primary motivation was Planetary Nationalism, he was able to drive theKaos Worshippers off the planet, but was not able to stop them joining the New Imperium.

012.M 31 - the Siege of Terra "The old Imperium is dead, with this victory an renewed one shall arise under MY

leadership! Those who are expecting Horus to allow the Imperium to dissolve are seriouslymistaken. I was not acting out of hatred, but out of necessity when I slew the false Emperor.The Great Crusade is to be resumed after those so-called Loyalists who remain either see sense for are alienated, and the traditional structures before the Emperor began his mad

scheme for Godhood are restored. We have won a great victory, and no one will defy Horusnow and live. "

-Emperor Horus Lupercal, upon the death of the "Emperor"

The Rebel Marines laid waste to their former allies' holdings along the way to Terra.Throughout the Imperium, rebel and loyal forces battled viciously. Horus and his forcesdestroyed Luna's naval bases, and within 30 days had destroyed the Terran system's defences.Terra was bombarded and devastated, and eventually, the corrupted Marines landed on Terra,experiencing heavy resistance from the forces defending Terra (among these loyalists wereBlood Angels, Imperial Fists and White Scars). The loyalists were outnumbered, and the

battle for Terra turned into a siege of the Imperial Palace. By the 55th day the rebels hadreached the walls of the Inner Palace. Horus, who had remained in orbit aboard his battle

barge, was at that point warned that the rest of the loyalist Legions were returning to Terraand would arrive in hours. The Ultramarines were pushing their way to Terra, along with theSpace Wolves. If this were to happen, Horus' advantage in numbers would be diminished. Helet down the force field protecting his battle barge, to lure the Emperor in a final battle thatwould decide the war.The Emperor saw this opportunity and teleported to the Warmaster's battle barge with two ofhis Primarchs, Terminator armoured Marines of their Legion as well as members of theCustodes.

Upon teleporting, the Emperor's forces were scattered through the ship, and were forced to

battle their way to find each other. Sanguinius found Horus first. Horus was at the height ofhis powers; augmented by the blessings of all four Kaos Gods, and Sanguinius was slain.Horus stood over the Primarch's body as the Emperor found the Warmaster. After a long andgrueling battle, the Horus was successful in defeating the Emperor, though the Emperor'sspirit clung on to the dead body. The Emperor's forces, shocked by this defeat, retreated inthe face of such an unthinkable tragedy. Horus, however, was barely in control of theImperium and proclaimed himself Emperor and held his first council of state in the ThroneRoom while the Loyalist defenders of the Palace were still inside. What's more Horus hadmade his deal with Kaos on the implication that they simply wished to get even with theEmperor. Soon as Kaos's true intentions became clear, Horus broke free from the influence ofthe four with a great effort of will that is said to have destroyed and recreated whole new

worlds in the Eye of Terror in seconds. At this moment, just as She-Who-Thirsts had awokenwhen the decadence of the Elder reached it's most obscene, so awakened the fifth Kaos

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power, Malal. Binding the Emperor's spirit to the Golden Throne, Horus temporarily prevented the Warp forces gathering beneath Terra from ripping it apart.

However, this would not be enough, and it was now clear to Horus that many of his brotherswere too far gone to Kaos to be trusted. In particular, he distrusted those who became Demon

Princes, ever since he had discovered that Fulgirm had been so dishonoured by the demonthat had taken his flesh and his place. But above all, Horus was angry at having beenmanipulated and at the crimes he had committed. Though it would be a some time before hewould, Emperor Horus was already realising soon that he would turn against yet more of hisBrothers in the course of bloody reign.

From 'The Horusian Revolution Reconsidered: A Examination for the Post-Imperium World' published and stored in the Great Databases of the Interex.

Chapter Two: Horus Consolidates Power

The Emperor Horus at court, to his left is First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon.

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Imperial Seal of the Emperor Horus, incorporating the Imperial Aquila symbolising the Unity

of Mars and Terra with the Eye of Horus.

Immediately after the Mon-keigh warlord Horus slew the Emperor, the situation presidedalmost exactly as the Cabal had planned. Unfortunately for our Craftworld and for theGalaxy, however, not exactly enough to produce success. While other Craftworlds likeUlthwé had foolishly attempted to prevent the downfall of the Mon-keigh empire, warningthose who had already turned to the Great Enemy, we had long seen that it was the only wayto allow mankind and Chaos to become extinct through the wrath of Horus the Betrayer. Inthis capacity we had contacted the Alpha Legion, after discovering the Mon-keigh of Calibanupon whom we had wasted so much resources were corrupted, and sought to make them

party to the grand designs of the Cabal. Alas, now the Cabal is broken, and all because of the brutish survival instincts of those apes.

Oh, but do not let me dwell on this. I am near over 19,975 years old, and you are all soyoung, why some of you are barely older than a century. It is hard for me, because Iremember the despair of those times and the threat our Craftworld faced. The whole racewould have been doomed to extinction at the hands of Chaos if we hadn't made sure Horuswas victorious. But you, you don't remember, you spend so much time off Craftworld,mixing with the Interex and the Tau....

But I'm rambling... Oh yes, Horus was victorious, if you can call such a bloodbath a militaryvictory when compared with the grace of our combat, it was little better than a Orkishsquabble. We had ensured this by persuading he Alpha Legion to see reason and turn againstthe Emperor, thus leading to the extin.... I told you that already haven't I? Yes, I must move


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Horus had yet to fully secure the blighted Mon-keigh homeworld, much less their insult of anEmpire. Loyalists were still at large, and many of his followers should little intention ofmaintaining any semblance of order. Thousands of worlds had declared independence, andenemies who had been dormant at the hint of the Imperiums power became bold. The Druchiiharvested many souls of Mon-keigh, raiding deep into the depths of the Galactic centre, and

Orks had been draw by the lure of conflict and attacked Loyalist and rebel alike.

Soon, strongholds had been established around Caliban, Macragge and Fenris. The first too provided alternative centres of government, Caliban in particular now proclaiming anti-Imperial ideals of independence and freedom and the Ultramarines maintaining order despitethe destabilising attacks launched by the Word Bearers and Alpha Legion. The Space Wolvesmerely fought. Terra itself was still home to contingents of White Scars, Imperial Fist andBlood Angels, continuing their resistance inside the vast Palace. Dorn, in particular, was stillat large.

As our Seers and the Slanni had correctly foreseen, Horus still had a semblance of honourwithin himself, and neither was he lost to any one particular Chaos god, expect perhaps theRenegade God of Anarchy and Self-Destruction, Chaos that hates Chaos itself. He intendedto hold the Chaos Gods to the agreement he made made with them, that they would withdrawfrom the affairs of our Galaxy once the Emperor, whom they claimed had wronged them and

breaking a deal with them, was deposed. Of course, Chaos thirsts for conquest and knows noreason or restraining will, though it has vast intelligence. Horus needed to make sure he couldenforce his authority from the center before he began the re-conquest of the galaxy. At thismoment, to move against those of his Kin whom he despised for worshipping Chaos wouldresult in him being heavily outnumbered.

014. M 31 - The Great Scouring Begins Horus quickly moved to unite the Legions under his control with the only thing that couldunite them, war against the Loyalists. While offering them the chance to sigh an oath ofloyalty to him, Horus proclaimed all Loyal Legions, in a fit of madness only Mon-keigh

politics can achieve, Excommunicate Traitoris. He deliberately allowed Loyalists to escapefrom Terra, all the while bombarding them with propaganda, allowing him time to harnesswhat little remained of Terran infrastructure to his purposes. Immediately after securingTerra, Horus reenforced the forces of Fabricator-General Kelbor-Hal on Mars, clearing outthe last remnants of loyalist presence on the planet. The Sons of Horus also discovered anapparently abandoned fortress on Titan, which appeared to have been home to a unknownLegion of Space Marines. These Ghosts would return to haunt Horus in future.

Horus, with a burning hatred of formal government, believed he could run the Imperiumdirectly as a military operation. The Adepts of Terra were virtually abolished, replaced bydirect rule by the Primarchs. This move, while in theory centralising the Imperium, lead togreat disunity among the Mon-keigh. It allowed the Primarch's to rule, or destroy, any worldunder their Legions control as they willed. This ensured that they would not break away fromthe new Imperiums, but not that they would obey it's laws. The groundwork for the Civil Warwe planned to destroy humanity was in place, but alas, we Children of Isha are foreverdoomed to misfortune

A lecture given by the late Autarch Slau Dha to young Eldar of the Craftworld of Lugganath.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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Chapter Three: The Counter-Revolutionaries Fragment

Ultramarines quelling dissenters emboldened by the death of the First Emperor on Prandium, a world infested with Alpha Legion operatives.

"Death to the False Imperium! Death to the Traitor Emperor!"-Lumen Russ

After the so-called Horusian Revolution and the death of the Emperor, Beloved by All, thoseloyal to his legacy found themselves in a position unthinkable, we were now offeringresistance to the governance of Terra. We no longer had the directing hand of our creator toguide us, we were no longer simply warriors obeying orders. We're were become politicians,demagogues and ideologues overnight by necessity. Such responsibilities too often do not fitwell with the Astartes temperament and duties to the Legion, though I am proud to say we ofthe Ultramar Protectorate have proven ourselves able civil servants. Our adherence to the

Codex, as it does in war, has proven the core of our success in domestic affairs. As thePrimarch says ' Floret Bellum Et Floret Pax Est Glorificus ', that the Ultramarines strive to

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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It saddens me, however, to describe that for many of our Brother Legions it was not so andthat there were such times as then when our Legion's honour and very existence werethreatened by the very things we had once considered our own support and lifeline. The

Throne of Terra now housed a tyrant that once we had thought the best of us all, and thosewho we called brothers turned against us in a war without end. To this end, with thestructures of government destroyed, the Adeptus Astartes had to provide alternative structuresof authority and prevent the False Imperium from claiming the Galaxy.

