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<ul><li><p>+44(0)115 907 4001 www.fi ndel-international.com</p><p>More Choice,More Value</p><p>Mathematics Secondary Resources</p><p>Featuring your favourite brands</p><p>International Edition 2015/16</p><p>Over 2,000 NEW </p><p>products</p></li><li><p>Choice, Value &amp; QualityOur extensive choice of educational resources cover all areas from Maths and English resources to Sport, Science and Early Years. Wherever you are in the world, our products will inspire your learners.</p><p>Furniture SolutionsWe offer bespoke furniture solutions to suit your individual needs. From engaging classroom learning environments, to Early Years, to Science labs and libraries. We offer an end to end service, from a design consultation through to delivery.</p><p>Award Winning Delivery &amp; ServiceWe distribute to educational providers in over 120 countries worldwide and continue to offer new learning solutions, bespoke quotations and unrivalled customer service support.</p><p>Expertise &amp; InnovationOur portfolio of brands date back to 1817 and includes some of the most recognised names in education. Over the years we have become experts in core areas by working with leading educational and industry professionals to create both practical and innovative resources for the school, the classroom and educational specialists.</p><p>Everything you need foryour school or nursery</p><p>One-stop-shop solution for International Educational Resources2</p><p>Welcome to the leading global supplier of educational resources.</p><p>Our family of well established brands date back to 1817 and includes some of the most recognised names in education.Our International Division has considerable experience and expertise in exporting to more than 120 countries. Our service covers all aspects, including quotations, product suitability advice and consolidation guidance, all supported by an experienced International Sales Management team local to you, wherever you are.</p><p>One-stop-shop for International Educational Resources</p></li><li><p>Quality and ethical practice assured:As reassurance that we are committed to Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety best practice, we are certifi ed to ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems), ISO14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems) and BS OHSAS18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).</p><p>We are members of the British Educational Suppliers Association, bound by our membership to follow the code of practice for safety, quality and suitability.</p><p>As a member of the British Quality Foundation we demonstrate our strong commitment to process improvement, to bring you the best in both quality product and service. </p><p>We are members of the United Nations Global Compact which means we adhere to their values of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.</p><p>Get in touch T +44 (0) 115 907 4001 8.30-4.30 Monday to Friday. Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes</p><p>F +44 (0) 115 907 4002</p><p>W www.fi ndel-international.com</p><p>E exportsales@hope-education.co.uk</p><p>P Hope Education, International Division, Pintail Close, Victoria Business Park, Nottingham NG4 2SG, UK</p><p>Republic of Ireland contact information</p><p> T 01 427 3100</p><p>F 01 427 3118</p><p>E sales@hope-education.ie</p><p>P Hope Education, International Division, Pintail Close, Victoria Business Park, Nottingham, NG4 2SG, UK</p><p>Contents:</p><p>3T +44 (0)115 907 4001 F +44 (0)115 907 4002 W www.fi ndel-international.com</p><p>8-66</p><p>67-126</p><p>127</p><p>128</p><p>129-130Index</p><p>Terms and Conditions</p><p>Order Forms</p><p>Study Guides 8-13Numbers 14-16Counters 17Multilink 18-19Unifi x 20Base 10 21Place Value 22-23Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 24-29Weight 30-32Volume 33-34Measurement 35Shape 36-41Geometry 42-43Symmetry 44Probability 45Dice 46-47Time 48-49Money 50-53Maths Guides 54-55Robotics 56Statistics 57-59Stile 60Additional Support 61Maths Essentials and Dictionaries 62-66</p><p>Mathematics</p><p>Classroom Essentials</p></li><li><p>By listening to you, our customers, were always fi nding ways to provide an even better service.