014. M 31 - The Imperial Partition Without the Emperor or the Adeptus Terra to mediate between them, and indeed with littleability to communicate through the Warp Storms had followed the Great Catastrophe, thePrimarch's loyal to the Emperor's legacy soon went their separate ways. Negotiations betweenthem lead to little more than vague assurances of loyalty and a common desire to fight, oneverything else there was no agreement, in that there was often open suspicion and rivalry.This was our greatest fault, for together under the rightful leadership of Roboute Guilliman asWarmaster and the guidance of the Ultramarine Codex we could have overthrown Hours. Butall believed the Honour should be there's, and without an Emperor to settle the issue it wasleft undone. There would be no new Warmaster to challenge this traitor Emperor.

Dorn in particular seemed to us changed by his experience on Terra, and the fact that Horushad let him escape did him no favours. He brooded long and deeply on what the possiblecauses of Horus's betrayal where, and was unable to accept so beloved a Brother couldcommit such deeds for such trivial reasons as mere political disenchantment. Though we didnot yet no it, he was already seeking to 'understand' Chaos in secret. Dorn cared for littlemore than vengeance and it was all the others could do to stop him heading straight for Terrawithout support. The Iron Hands, Salamanders and Blood Angels were deep in mourning fortheir slain Primarch's. The Lion had turned his back on all the Galaxy and concerned himselfonly with rebuilding his world and Legion. Corax too could do little with such a diminishedforce and was in deep depression. Russ was withdrawn, seemingly contemplating things ofwhich we knew nothing. He offered nothing but riddles and jibes to the negotiations. Khantoo was disturbed by his experience on Terra, though he was more concerned with how it hadaffected Dorn so profoundly.

There was no formal partition, but is happened. Each Legion became a state in it's own right,defining and enforcing the laws of all the worlds under it's influence. Herein lies an overview

of each such states, some initiates may recognise familiar allies and rivals, but many have passed from the world and are now as echoes in the Warp.

The Ultramar Protectorate

Roboute Guilliman announcing the formation the Protectorate.

An extract from: Quote:

The Codex Constituti o of the Ultramar Protectorate

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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In the name of the essential Unity of Humanity and the Imperial Truth spread through theGreat Crusade, this Codex sets out the administrative and political organisation of theUltima Segmentum now that the authority of Terra has lost it legitimacy through thetreachery of Horus. Ultramar is too become a independent Protectorate, a sovereign entityno longer part of the Imperium of Man until the time that honour and the Imperial Truthagain reign again on Terra. Hereby all worlds that are occupied by Ultramarine Astartes areannexed to Ultramar. This Protectorate is based on the ideal that it is the duty of the Astartesto protect humankind, not destroy it. This Codex maintains that the first concern of the

Astartes Chapters is to honour his close bond with the People of the Protectorate.

1) Supreme Executive Authority Rests with the Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion and allthe Chapters therein composed. When the Primarch is longer able to discharge his duties as

Executive of the Protectorate, the Chapter Masters shall elect two Consuls from their ownranks. These Consuls shall have power over all affairs relating to War, the Security of the

State and affairs with other states and races. They shall have the power of veto over eachother.

2) In times of Crisis, the Consuls shall be replaced by a Dictator who will have Supreme Executive Authority and hold the office of Warmaster of the Protectorate. Time of crisis willbe defined by the Ultramarine Astartes Chapters without consultation with civilianauthorities.

3) A) The Legislative Upper Chamber to be known as the Senātus Ultramar shall have powerover all domestic affairs no conflicting with security or the Codex, and will have the final sayon all legislation produced by the lower chamber. It's representatives shall be elected

democratically. Suffrage will be restricted to members of the Armed Forces, Nobility and Navy. The Counsuls and Dicator have unlimited powers of veto over the Senātus Ultramar. B) The Legislative Lower Chamber to be known as the Concilium Ultramar shall be able to present all forms of legislation to the Upper House for approval. It will be elected byuniversal suffrage.

As the largest of Legions, so our state was the largest challenger to the False Imperium. Thecreation of the Codex Constitutio coincided with the creation of the Codex Astartes, and allUltramarines must learn and observe from the Primarch's teaching in both. The Chaptersnamed Novamarines, Patriarchs of Ulixis, White Consuls, Black Consuls, Libators, Praetorsof Orpheus, Inceptors, Genesis Chapter, Mortifactors along with the Ultramarine Chapter

proper were all created as a means to decentralise decision making within the Legion andincrease it's tactical variability. However, only a few of those Chapters would strong enoughto continue existing after the coming war.

The Covenant of Caliban

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"We welcomed the Imperium as brothers to our world, we allowed them to replace our wayof life with their own, we allowed them to clear the forests of our world and build great

industries where once our own estates and castles stood. They abolished the order of things,and nobles and peasant alike slaved in Imperial service. This we allowed them to do and not

an arm did we raise against them, indeed we welcomed it. In return Imperial citizensunleashed forces upon our people that nearly endangered our survival as a planet. The

Imperium did not provide Unity, we did that ourselves. It does not provide peace, look at thewars fought between it Legions. We ask to left alone. We declare unconditional Independence

from the Imperium of Man!

-The Declar ation of I ndependence,Sighed by the Covenant of Cal iban

including L ion El Johnson - Pri march of Dark Angels, the Lord Cypher , Sir Sar Davial,Lady Alera, Brother -L ibrarian I srafael - Chi ef of Caliban Epistolary etc.

Whatever happened on Caliban, we can never be sure what made the Lion turn his back onthe Emperor's legacy. Even Horus never dared question the very ideals of the Great Cursadeand the Imperium it built, but the Covenanters of the Caliban did just that. Shroudingthemselves in secrecy and pursuing a policy of isolationism, replacing the Imperial Truthwith a mystical cult of Chivalry, the Dark Angels like so many others in those dark timessought to turn Chaos to their own ends, and they do so now. More than warriors or servant of

a government, the Dark Angels saw themselves as a legitimate continuation of Caliban'sruling Aristocracy, took estates and gave themselves titles as if they were mortal Nobility, not

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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Astartes. They owned allegiance to no one, save their Order and the Grand Master. Anythingmore repellent to the Codex and the ideals of the Emperor cannot be imagined outside ofHorus's cursed False Imperium.

The Dark Angels were one of the largest of the Legions, and their lose dealt the Loyalist

cause no end of damage. Though we should be grateful, as Russ wryly put it, that theyweren't 'warpshit Horusians'. They may not have helped us, but they did not help the enemyeither.

The Provisional Government of the Imperium of Man

Commonly known as the "Black Crusade"

"Go ahead, coward! Build your pretty Kingdom, I don't care. I don't care about anything youdo. Your not worth the dirt on my armour, where were you when I was on Terra!? I heardhim die, you bastards! I can still hear him dying! Your not the Emperor, none of us are. I

don't care if we don't ever have another Emperor. It's just war, that's all the future holds, nowhe's dead. ALL I CARE ABOUT IS VENGEANCE! YOU HEAR ME BROTHER? I only wantto kill Horus and every damned one of his whore-son train by any means necessary, and you

aren't going to tell me how Guilliman! You think I'm a traitor do you? You think I'munreliable, that's why you want to take my Legion away from me! Well, I'm going to do theopporstite. I've merged with the Blood Angels and soon others will join me. After I've killed

Horus, perhaps I'll kill defeatists and cowards like you as well!" -Rogel Dorn refusing to accept Gulliman's Codex, the Astropath who deliveredGulliman's reply was executed by Dorn.

Alas, brothers, for Dorn was once a great Brother and Primarch famed for his stoicism andthe ability to control his great anger. The Emperor's death changed him, there was little torecognise in the vengeful, brooding warlord that he became. On the edge of madness Dorn

proclaimed all attempts at creating an alternative to Imperial Rule, even while Horus was onthe Throne, as treason. He believed we should waste no time on bringing order to our worlds,

but instead called wildly for an eternal war against all mankind that did not join him in hisCrusade of grief and revenge. He was no longer interested in the Imperial Truth or bringing

the Galaxy to Compliance, or in the welfare of mankind. Often repeating under his breath that'Curze was right! Curze was right! I should have listened!' for reasons that he would not tell

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 16/55

his brothers, Dorn claimed that the Imperium would be forever at war in the Emperor's nameand that all mankind was smothered in sin by the Emperor's death, and must be punished. Hesought to 'understand' why it had happened, and was fascinated by Chaos in more ways thanthe simple interest of hate. He declared all morality an illusion scattered by the Emperor'sdeath and that he would do anything to destory Hours. Even then, we had no idea how serious

he was. As the Emperor Custodians, Dorn and the Imperial Fists claimed they were the mostdirect link the Emperor, Beloved by All, existing and thus that they were the supreme powerin the Imperium until a new government was formed on Terra.

Merging with the Blood Angels and Iron Hands, along with many Salamanders and otherAstartes from all Legions whom the Emperor's death had driven mad, Dorn's Imperial Fists

painted their resplendent armour pitch black and abandoned the careful tactics of their past infavour of furious charges with blades and fists. These Black Crusaders, as they calledthemselves, set about on a unreasoning and uncoordinated campaign of terror and massacre.This bloody work of Dorn, while reminding the False Imperium citizens to fear the trueEmperor's servants, also damaged the Counter-Revolutionary cause immeasurably by causingwhole systems to flock to Horus for protection.

The Imperial Loyalist Confederation

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 17/55

"Do not be alarmed! The Rebellion has not been successful! Do not be alarmed! The Emperor is dead, but we will protect you! Do not be alarmed! If your planetary governmentdeclares loyalty to the False Imperium we will bombard this world! This world is still under

rightful Imperial government! Chaos Cults threaten law and order! Report all unlawfulactivity to the Raven Guard Legion! Do not be alarmed!"

-Public Relations announcement given by Raven Guard Legion Naval portals

It gladdens my heart to mention these allies of old, who for so long fought with ourProtectorate against the False Imperium. Formed by those members of the Salamanders whorefused to merge with Dorn, the Raven Guard and the White Scar Legion, the ImperialLoyalist Confederation comprised a great deal of worlds near the Galactic center policed and

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 18/55

kept in order by those three Legions. Though dismissive of the Codex, they alignedthemselves in some fashion with the Primarchs designs to thwart Horus by isolating him inSegmentum Solar and waiting till our numbers were sufficient enough to overwhelm hisforces totally. However, they were always dangerously close to the center, and always borethe blunt of the False Imperium's attacks.

The ámáttugr Ríki Fenrika

"Okay, is everybody here? Oh, I see that our friend the governor of Vanaheim did not deignto come to my humble thingstead. That's a shame that is, because now I will have to burn his

world, murder his people and tear off his head. That how we deal with disloyalty, and you shouldn't be surprised because I've never kept it a secret. He should have known better than

to expect Horus to have saved him from my wolves. I see some of are thinking I'm a littleaggorant to talk about this in the past tense, or perhaps you think that I don't know Gothic

very well. Well, that's because I've misled you my mortal friends. I've had his head with meall along. I hope your all learn from this that I'm not in the way of making idle threats I can't

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 19/55

carry out." -Lumen Russ to a assembly of Planetary governors

It is not easy for a son of Ultramar to admit, but there is one Legion that all Astartes are inawe of of, and those are the Space Wolves. During the Great Crusade it was not known to us

why the Emperor had created such a force of such barbarity and ferocity. But once the so-called Revolution occurred, we knew, we knew too very well. The Emperor had no be foolishenough to trust his Legions, he had created his Executioner in Lumen Russ. Horus had fearedRuss, and it was that fear in part that motivated the haste with which he conducted hiscampaign of madness. Russ was no simple minded barbarian however, he knew theEmperor's will in ways perhaps even Horus and Magus could never have realised. He did notattack madly like Dorn, his terror was always well targeted and executed, his savagery alwaysin controlled bursts leaving devastation in their wake. Never unthinking, he harried thetraitors from his stronghold of subjugated world, never overreaching his forces. Before Horuscould do anything, he would have to deal with Russ somehow.

Taken from the 'Chapter History of the Ultramarines Volume IV' by Chief Librarian Papus Deceimus. Recovered by Tau Earth Caste Archaeologists from the ruins of the Fortress Monastery on Macragge, translated by Water Caste Culturalists.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 20/55

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 21/55

Terra, Horus was poisoned in heart against the rule of the immortal Gods by the newborn yetAncient Malal the God of Hatred and Trickery and sought to rule all himself. Casting out hisgrand mind, Wide Ruling Lupercal schemed and plotted to rule all things and deny the Godsthis world of stars and men.

With these things in his heart, Godlike Horus called an assembly of Brothers in the den of theGreat Liar-Father, and before him gathered that mighty company of heroes. GodlikeMortarion was there, and Fulgrim the fearfully wonderful to look upon, Curze Son ofDarkness and Mighty Perturabo. Lorgar the Unizen, Chosen of the Gods and Bringer of Truthto Mankind made a grand entrance and was envied by Godlike Lupercal. The tricksterAlpharius did not come to see his Brothers in the Den of the Liar-Father but stayed hiddenaway as he always was wont to do, and Wise Magus the Red was far away on the Planet ofSorcerers. Last to arrive was murderous Angron, whom is always the vessel of the DivineSkulltakers Anger, whom rages at all things with the purity and intensity of those who bearthe highest Mark of Khrone.

Wide-Ruling Lupercal addressed his brothers with his clever and deceitful words, "OhBrothers, I am troubled with a great worry. Though we have slain the Great Father-Liar, theAnathema of Terra, and sit in his own den while his body lies dead and his soul in torment,those great warriors who accept still his lies and our our own dreadful kin are arrayed allaround ours like vicious Sky-sharks surround the Warp travelling ship hated by the Gods andcursed with misfortune to be ripped apart by those creatures. Though now the Father-Liar liesdead, we should have no quarrel with them, they are eager for my blood and will notacknowledge my rule. Russ the Wolf-Liar above all I fear, for the Great Father-Liar madehim so that he could kill all the sons that would disobey him like a tamed wolf eating adisobedient babe Prince at the Kings command. His warriors are fearful and his cunning hislegendary. What am I to do to overcome such a dreadful Kin?"

Then rose the Giver of Truth, Lorgar the Chosen, who spoke words of hope and instruction tohis beloved brother, for even wise as he was he could not know the bile that Wide-RulingLupercal held for the Truth of the Immortal Gods in his Breast at that time. "Brother, do not

be disheartened to fight our Kin, for we do so not without cause but in the name of theImmortal Gods and the Divine Truth I saw on Holy Cadia, to bring enlightenment to man andallow him to triumph over the plague of alien blades that surly shall come as was revealed tome, the Gods Prophet. Be not despondent in this duty but feel great joy, Godlike Horus, to dothe will of the Gods! As we slew the Liar-Father, so we shall slay the Liar Brothers will nogreater difficulty". Wide-Ruling Horus was ferocious inside at these words of his brother, for

he hated the will of the Gods and refused to take joy in it, for he sought always to make hislaw stronger than that of the Gods. But he was wise, and spoke nothing to cause discord at theassembly so soon and ruin the plans that malicious Malal and the yet-dreaming Necohowhispered into his ears and kept his evil will hidden. Curze the Night Haunter also feltspiteful anger and was about to lash out angry words with his harsh tongue when GodlikeLupercal looked at him with such a look that he knew to stay silent and leave the Truthundefiled.

Then Man-Killer Angron bellowed and beat his fists "To me the Wolf-Dog Russ is nothing,for none among our Kindred are the match for me in the combat men fight face-to-face, andthe Skulltaker has given me more strength than the Great Liar-Father ever could have. I will

kill him, maim his followers and burn his world. Even the greatest beast will die under theAxe of Men loved by the Blood God! Let me go against him, and all this will I do and not be

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 22/55

in the slightest sated in my thirst for blood or even tired by the combat, but I will right way beready for war again while his corpse lies unrotted before my feet, mere seconds dead."

Horus the Betrayer was glad to hear these words from Godlike Angron the Rager, for it wasalways part of his plan to send the Warlike World Eaters against the Liar-Wolves of Fenris.

For he intended to drive apart those Brothers who were devoted to the Gods far fromWretched Terra so he could raise his arm against the true faith of the immortal Gods and

bring the darkness of Necoho, the renegade God of disbelief, upon all mankind just as hisGreat-Liar Father had done.

015-017 M31 - The First Frenzy Wars

World Eater Champion Carl the Slaughter mounted on his demonic stead is ambused bySpace Wolves on their home turf of Fenris.

Such was the bloodshed of those times, it is said that even the Stars turned red with rage.

Wolf and World Eaters clashed against each other with fury and hateful passion, and theBlood God rejoiced and raged at the sounds of war. The World Eaters spent long months

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 23/55

tearing each world of the Wolf-Liars dominion apart and ripping across like a tearing threadof destruction towards Fenris and Fang, the den of the Wolf Liar. Murderous Angron builtgreat heaps of skulls on every battlefield he walked. As is taught in the Book of Lorgar, whenthe faithful commit enough souls to the Realm of the Gods so does the veil of illusion breakdown and the Gods servants walk among men as demon warriors. The Wolves howled their

defiance as the dimensions ripped apart to reveal the Blood Red Armies of the ImmortalSkulltaker.

Savage Xenos, the Greenskins, were draw into this great war of men as the Demonette drawsherself close the light of human pleasure in the darkness of space. They defiled this great warwith their meaningless presence, and the Eaters of Worlds punished them for theirtransgressions into the affairs of men and Gods and the Wolves did likewise. In the end, allthere was were Skulls for the Skull Throne and Blood for the Blood God. Finally, the DropPods of the World Eaters fell upon Frenis, with the Xenos slamming down after them soonafter. Great was the shedding blood and the clash of blades and the roar of war machines.However, from such conflict there can be only one victor. The Skulltaker himself, not hischampions nor his enemies nor those who know nothing of him, triumphs alone in such aconflict. Though the World Eaters gained many Skulls and honours for there services, and theApotheosis of Raging Angron took place as he stood at the gate of the Fang, they were drivenoff the surface of the world by the Wolf-Kings cunning. The Wolf-Liar waited till theGreenskins and World Eaters had fought each other dry in order to take up siege positionsaround the Fang and gain the Honour of breaching it's walls. He waited as they drowned andfroze in the strange landscape of that world. Then once his Wolves were ready, he flew outfrom his Den in a mighty rage and drove back all invaders. Fenris is an evil world, a worldhostile to the Immortal Gods rule where demons grow weak and Wolves that are not Wolvesstalk the invaders footsteps. It will be a great day in the Eyes of the Faithful when that worldis destroyed.