</p><p>Were easy to do business with! Our helpful and hassle-free shopping experience...</p><p>Global deliveryWe use professional worldwide couriers to deliver your order to over 120 countries worldwide with full online visibility of both stock and orders.</p><p>Award winning serviceYour order will be handled by our dedicated team who understand your region. Specialism and understanding runs throughout your journey with us.</p><p>Products carefully packed and despatchedOur dedicated international packaging departments staff have a wide range of knowledge and experience when dealing with international freight.</p><p>Over 20,000 resources at your fi ngertipsBrowse our catalogues or website for our full range.</p><p>Helpful quotation serviceSubmit a quotation request by email, website or phone and we will provide you with a cost including shipping (should you wish). </p><p>Were where you areYour international sales manager is based locally to you and is backed by a UK contact centre and head offi ce.</p><p>We are pleased to partner with ECIS, the global best practice network for international schools. This has allowed us to strengthen our collaborative relationship to share and exchange new ideas and initiatives within the international schools community to the benefi t of the ECIS member schools and projects. </p><p>BSME is an organisation that supports British Curriculum schools in the middle east and holds annual events for BSME member schools and teachers. As an associate member of BSME we will be attending each event where we will be on hand offering expert advice and support on all your educational needs. </p><p>The East Asia Regional Council of Schools is an organisation of 130 member schools in East Asia. EARCOS inspires adult and student learning through its leadership and service and fosters intercultural understanding, global citizenship and exceptional educational practices within our learning community. EARCOS play a prominent leadership role throughout the global educational community. </p><p>AISA membership schools are strongly infl uenced by their location in Africa. Some AISA schools have an American based curriculum, others are British, and still others have an eclectic mix. All have an international focus. The mission of the Association is to facilitate school effectiveness and to inspire student learning in the international schools of Africa.</p><p>Our affi liates around the world...</p><p>One-stop-shop solution for International Educational Resources4</p></li><li><p>5T +44 (0)115 907 4001 F +44 (0)115 907 4002 W www.findel-international.com</p><p>Helping you deliver your chosen curriculum</p><p>Weve worked closely with teaching experts and pupils to bring you a new range of useful Mathematics resources to support the delivery of the Secondary Curriculum ages 11-16. From dice and study guides to GCSE Support and probability we have everything you need to ensure all students become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics and can find solutions to a variety of problems.</p><p>STATISTICS &amp; PROBABILITY</p><p>ALGEBRA GEOMETRY &amp; MEASURES</p><p>NUMBERS</p><p>FUNCTIONAL MATHS STUDY GUIDES</p><p>Our new range of data loggers help with the collection of data when looking at statistics.</p><p>See page 57</p><p>This versatile counting pack is ideal for recognising sequences in lists of numbers.</p><p>See page 16</p><p>This Polydron framework geometry set enables you to build many types of nets, prisms, cuboids and pyramids.See page 37</p><p>Our new number rod set is ideal for improving mathematical calculations as well as working out ratios and proportions.See page 27</p><p>The linier 12/24 hour analogue/digital elapsed time ruler enables students to calculate time in a simple way.</p><p>See page 48</p><p>Contains 3 full sets of practice papers for Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) Maths with a 2 hour long test paper in each set.