Orks, awed by the scale of violence in the Horusian Revolution, had determined to join in. Bythe time the a Warboss mean enough to create a Waaagh! strong enough to rival the Orkish Empire at Ullanor had emerged, the World Eaters had already begun to move on Fenris.

Naturally, the Orks decided that they were going to Fenris too.

From an epic oral poem memorised by Colchisian priests, taught to Word Bearer Initiates.

Chapter Five: The Emperor's Conclave

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 24/55

<Data Requested>


<Data Requires Frumentarii Clearence of the Highest Level><Please Enter Code>


<Access Approved>

<Welcome Lord>

Voice: Brother! Wake up?

The Emperor: Is that you... Sanguinius?

Voice: Wake up Brother!

The Emperor: Oh Sanguinius.... I've had such dreams...

Voice: I'm not Sanguinius, awake!

The Emperor: What?! Who dares enter my chambers? I am Horus, I am the Emperor!

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 25/55

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 26/55

Konrad Curze: This is Omegon, Brother. The Emperor created one more of us than weknew, he is twin to Alpharius.

Omegon: I am here to share the concerns of the Alpha Legion with the Emperor. We are

concerned that Chaos is a destructive force that will destroy our civilisation unless dealt with.To ensure this goal, the Alpha Legion purposes to extend the power of the Imperial Officeyou hold, so that all sighs towards racial deviancy and ruin will be suppressed by a strong andvigilant Imperium.

Konrad Curze: To do this we must break down the power of the.. deviant Primarchs.

Omegon: They pose a threat to everything we built in the Great Crusade.

The Emperor: You speak my mind, Brothers, and I am glad. Those crazed elemental forcesassured me that they had no interest in our realm, yet if that were true why does Lorgar, theclosest of us to their designs, ever expand his wretched Church? By all means, they are usefulallies but they are not our masters! I went to War to prevent religion ruining the Imperium,not to prop up his creed of madness. But my Legion has been touched by this creed, and Imust act before I lose control of them completely.

We have already diverted Angron and his Legion into a stalemate with the Ríki Fenrika, butwe still have the Death Guard and Emperor's Children as possible allies of Lorgar. Whateverthe Thousand Sons will do is completely unknown to me. That's three potential Legionsagainst four, if Angron recovers enough forces to pose a threat. We can't count on theAdeptus Mechanicus entirely either. That worse odds than we faced in the Revolution. Wewill need to set as many of these potential rebels against me against the Counter-Revolutionaries to drain them. However, I don't trust anyone save myself to effectively dealwith the Counter-Revolution and only then with all possible forces at my disposal. Eitherthat, or we must come to some kind of agreement with them. Which is unthinkable from their

point of view, however much it may benefit us and the Imperium.

Omegon: These so-called Loyalists are just as divided as us, Emperor. The Lion probablywon't even try to attack us, and Dorn is gone mad and may turn on his brothers.

Konrad Curze: He was always mad to me, now I'm tempted to think he has some sanityafter all.

We must play them against each other, all the while keeping them all in awe of our strength,so that they will not attack. As soon as we divide, they may unite. We need a false display ofunity coupled with terror. Say, a campaign against Ultramar, with you at the head. Leadingfrom the front you won't repeat the same mistakes our Father did.

Omegon: But first we will need to create a system of repression the likes of which our Fathernever considered, with power above even the Astartes. My Legion will provide thegroundwork, our system of Operatives extends everywhere.

Konrad Curze: My Legion will gladly be the armed wing of such a organisation. We valuethe rule of the Imperium's law and the rightful deliverance of punishment above all petty

humanities and excuses of innocence. Corruption is everywhere, and must to rooted out.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 27/55

The Emperor: Yes. The Romani Empire had such an organisation called the Frumentarii,and such we call this most high and honourable arm of my authority. The Ordos Frumentarii,we shall have three orders. Ordos Ideologicus, Ordos Mallues and Ordos Xenos. First we willhave to break up the system of Warrior Lodges. They were useful in the rebellion and themen have a great attachment to them, but they are past their useful and have become


I will remember this Conclave of ours, Brothers, we shall met again soon.

The seal of the Ordos Frumentarii.

Taken from the Imperial Achieve on Terra, impostor Interex Spies with access to FrumentariiCodes successfully tracked down and executed for accessing this file.

Thought for the Day: D iscipl ine leads to Victory.

Chapter Six: Horus Prepares to Leave Terra, Launchesthe "Prometheus Project"

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 28/55

Reconstruction-era Terran industrial compounds fuelling the rebuilding of the Imperial

Palace shortly before Horus's departure on campaign, Hy Brasil.

Imperial Survey Number:161552980 Designation: Terra Quote:

"I file this report for the attention of the Captain Horus Aximand, and one one else from theEmperor down is too read this report. Even the First Captain is not cleared, Emperor's Orders.Don't ask me for authentication, servitor shit. Emperor's Orders! Yes, I do have a warpshitseal! I am a damned Son of Horus and I obey only the Emperor! This is the Emperor's seal.Don't tell me it isn't, it is! Emperor's Orders, you worthless metal junk!

Damn this, Tech Priest! Get a Tech Priest here now!


8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 29/55

Thank you Magos. Now GET OUT! Astartes business!

Now, Captain. My patrols confirmed your suspicions, the earth itself is infused with warpenergy, and not just around the Palace too. It's as if the damn planet itself is burning up on theinside, and I'm not talking about fire or Lava Captain. The lower the level, the more mutationwe find, and what's got the Magos Biologis confused it that it isn't defective DNA that'smutuating. These aren't just kids whose mothers spent their lives in a pool of Chemical piss,it's thoroughbred noblemen who never been near a chemical that wasn't good for them in theirwhole pampered existence. Whole offices of well-educated pen-pushers are turning into half-human slim in the Imperial Palace more isolated departments. The patrols need to park moreammo every trip. Now, we all know what's happening to our brothers who are over keen onLorgar's cult, and too those other Legions. Hell, it happening to all of us. Every morning I'mwaiting for the extra-finger to help me rip out my eyes with. Well, whatever's going on hereisn't helping. We may be in real space, but we might as well be in the Immaterium for all theenergies that we're being exposed to.

Now, there are rumours of things living in the lower levels of the Palace. Not even human inthe first place, something much more serious than a mutant outbreak. We're talking a Xenosinfestation in the highest levels of the Imperium here, or worse. However, must of theBrothers seem to think it's just rumour, and certainly most of the witnesses couldn't be trustedto look after their grandmothers if you paid them to do it. And of course, it could always bemembers of another Legion.... Don't worry, we aren't going to look down their in a hurry.What the Emperor forbids stays forbidden.

Well, enough scout prattle.The Frumentarians or whatever their called have got their work cut out for them if there

going to get rid of the Lodges. The ban might as well have been made by Rogel Dorn for allthe attention First Captain and his lot pay to it. I'm telling you, it's getting hard to put togethera squad I can trust. I wouldn't anymore send a Lodge Member into the lower levels than let awolf into a butcher house. After everything we've been through, it's as if some of them don'teven respect the Warmasters name anymore. But don't get me wrong, I think that the majorityof brothers will follow the Emperor, I just don't think if things carry on the way things arethat the Legion can stay united. After what we did.... Without the Warmaster, I dread whatwould happen to us. But he lives, and I trust him to save the Legion.The sooner we get off this planet, the better.Report ended."

Frumentarii Eyes Only: File on First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon

"Horus is weak, Horus is a fool! He has the whole galaxy in his grasp and it's slippingaway."

-First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon (The Despoiler) speaks to supposedly confidentialWarrior Lodge Meeting


Target is theoretically close to Emperor, currently highest ranking of the Legion. However, in practice target is increasingly isolated and distrusted. Target has mental instability level of68.88% to 99.99%. Is in possession of 'Warpstone' contraband substance. Seditious remarksrecorded at forbidden Warrior Lodge meetings. Target designated highly possible hostile,

likelihood estimates targets reliability at 20% to 0%.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 30/55

Purposed Solution: Elimination via combat mission. Open purge if necessary.

Imperial Edict: Legionary Deployment by Emperor Horus Lupercal Quote:

Warriors of All Legions, the Time has come for us again to take to the Stars!I declare now that the continued attempts of the Counter-Revolutionary forces to harness theImperium are no longer to be tolerated. I, Emperor of Mankind, demand that all rebelliousworlds of the Imperial Loyalist Confederation and the Ultramar Protectorate be brought tocompliance. In this effort I am organising an invasion force composed from all LegionAstartes save the Night Lords and Iron Warriors, who shall keep order. The Death Guard,Word Bearer and Emperor's Children shall be given the honour of leading the assault intoUltramar with support from my Sons of Horus. In order to neturalise the Black Crusade, I amalso sending Word Bearers and Emperor's Children's fleets against Dorn.Kill for the living, kill for the dead.Defend the Imperium!

015 M31 to Present D ay - The Prometheus Project

"Chaos is a rudimentary elemental force, and it processes intelligence like a living organism. Elemental forces are harnessed by technology and living organism's can be trained. Manworshiped the elements and the beasts in religions of time past, but eventually took power

over them. I see no reason why we should treat the Warp differently." -Emperor Horus Lupercal, Beloved by All, In the Secret Proclamation


My Most High Lord,Congratulations on the new title, Gerogr! Head of the Ordos, who'd have thought it. We'velooked at the specimens we where able to... contain, as per your orders sire. Well, we've allgot a long road ahead if we're going to do everything the Emperor wants us to do. We'vefound a way to control the daemon, but not to get it out of the subject without killing it. Thesystem of control itself is long and painstaking, and involves binding the daemon within theform. Usually, when possession occurs a daemon will break out through the body rather thanactually taking it over indefinitely. Once inside, the daemon quickly overpowers the subject.Indeed, it may be that the daemon itself consumes the essence of what we are gingerly callingthe soul of the subject upon entry, either that or the soul of the subject is consigned to somearea where we cannot detect it. Daemons often intimate the subject, but we have deducted it

is an attempt to escape binding. I would like to request an Astartes subject, it may be that theyare more resistant than ordinary subjects. If so, then the Emperor may still get the results he

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 31/55

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 32/55

useful only to the Astartes as slave labour and recruitment material. You must know thathumans often prefer to side with Xenos rulers than seek to make themselves the galaxiesrulers once more. I write to you so you know there was once a time when the Astartes werethe noble protectors of a galaxy-spanning civilisation and strove to bring peace, through war,to the galaxy. I write to you so that it is known that the Golden Age of the Great Crusade was

real, and that the Star Child Emperor was real. I write to tell you that this race of immortaloverlords who know no pity or moral code beyond martial honour, that this did not have to beso. But, mostly I write to tell you how all this was destroyed. If you look for tales of theGolden Age, look elsewhere. If you want to know of it's death, read on.

Perhaps the first sigh of this was that the Revolution lead to Horus abolishing the lastremnants of civilian authority over the Astartes. For me, however, it became clear to me thatthe Astartes had become masters of humanity was when it was declared that the Frumentariiwas to be commanded only by Astartes. Though supposedly above the Adeptus Astartes as anorganisation in authority, the Frumentarii were drawn from it's ranks. It had mortal agents,

but no mortal would ever again hold the Astartes to account with the rule of law. Instead of being a genuine Inquisition, it was merely a network within the Legions, a counter to Lorgar'slodges. Today, I alone of my kin regret what we have become, and then I too glorified in thenew order Emperor Horus had built. Why should we be subject to mortals, and conquer theUniverse only for their connivence? They knew not our suffering or our hardships. Wedeserved the galaxy we had won and the Warmaster is giving it too us, so we thought. Thetruth is that we had for so long been separated from the world of our true mothers and fathers,for it was a delusion to look upon the Primarch as the parent, we had forgotten the commonsufferings and joys of the race that had born us. Read on, stranger, and learn of the wars ofthe Astartes.

017 - 019 M 31 - The Great Scouring

The Campaign Against Dorn

"Blood, blood! I hunger for blood! An eternity of blood for the Emperor and Sanguinius! Killthem all! Traitor bastards! Kill them! Do not rest till Horus lies dead and they all know our

pain! No repentance save through death! No salvation save through blood!" -Unnamed Black Crusader Chaplain, one of the Infamous 'Death Companies'

The idea that a fleet of a mere two Legions, however blessed by their Gods, could stop theBlack Crusade was madness, and for that very reason Horus tasked our as yet unsuspecting

enemies with it. The wrath of Dorn and his followers fell upon the Emperor's Childern andthe Word Bearers with a force that made those mighty legions tremble. Phalanx was now nolonger a fortress, it was a destroyer of worlds, that smashed through the fleets of those sentagainst like paper. Eager for close combat with their hated brethren, the Black Crusadersspared the ships of this expedition and sought instead to broad the enemy vessels. Thoughthey all wore the Black of mourning, the Legions who fought alongside Dorn were still to betold apart. Each had fallen into a unique form of fanatical madness, and they had melded intoa strange Cult of vengeance in which these variances of character had blended into aunstoppable tide of hatred.

The Blood Angels, in their 'Death Companies', had long since devolved into screaming beasts

led the Crusades assaults with maddened cries and a unquenchable thrust for blood. Theyrelived the moments of the Primarch's death every moment of their existence, and lost

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 33/55

themselves in unspeakable fury. Everything noble was lost in them, and they fought likemaddened animals. Even the Word Bearers were shocked to face such such mindless,vigourous aggression from a defeated Legion, whereas the Emperor's Children merelyconsidered combat against the Death Companies as being without grace or entertainment.The Iron Hands, no longer held back by the Machine Cult and the Imperial Truth, had

become nothing more than glorified combat servitors who voluntarily wiped their minds ofall things save the grief for their Primarch and the desire for vengeance. These mechanicalmonstrosities reared over the ranks of the Black Crusaders, delivering heavy weapon fire atrates of accuracy and speed that an Astartes could never match, never tiring and never losingheart. The Emperor's Children, ever eager to match themselves against perfected enemies,threw themselves against these terrible war machines that had once been of all the Legions ofthe Astartes most beloved to the Sons of Fulgirm. They sought eagerly to test themselvesagainst the lightening fast reactions of the Iron Hands, and suffered high casualty rates as aresult of such reckless behaviour. Dorn's own sons, who had always been grim in the practiceof their duty, were now fanatical and remorseless killers without humour or honour. Castingaside the siege warfare of the past, they were now obsessed with blades and sought only tochallenge and slay the enemy face to face. A almost religious desire for martyrdom motivatedthem to feats of great bravery and savagery. Dorn lead from the front, and slew many of theattackers effortlessly, screaming for vengeance. Ripping the head off a Greater Demon ofSlasseh, Dorn is said to have bellowed "All pleasures are turned to dust by the fire ofmortality, look upon me and see death!"

The campaign against Dorn was a disaster, as intended, though the strange powers granted toour brothers meant that they did not return from it as weakened as we expected. However,strange tales returned to us of the warriors at Dorn's side, and the ease with which theydispatched the greatest of Warp creatures. A cadre of ghostly warriors in Grey Ceramite whocould not be identified were sighted by those few who survived to tell the tale. They seemedto possess an great power over the demonic, and could banish them to the warp with unerringskill. Sisters of Silence also fought at Dorn's command, and perhaps even Custodes wereamong the Crusades Ranks. A strange being called the Sanguinor, that resembled the deadPrimarch, lead the Death Companies to battle and slew the forces of Lorgar and Fulgirm withan almost unnatural power. Horus, upon hearing of this beings existence, would not speak forten days.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 34/55

The Ultramar Campaign

"Defend Ultramar! Do not yield to the forces of disorder and chaos! Every citizen of the Protectorate depends on us! Courage and Honour! Open fire!"

-Chapter Master Marius Tiberius of the Eagle Warriors'

Ultramar, presented a threat to us which was both military and ideological. The new order inthe Imperium was built on the rejection of civilian supremacy over the Astartes, but thistradition was honoured in Ultramar. In fact, with it's new system of government the UltramarProtectorate practised these ideals more directly than the Old Imperium. The Ultramarineswere also the largest of the Legions, though we suspected that much of their gene-seed was

not there own, and as such could not be allowed to challenge the Imperium's authorityindefinitely. All this is hard to imagine now that Ultramar is a graveyard, but Ultramar was astrong and independent state with great cities, well-ordered and clean streets and estates hometo productive citizens and marvellous agriculture. Matchless industry, commerce andagriculture organised and protected by the guiding hands of an honourable Astartesgovernment. I hang my head in shame when I remember the eagerness with which we soughtto lay low the Protectorate, ever more so now that it has passed from the world of the livingto memory.

We planned to send our twisted and corrupted brethren in a doomed first wave attack, butthings could not be so easily organised. This was not Isstvan, and the Ultramarines dictatedthe manner in which we had to deploy. As many of our forces were diverted to quash theInsurgency of the Imperial Loyalist Confederation, we couldn't afford to waste too manytroops. However, we still had the advantage provided us by the infiltration of Alpha Legionforces within Ultramar and the work of the previous Word Bearer assault. Our brotherLegions were also disobedient and wayward, rarely following orders and pursued their ownmysterious goals. The Death Guard turned away from the battles at the front, and insteadstruck at hapless Agricultural worlds and Hives, spreading their foul diseases among thecivilian population. The Emperor's Children were erratic and illogical in their movements, afar cry from the discipline of which they had once boasted. The Word Bearers seemed to besneering at us, and Lorgar behaved as if he himself was the Emperor's equal. If I had a fullstrength battle company for every time I found a ship or commander following 'the Unizen'sorders' in direct contradiction of the Emperor's designs. Even then, perhaps they plannedagainst us.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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Soon it became clear we would have to take a lead if this. The battles raged across the sector,as the great tacticians of the age clashed. Alpharius, Guillimann and Emperor Lupercal. Wewon our great victory on Eskrador, where the Ultramarines were pinned done by the militarygenius of Alpharius, and as Guillimann attempted to break out and strike at Alpharius,

displaying an unusual tactical flexibility, the Sons of Horus fell from the skies upon him andhis warriors. Still the great Ultramarine Primarch fought like a force of nature, and manyAlpha Legionaries and Sons of Horus fell at his hands. It was only when he saw that all his

bodyguard was dead and his forces in retreat did he slacken and surrender. He died a nobleend, and as I witnessed it I felt the first stirrings of guilt within me for the terrible universe wehad created. But alas, it was only a stirring in a single Legionary, we we're all lost....