</p><p>See page 10</p></li><li><p>One-stop-shop solution for International Educational Resources6 </p><p>What our customers think</p><p>www.fi ndel-international.com</p><p>Excellent - I can sum it up in one word! A professional, supportive, positive and practical problem solving experience.</p><p>Sarah ReynoldsSt. Michaels International SchoolHyogo</p><p>Our Head Offi ce</p><p>We were very happy with the service provided. We selected you for the classroom furniture on the basis of quality, price and range of product. We enjoyed a very positive and constructive experience with a personal touch!</p><p>Matt SimmonsDulwich College, Singapore</p><p>You are a key preferred supplier due to your range, quality and on time delivery. We actively recommend you. </p><p>Nick ProninPronin Enterprises Pty Ltd, Australia</p><p>Visit our new and improved website! Were making online browsing even easier and were confi dent we can save you both time and money when it comes to choosing your educational supplies.</p><p>Why browse online? Live prices and stock availability</p><p> Easy navigation, search and fi ltering options</p><p> More product choice and web exclusives</p><p> Create a wish list and save your favourite items</p><p> View Curricular links, product reviews and ratings</p><p> Free downloads and How To... guides</p><p> Helpful quotation service</p><p> Browse anytime, anywhere</p><p>You offer a wide range of teaching resources and the service is great. The feedback from the staff is always prompt and fast.</p><p>Mary AnthonyInternational School of Penang,Malaysia</p></li><li><p>Contents:Additional Support 60-61</p><p>AQA 13</p><p>Base 10 21</p><p>Bead Strings 15</p><p>Calculators 62-63</p><p>Counters 17</p><p>Data Logging 57-59</p><p>Dice 46-47</p><p>EDEXCEL 12</p><p>Electronics 56</p><p>Formula 57</p><p>Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 24-29</p><p>Geoboards 41</p><p>Geometry 42-43</p><p>KS3 Maths Progress 9, 59</p><p>KS3 Study Guides 10-11</p><p>Laika 56</p><p>Magnetic Resources 23</p><p>Maths Dictionaries 64</p><p>Maths Essentials 42-43, 65</p><p>Maths Guides 54-55</p><p>Measuring 35, 58</p><p>Money 50-53</p><p>Multilink 18-19</p><p>Multiplication 29</p><p>Number Lines 14</p><p>Number Squares 16</p><p>Place Value 22-23</p><p>Polydron 36-37</p><p>Probability 45</p><p>Robotics 56</p><p>Shape 36-40</p><p>Statistics 57</p><p>STP Maths KS3 8</p><p>Symmetry 44</p><p>Time 48-49</p><p>Unifx 20</p><p>Visualisers 66</p><p>Volume 33-34</p><p>Weight 30-32</p><p>7</p><p>Mathematics</p><p>This range of mathematics resources will support your students through the secondary curriculum and provide the perfect base of knowledge for their exams.</p><p> Call: 08451 20 20 55 FREE Fax: 0800 92 91 39, </p><p> Email: orders@hope-education.co.uk Online: www.hope-education.co.uk</p><p>PolydronSee pages 36 - 37</p><p>0007INTS15_HOPMMTH.pgs 07.04.2015 07:26 BLACKYELLOWMAGENTACYAN</p></li><li><p>8Se</p><p>con</p><p>da</p><p>ry M</p><p>ath</p><p>sInspire Create Educate</p><p>STP</p><p> Ma</p><p>ths K</p><p>S3</p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>STP MathematicsAll</p><p>products onthis page are</p><p>DIRECTDELIVERY</p><p>Allproducts on</p><p>this page are</p><p>NEW</p><p> STP Mathematics 3rd Edition Written by a renowned author team including L. Bostock and S. Chandler, the third edition of our best-selling STP Mathematics series provides the support you need to deliver the 2014 Key Stage 3 Programme of Study. Retaining its authoritative and rigorous approach, the series focuses on developing problem-solving skills to help your students prepare for the highest achievement at Key Stage 4. Introduction of real life problems at the beginning of each </p><p>chapter act as stimulus for bringing into play problem-solving strategies</p><p> Thorough explanations followed by worked examples and a wealth of carefully graded questions</p><p> Summaries and revision exercises throughout the books for constant reinforcement of key concepts </p><p> Direct Delivery up to 2 weeks </p><p> 1. STP Maths 7 Student Book 3rd Edition HC1437998 each 21.95 </p><p> 2. STP Maths 8 Student Book 3rd Edition HC1438000 each 21.95 </p><p> 3. STP Maths 9 Student Book 3rd Edition HC1438002 each 21.95 </p><p>. .