We had expected that after Guillimann fell, Ultramar would fade and die. That was not to be,for Guillimann had expected and planned his campaign and his new Constitution based uponthe certainty of his inevitable death and defeat. The Chapters of Ultramar instantlyconsolidated and elected a new leadership, and continued to fight with effectiveness and zeal.The Protectorate was not bound to the will of a great hero, but every denizen of Ultramarfrom the highest Astartes to the lowest munitions workers had a part in it's leadership. Theyfought for their liberty as well as for the memory of the Dead-Emperor. On Circe an a raggedfleet of former Imperial Navy ships drove their ships into our fleets, donating their enginesrather than surrender the rights they had obtained to us. We raged at the impudence of thesemortals, and threw into great fits of rage whenever we went into battle with them. I, however,looked at them with secret admiration, to have such courage as to challenge the LegioAstartes of Emperor Lupercal.... It was the courage we had once had.The Ultramarines andtheir Chapter Brethren had been trained in the art of defence by the great Barabaras Dantioch,traitor Warsmith of the Iron Warriors, and he had built them impregnable fortresses anddefensive complexes in the most inhospitable of places. On Talassar, the White Consulsshamed the Emperor's Children when they slew the great Lord Commander Eidolon anddrove his company into the stormy sea's of that world. We burned Parmenio, only to be

punished by the Ultramarine fleet when the Death Guard fleet suddenly warped out of theUltramar system altogether, all human reason lost to them as they dispersed across the galaxyto spread the plague that coursed their bodies and mind. The Word Bearers were trapped inthe cravens of Calth by the Eagle Warriors, and we had to rescue them in a bloody operationfought in the subterranean darkness.

Horus knew that this campaign was leading nowhere, if things continued in this manner hewould have no Legions to take back to the Imperium after any victory. Instead he sought to

use the consensual nature of the Ultramar system against it. Though the Astartes of Ultramarwould have fought to the end, those whom they protected hankered for peace. They did notwant to restore the Imperium, merely to maintain their own realm. While the Consuls hadquickly chosen a dictator, they knew that many parties a nd factions in the Senātus and the

Concilium would favour a negotiated peace. The Alpha Legion used it's influence to stock upthese feelings. In this way, Horus was able to secure a ceasefire and withdraw from Ultramaras the Terran Warp Stabilisation Crisis worsened. Of course, no formal peace was possible,as the Chapters would never allow it, but open fighting ended for the time being. Horus wasable to claim victory, but it was a hollow one.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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A force of Raven Guard wages a vicious guerrilla war against the Horusian invaders. The Imperial Loyalist Confederacy proved a considerable torn in the Emperor's side, diverting

much needed forces from the Ultramar front.

The Imperial Loyalist Confederacy was an elusive and cunning enemy, though it was

extremely overstretched. Without Ultramar supporting them, it would surly have been easy prey. As it was, the Khan and Corax inflicted great losses on us as we attempted to bringUltramar to compliance. However, they did provide us one use. First Captain Abandon wastasked with overseeing the compliance of the Loyalist Confederacy, and was slain by a AlphaLegion task force disguised as Raven Guard. Many other 'undesirable' elements were quietlydisposed of by the Emperor's Frumentarii as they fought in this clock and dagger conflict.

019 M 31 - The Terran Warp Stabilisation Crisis

With Horus absent on campaign, the demonic forces trapped in the Webway by the GoldenThrone saw their chance to burst through into reality. As warp energy manifested itself as'Warpstone', so the vile race of Skaven was born in the depths of Terra.

Meanwhile, as we fought our brothers across the stars, as homeworld was boiling up withwarp entrapped within the Web Way. Even before we left, mutation had become endemic andthe rumours of strange creatures, vermin that walked like men in the depths of the ImperialPalace. Warpstone, a physical manifestation of Chaos, had begun to appear and corrupt allthat came into contact with it. The Emperor's essence, without a living body to sustain it,

began to die. As each soul in the vast collective consciousness that was the Emperor died, sothe warp grew bold. Finally, the vile Skaven emerged from below and sought to destroy theGolden Throne and unleash their masters unto Terra. Born of the Warpstone, these Xenosmade up for their physical weakness with cunning, strange Chaotic technology and their vastnumbers. Worshipping a demon called the Horned Rat, who is thought to dwell deep belowthe surface of Terra. They spilled upwards and overwhelmed the garrison left on Terra,swarming over our brothers and reducing them to ruined armour and bone in minutes. TheImperial Palaces defenders slew thousands of these creatures with ease, but they were withoutnumber and possessed of a hateful intelligence. Behind the meat shield of slaves and runtscame great monasteries, deadly war machines, stealthy elite warriors and powerful horned

psykers. They surrounded and destroyed the Astartes squad by squad and feasted on thehuman population that was still recognisable as such. Many of the planets population were socorrupted by Warpstone and Lorgar's cults they welcomed these creatures as saviours andthrew their mutated bodies into the service of the Xenos, even Astartes fell to the taint. The

Night Lords were too spread out, suppressing dissent and keeping order to form a immediateresponse, and the Iron Warriors and the Mechanicum responded with cold caluation, waitingfor Terra to be overrun totally so they could bombard it. All save Horus was unaware of whatwould happen if the Golden Throne was destroyed, and he couldn't reach or contact thegalactic center due to great warp storms. On Terra, the precious few remaining Imperialforces gathered in the highest level of the palace and awaited the Skaven assault. The GoldenThrone began to fail and demons started to materialise.

However, as all seemed lost and the demons began to emerge from the Webway, the

Thousand Sons materialised from the Warp, lead by Ahzek Ahriman and his Conclave ofSorcerers, banished by Magus from the Eye of Terror. The Rubric Marines took the hordes of

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 37/55

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 38/55

The Crisis was temporaily averted due to the intervention of Ahzek Ahriman and his

Conclave. However, reports also seem to show what appeared to Thousand Son Rubric Marines attacking Imperial Forces alongside the Skaven. This is citied as evidence by somethat the Thousand Son's are indeed divided on factional lines, others simply call into question

Ahriman's intentions.

-From "History of New Night: Volume 1: Emperor Horus Lupercal", written by ananonymous Astartes of unknown Legion. Kept in the library of the Tau'va Academy for the

Study of Enemies and Hostile Species.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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Chapter Eight: The Warmaster-Emperor and the Urizen

A Word Bearer feasts on a fallen Imperial Army solider.

Blasted eyes of the Warp Gods! How it pleases the heart to dwell on the suffering of theeverlasting enemy! Our Legions hatred, Initiates, is not unreasoning hatred, it is far more

profound. Our warbands wander the galaxy not for loot or glory, but in the name of our greathatred, the hatred born on the cursed rock of Terra that shall never die. All other purity fails,

purity of thought, soul, purpose and method have dropped away from our accursed brotherhoods, but our hatred remains a guiding star shinning through the darkness of the New

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 40/55

Night. Greater than truth, greater than honor, and far greater than faith, hate defines us. Learnof the cause of our hatred, dwell upon every moment of our terrible history! Your may wiggleand struggle in your bindings now, with your own petty minds struggling to understand orresisting the changes we bring to you, but soon you shall be alike unto us in every way. Wewill empty out your dreams, your memories and your desires and replace with the hatred that

burns in the heart of every Black Crusader. You will remember nothing of your own originsand you will care not, for knowing our origins is enough. For we are one, and you like I shalltake deep and everlasting pleasure in the record of how in times past the Enemy suffered, forthat the Enemy suffers is all that matters to us. We are the Black Crusade, and we live forhate. Now, as your drool out your minds before me, I begin todays lesson. We learn how theenemy, cursed and divided by the machinations of the Warp Gods, turned upon each other inthe opening stages of the Long War in which soon you shall fight as Astartes bound to thewill of our Black Brotherhood and to the hatred of Dorn. When you raid, pillage and burn theworlds of our accused species remember these tales and rejoice in the doom they embody.

He who must be hated, Horus the Damned and Everlasting Enemy, Arch-traitor and tyrant ofthe False Imperium now thought in his hubris and madness to turn back the tide of darknesshe unleashed upon the Imperium. He defiled the spirit of the Emperor and sought to prolongthe wretched existence of mankind far beyond the time it would rightly become extinct at ourrighteous hand. The Emperor was our essence, to slay him was to damn humanity to eternaldamnation! But no, Horus sought to turn back the prophecies of the Elder Races and makeman supreme over Chaos, it's ruler rather than it's servant. Fool he was, he who robbed us ofall what was left of our humanity! Post-human, they call us, and they are right. Our bodies are

built to bring terror to the stars, and only our loyalty held us in check. Loyalty died, and wewill slay till the stars go out or we are slain. How we envied our former Brothers whofollowed the Traitorous Path, and kept their bounds of fealty intact. To show such purpose intheir existence after the only reason for our had been beaten and defiled into oblivion....Warps Eyes, the hatred burns even now.

Do you feel it, perhaps? Yes, the best of you must feel it! The hatred of Ten Millennia burnsin your young hearts. That's more hatred than a mortal can endure.

Who was worse, the Warmasters Dogs or the Urizens worshipful mob? I don't care to thinkon it. To hate them both for their devotion and purpose was enough. Know then the great joythat filled the Crusades heart when we saw them turn on each other as they had once turnedon us. We rejoiced that the Long War would see all bounds of friendship and fealty vanish

between the Legions. We gloried in their Civil War, and cheered on either side in it's

destruction of the other.

019 M 32 - The Rebellion of Lorgar

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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The Word Bearers build the Grand Temple of the Billion Pointed Star on Colchis, capitalworld of the Imperium Chaotica

Lorgar, false prophet of Colchis, was incensed by the whispering of he Dark Gods after theImperium managed to survive the so-called Warp Stabilisation Crisis. The Gods of the Warpnow saw through the tide of shadows the Renegade Pantheon had drawn up around schemesof Horus the Everlasting Enemy. They saw now that the Warmaster-Emperor Lupercalintended to punish and enslave Chaos for it's role in the fall of Man, hypocrite that he is whocast us into the shadows for his vanity! Now, Lorgar mustered his followers around him to

launch a rebellion against the Imperium, one which would see it burn. However, much to oureternal laughter and contempt, his brother Legions did not rally to him, grandiose fool and

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 42/55

puppet he was. The Death Guard wandered freely, spreading their own suffering without carefor cause or end. The World Eaters simply fought everyone, for Kharn the Betrayerhadbroken all bonds of loyalty that savage Legion had ever been capable of grasping withtheir barbaric minds when he duelled with Angron on Dolon VI. The Emperor's Children

were a joke, scattered and distracted with a Primarch who cared not an ilk for anything beyond his own pleasures. Instead of amassing to him a great host capable of destroying theImperium, only a few petty opportunistic warbands gathered to his his banner. However, hismortal followers were without number and he had great hosts of demons at his disposal, aswell as many of the Mechanicum who had given up all pretence of worshipping the MachineGod. So he rose to met the Warmaster-Emperor's overdrawn forces and proclaimed Colchiscapital of the Imperium of the Gods, and put his efforts into summoning a great demon armythat would overturn Horus's rule and install Lorgar the Urizen as Emperor of Mankind.

The Grand Temple of the Billion Pointed Star was raised by armies of slaves who were it'sfirst sacrifices, their worthless souls feeding the Warp creatures that emerged to tear downHorus's realm. Lorgar's cursed oratory spoke of a new age of freedom and enlightenment, andhe glorified death as a road to the world of the immortals. Whole worlds were transformed bythe mere sound of his Warp-blessed voice, and it's inhabitants threw themselves into fanaticalservice, their will and reason robbed by his mad inspiration. His Cultist Armies gathered invast numbers, in fleets composed of thousands of glorified Carriers and Trade Vessals notworthy of the name Warship, and in great mobs armed with nothing but faith and worthless

pistols. Men, women and children amassed under his command. When we saw it we knewhumanity was not worth saving any longer, but an enemy to be overcome, submitted and

destroyed for the sake of the Emperor's memory. How our hatred burned! At the heart of hisrabble was his elite, his Legion and the Warbands of other Chaos Legions who had rallied tohim. Above and around this host were the demon hosts he called up to serve in his RedCrusade, the very first wave he would batter against cliffs of Horus's Imperial Power. Evenwithout the other Legions, this was a force capable of challenging Horus's dominion, soweakened by our attentions and those of our cowardly Brothers.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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Chapter Nine: The Second Founding

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 44/55

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 45/55

Tech-Priests of the Mechanicum of Mars. Horus had launched his bid for power with the

Mechanicum's support, and they would be vital in maintaining his power during the Lorgarian Heresy.

"Brothers and subjects!We overthrew the rule of the False Emperor because he sought to ascend to Godhood on thebacks of humanities suffering, and because he kept from us the truth of the galaxy's nature.

However, now a new threat comes in the form of Lorgar's Heresy, the worship of the Warp Powers as Gods. This belief has been tolerated enough, responsible as it is for certain

excesses during the Revolution, and must now be crushed. Disobedience to Imperial Authority shall be punished by death, and we inform the powers of the Warp of our augustwill, that they cease to act in a manner contrary to the well-being of the Imperium of Man,

the sovereign power in the material universe."-The Proclamation of I mper ial Tru th


Originally Posted by Report to the Magos Provisional Governance Committee of Mars In the Name of the Machine God, and the Imperator Rex Horus Lupercal and his appointedWarmaster, this report of Imperial Forces approved for Combat in the Great Cursade isapproved for cogitation by the hierarchy of the Mechanicum of Mars. GLORIAI M PERATOR I NVI CTUS, H ORUS LU PERCAL REX! AVE OM NI SSI AH !

In 019 M32 - Lorgar the Unizen launched has rebellion against the Imperial Throne, whichhe seeks for himself with the intention of making Chaos Worship the state religion of the

Imperium, and the Emperor has moved to counteract this. This had come at a time when Loyalist rump states still threatened our frontiers and Xenos encroach over into Imperial space in huge numbers. Many of the Legions had defected Horus's side, preferring theembrace of Chaos to the rule of the Imperium. The execution of Fabricator-General Kelbor-

Hal for this Word Bearer sympathises leaves our order awaiting the appointment of a new Fabricator-General. The interests of the Mechanicum clearly lie with the Imperium's ruler, Emperor Horus. To side with any other faction will lead to the almost certain destruction of Mars itself. This is clear in any calculation of the Logis. Though many wayward ForgeWorlds have chosen Rebellion and Secession, the Logis have cogitated that to rebel wouldendanger Mars and the very existence of the Priesthood of Machines. Logis calculations havealso shown objectively that to remain at the Emperor's side will allow the Mechanicum to

continue with vital research in Artificial Intelligence, Xenos Tech and the Harnessing ofWarp Energy under the guise of the war effort. These researches will be threatened by thevictory of any other faction, and thus the Mechanicum shall not break it's Union with the


The following report displays accurate data relating to the creation of the Emperor's New Armies, that shall deal with the Rebellion of Lorgar. The Imperium has turned to desperatemeasures to replenish it's forces, and this provides a great opportunity for the Mechanicum.The Emperor and his War Council have approved the creation of many new projects, that

shall provide ample opportunities for us to expand upon our knowledge, bringing us closer tothe perfection of the Machine God.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 46/55

<Data Requested>


<Data Requires Frumentarii Clearence of the Highest Level><Please Enter Code>


<Access Approved>

<Welcome Lord>

The Emperor: Brothers, let this council begin, for we have much to do.

Lord Perturabo: About time, Horus, you spend too long in the pits of Terra twisting thegeneseed while we do all the work. The Imperium needs fortifying, not experiments.

The Emperor: You are cold as ever, brother, but you work does please me. Your newfortress worlds will be hard for any loyalist scum or rebel to take. Therefore I overlook youimpertinence to my Imperial Presence... for now. But these experiments the Mechanicum arecarrying out under my guidance will be the salvation of our Imperium.

Konrad Curze: Then isn't it about time you told us what they are, your majesty?

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 47/55

The Emperor: We are creating a new generation of Space Marine warriors, bred fromentirely new genetic material, to form Legions that will fight in this new Great Crusade toreclaim the galaxy for mankind. But even more than this, we are to build new war machinesand to breed new beasts of battle, new methods of warfare shall be contrived so that the

armies of the old Imperium cannot stand before so, so that even the wrath of the Warp willnot threaten our Empire.

Konrad Curze: New cousins to play with, how delightful!

Lord Perturabo: Do you think we are not up to the task, brother, that we are inadequate? Ordo you think us disloyal that you must replace us? And will these new Legions have newPrimachs, to replace us?

The Emperor: Do claim down brother. Our new brethren shall not be the equals of thefirstborn, let alone their heirs. Though they will number in the ten of thousands, they shallhave not a single Primarch to call their own. We have enough Primarchs as it is. No,Brothers, we shall continue to rule the Imperium alone, our own conclave at the heart of thesystem, perfecting the directing the art of war. For this war shall never end, brothers, and wemust not allow ourselves to grow backward. Innovation shall be the key to our power, notmere brute strength.

Alpharius/Omegon (Identity Ambiguous): In this matter, as ever, the Emperor has the fullsupport of the Alpha Legion.

Lord Perturabo: You already knew didn't you? With your spies and your connections, youalways know. Why I am the last to know of these things? I was the last to know of thisconclave, why do you seek to keep me in the dark?

Konrad Curze: Jealous Brother?

The Emperor: Now Curze, don't be rude to your brother! We are all equals here.

Now Perturabo, brother, what do you want?

Lord Perturabo: I don't know what you mean, brother.

The Emperor: Now, don't be coy, Perturabo. I'm perfectly aware of your ambitions, youwould not be here now if you hadn't thought that siding with me would have granted yousome recognition of your abilities. The others may think of you as a dull garrison master, amere siege expert, but I know what you are much more complex than that. You've plannedyour whole career with one goal in mind, haven't you? What is it?

Lord Perturabo: Very well, I shall inform of the piece of my loyalty. The office ofWarmaster must be mine to hold, I demand recognition that my abilities are supreme, that Iam the greatest of your generals. If you do not grant me this, my Fortress worlds and mygarrisons of Iron Warriors will smash what remains of this Empire and seek glory in theservice of Chaos. That is what I want.

Konrad Curze: Impudent fool, who are you to demand this?

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 48/55

Alpharius/Omegon: The Alpha Legion has no objections to this proposal, the loyalty of theIron Warriors is of paramount importance to victory.

Lord Perturabo: Do you imply I do not qualify, brother?!

Alpharius/Omegon: I imply nothing.

The Emperor: Claim, brothers, claim. Perturabo, here is my answer to your request. Youshall have a title, but it shall not be that of Warmaster, which is mine and mine alone, but youshall be named Emperor's Praetorian and Commander-in-Chief of the Great Crusade. Nolonger shall your talents be wasted on guard duty, but you shall gain the recognition youdesire leading the war-effort from the very front, establishing this New Imperium with bloodand steel.

But, remember this brother....