</p><p>. .0008INTS15_HOPMMTH.pgs 02.04.2015 06:23 CYANMAGENTAYELLOWBLACKPANTONE 376 CV</p></li><li><p>9Secondary M</p><p>aths</p><p> Call INT: +44 (0) 115 907 4001 / ROI: 01 427 3100 Fax INT: +44 (0) 115 907 4002 / ROI: 01 427 3118, </p><p> Email INT: exportsales@hope-education.co.uk / ROI: sales@hope-education.ie Online www. ndel-international.com</p><p>Global delivery and award-winning serviceK</p><p>S3 M</p><p>ath</p><p>s Pro</p><p>gre</p><p>ss</p><p>1 2 3</p><p>4 5 6</p><p>7 8 9</p><p>Allproducts onthis page are</p><p>DIRECT DELIVERYup to </p><p>2 weeks</p><p>Allproducts onthis page are</p><p>NEW</p><p> Key Stage 3 Maths Progress Series Highly motivating differentiated Student Books develop con dence, uency and problem-solving, supporting progression: Full ability range: Pi (Tier 1), Theta (Tier 2) and Delta </p><p>(Tier 3) Unit structure based on mastery lessons, formative test, consolidation and extension lessons and a summative unit test </p><p> Re ection (metacognition) is explicitly encouraged to build perseverance and con dence </p><p> STEM and Finance lessons highlight these important links to using maths in real life </p><p> Reasoning and Problem-solving are nurtured in preparation for progressing to GCSE </p><p> Direct Delivery up to 2 weeks </p><p> 1. KS3 Maths Progress Pi Student Book 1 HC1437980 each 15.95 </p><p> 2. KS3 Maths Progress Pi Student Book 2 HC1437982 each 15.95 </p><p> 3. KS3 Maths Progress Pi Student Book 3 HC1437984 each 15.95 </p><p> 4. KS3 Maths Progress Theta Student Book 1 HC1437986 each 15.95 </p><p> 5. KS3 Maths Progress Theta Student Book 2 HC1437988 each 15.95 </p><p> 6. KS3 Maths Progress Theta Student Book 3 HC1437990 each 15.95 </p><p> 7. KS3 Maths Progress Delta Student Book 1 HC1437992 each 15.95 </p><p> 8. KS3 Maths Progress Delta Student Book 2 HC1437994 each 15.95 </p><p> 9. KS3 Maths Progress Delta Student Book 3 HC1437996 each 15.95 </p><p>. .</p><p>. .0009INTS15_HOPMMTH.pgs 02.04.2015 06:22 CYANMAGENTAYELLOWBLACKPANTONE 376 CV</p></li><li><p>10</p><p>Se</p><p>con</p><p>da</p><p>ry M</p><p>ath</p><p>sInspire Create Educate</p><p>KS3</p><p> Stu</p><p>dy </p><p>Gu</p><p>ide</p><p>s </p><p>1</p><p>2</p><p>3 4</p><p>Allproducts on</p><p>this page are</p><p>DIRECTDELIVERY</p><p>Allproducts on</p><p>this page are</p><p>NEW</p><p> 1. KS3 Maths Study Guide (with online edition) Foundation This Study Guide explains everything students need to know for KS3 Maths and its fully up-to-date for the new curriculum from September 2014 onwards. Every topic is explained with clear, friendly notes and worked examples, and theres a range of practice questions to test crucial skills. Also includes a digital Online Edition of the whole book. HC1438004 each 5.89 </p><p> 2. KS3 Maths Study Guide (with online edition) Higher Ideal for students working at a higher level, every topic is explained with clear, friendly notes and worked examples, and theres a range of practice </p><p>questions to test the crucial skills. Also includes a digital Online Edition of the whole book. HC1438006 each 5.89 </p><p> 3. KS3 Maths Practice Tests Contains 3 full sets of practice papers for Key Stage 3 Maths. There are 2 hour-long test papers in each set - one where students are allowed to use a calculator and one where they arent. Detailed answers and a full mark scheme are also included. HC1438008 each 7.09 </p><p> 4. Non-verbal Reasoning Helps students to understand and answer the reasoning questions found in school selection tests. The books provide explanations and examples of </p><p>all the question types occurring in the 11+ together with workbook-style activities to consolidate learning. Correct answers are provided at the back of each book.Question types covered include the following: Identifying shapes and patterns: similarities; </p><p>analogies; rotations; re ections Missing shapes and patterns: series; repeating </p><p>and non-repeating patter...</p></li></ul>


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