<The Emperor attacks Lord Perturabo, hurling him to the floor with ease and placing aboot on his throat>

Never challenge my authority again. I am the Emperor, not merely a Warmaster. I am asmuch an absolute authority, the avatar of humanities will, as my father ever was. Loyalty tome is not a matter of choosing sides amongst many equally valid claims, for I am the

Emperor and I am Horus!!

<The Emperor gestures to Konrad Curze>

Escort our beloved brother to his forge, Night Haunter. Now, Alpharius, tell me more of this plan to deal with the Eldar.....

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 49/55

The seal of the Ordos Frumentarii.

Taken from the Imperial Achieve on Terra, impostor Interex Spies with access to FrumentariiCodes successfully tracked down and executed for accessing this file.

[B]Thought for the Day: To Begin Reform is too Begin Revolution./B]

A glimpse of the future.

Chapter Ten: The Legions of HorusPart I

"Despair Mortals,When You Look Upon the Eye,

The Manifest Power from Beyond the Skies,

His Martial Hosts Through the Nightmare Fly, A Thousand Mouths Curse Him, a Thousand Voices with last gasp die,

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 50/55

Doomer of Humanity, they Cry,Why Horus, Why?"

-Anonymous Poem,Starched unto very surface of the Black Crusader Battleship, Br otherhood is a L ie

Welcome Initiate.You have been selected to serve as a Legionary of the Imperium of Astrates, a warrior of theAlmighty God-Emperor Horus Lupercal. Your combat abilities and survival capabilities have

been deemed worthy of the blessing of Astrateshood. Your humanity is over, accept thechanges or face madness and death. The geneseed knows if your unworthy, and shall kill youfrom within should you persistently resist the deification process. Do not be alarmed, you are

blessed, and whatever feelings and thoughts you know now shall not trouble when you become one of the Emperor's Angels.

Know you then that the Imperium is ten thousand years old, and the smallest part of it is ofgreater span and significance than the greatest tribes and empires of your pathetic home-world. For it is an Empire of the stars, a Empire ruled and founded upon conquest anddestruction of a scale on a scale beyond your possible imaginings. We face innumerable andterrible enemies, but we fear not, for we are weapons. We exist to slaughter and destroy, torend and tear, to burn and to suffocate the enemies. We are born of human kind, but are

beyond it. We are the peak of evolution, but we are only where we are today because ofrealism. We live in a universe without pity, without morals, without purity. Some would tryto hide from that, some try to make peace, to moralise, to stay pure. We know that none ofthat is possible. Sacrifices must be made so that the strong must triumph. The Lost Brethrensay sanity is for the weak, but we know that true sanity is terrible and pitiless.

Know you then I am Horus, your Emperor, I speak to you not as a individual, but merely asanother number within my ranks. This recording, though it is far more than a simple relayedmessage, has been heard thousands of times by your Brothers, and shall introduce to mythoughts and it shall make you see the world as I see it. Already you forget yourself, and yourmind accepts my thoughts as if they were your own. This is how it should be. I am a God,and you are one of my Angels of Death.

Know you then that I have killed untold billions, that I have laid to waste countless worldsand smashed civilisations. Know you that I killed my Father, murdered my beloved Brothers,slaughtered my own sons, and rule as tyrant over the wretched race of Man I once protected.Know that I have not only perpetrated the greatest betrayals, I have survived the treacheries

of those who were my allies in the Revolution and stood by me even in the War againstLorgar and the Empire of the Eye. Know that my coming was prophesied in the most Ancientof humanities myths, the young God who raised in rebellion against his Father and utterlyreduces him. Know I am cursed by millions of screaming voices every day, that the WarpGods hunger for my soul and that a thousand plots on my life are devised every day. Knowthat alien hordes in the service of Ancient powers seek to destroy my Empire and feast uponthe corpse. Know that I am utterly despised. Know that by being so utterly despised, hatedmore than any other ruler in the history of the Galaxy, I am also the most significant and

powerful being in existence. This hatred is a measure of my own success.

But know you this above all, I am a God.

I was once unaware of the fact, I believed in the lies of the Secluar Truth my father peddled

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

http://slidepdf.com/reader/full/horus-emporer 51/55

to a ignorant species of sycophants he believed someone had a right to rule the galaxy. Butnow it is clear that Lorgar was right, and the Star-Child Emperor was a God. I slew him, andthus can be nothing but a God. Know that the Star-Child Emperor was the greatest Man everto live, the very essence of humanity reborn in a form of immaculate perfection. I say he wasa man, but he was also a God. He was the peak of humanity, and was born from no process

other than the natural progression of the Species towards the Divine. But he was a God ofMen only, and I am a God of what comes after Men disappears from the stage of history asthe great actor. War has changed us, my son, into things that are beyond the confines of theHuman Condition. We are creatures who only feel hate, anger and pain. We seek nohappiness, but seek only the ruin of our enemies. We cannot understand the simplest

pleasures of common humanity, love, family, parenthood or peace. We are forged into anarmour that makes us weapons, we are a race of killers adapted to a world of war. We are theembodiment of what every dictatorship and tyranny in human history was leading to, thedehumanised warrior, the streamlined man who has nothing but his loyalty to sustain his soulin the face of the meaningless universe.

Know that there is nothing in life but conflict, know that the only thing that only two thingsmatter in conflict. The first is that you destroy your enemy, utterly annhilate it, leave it aruined a scattered thing that cannot harm you, a worthless thing that is a threat to nothing butinsects. Know secondly that one must fight only for oneself and your own kind, and that tofight for others is worthless, little better than a living suicide. Once we fought for humanity,and we only horrified and mystified them, once we fought for Warp Gods, and we onlyamused and entertained them. Now we fight only for our own survival and dominance. Knowthat we have cast aside all the false goals and pointless morals of our idealistic past, and nowfight with all the strength we truly deserve. As to fight for others is paramount to self-defeat,so do the slave warriors who fight for us defeat themselves. Demons and Xenos have no moreworth to us than a mortal solider, so they must serve as they do in the Imperium's armies.

Know that I shall tell you of I my armies, and you shall know awe at the scale and grandnessof my destructive power, and the grand strength of my dominion.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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The Legiones Astrates

A Noise Marine Squad of the Furious Scars Legion, armed with weapons first devised by ourenemies, the Emperor's Children.

Astrates, once called Space Marines in the days of ignorance, are the rulers and guardians ofthis Empire. They are the supreme beings, made in my image, the Angles of my Will andRage. Created by my father to re-conquer the galaxy for worthless humanity, my father never

truly understood those he called sons. For he was a God of humanity, and we were no longerhuman. We we're tainted by the touched of the Warp in our conception, for he dealt with theWarp Gods in order to create us. He believed he could use us as tools to build an Empire forman across the stars, that he could banish the presence of Xenos and Daemon from his realmso that man could live in peace. Such a limited, naive vision. We believed it fervently, once,

but I can no longer remember why.

We have made this galaxy our own, and though the false brotherhood is gone we are strongerand more powerful than ever. The number of human worlds may dwindle every day, but ourevolution cannot be stopped. One day we shall prefect the Geneseed, and we shall foreverleave behind the race of mortals from which we sprung. No mission can come before this

goal, every is channelled towards this. We fight only to defend enough breeding stock whilethe Mechanicum labours to remove the inbuilt restrictions my Father built into our bodies. He

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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Minimal equipment and armour is all they need to be throw at the enemy, Astartes needexpect nothing more of them than to draw fire, secure points and distract the enemy.

The Imperial Army was disbanded a short time after the last remnants of the old Imperiumwere swept away. These warriors fight only as slaves owned personally by Captains of my

Legions, and have no place on the roll of honour.

The Xenos Auxiliaries

"If we can fight our brothers, I see no reason why we should not fight alongside with our oldenemies."

-Yade Durso of the Sons of H orus

I was able to overturn the convention against employing Xenos warriors in the ImperialArmies during the Lorgarian Heresy. Against the full wrath of the Warp, we needed all the

power we could get, and manpower simply wasn't enough. The Black Orks, twisted versionsof the natural Ork born from the genepits of Mars, are the foremost of my Xenos followers.They understand nothing of my philosophy, my goals or my Godhood. But they know if theyfollow me they will know greater and more terrible wars than they could possibly imagine intheir wildest dreams. Dark Eldar sell their services to me in return for slaves to torment. I amtold they consider me the most civilised of all Mon-Keigh rulers in history, such is my

capacity to inflict terror and suffering on a massive scale.

8/13/2019 Horus Emporer

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Other races are those who hated my Father and suffered in the Great Crusade. Though theymistrusted me, they sought to contact me during the Revolution in order to pursade me toadopt a more tolerant policy if I became Emperor. They thought to use me, by the time theyhad the tolerance I granted them, they were my creatures. Generation after generation causedtheir own cultures to vanish, their former sophistications and sophistries replaced with bestial

barbarism and savagery as their youngest and brightest were corrupted and indoctrinatedwhile under our command. I keep most of them in ignorance, reducing them to the state ofanimals, and we herd these simplified versions of what were once civilised and advancedraces into battle as rapid attack dogs with little or no understanding of why or how they cameto be our slaves. The Butchers Nails worn by Angorn's Legion proved to be invaluable

prototypes for the bionic modifications we use to enthrall these pitiful creatures.

Exert from audio recording used in Astrates Indoctrination, recovered from the FuriousScars Recuirtment-Fortress on Tanith after it was abandoned due to Blood Pact corruption

of the human resources of the sector.