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    BffiLE BASISExodus 20:12


    That the child will understand that the Bible says he is to love his mother and the child will learn ways hecan demonstrate that love.


    God's plan for the family is revealed through the teachings of Scripture. Today we single out the importantrole of the mother, which includes life"bearer, nurturer, trainer and caretaker. If we examine the examples ofsome of the mothers who are included in the Bible, we can learn valuable lessons which will help all of us, whetherwe are parents, teachers, relatives or friends of small children.

    From Isaac's mother, Sarah, we learn the lesson of joy in receivingthe gift of a child from God (Genesis 21:6).

    From Moses' mother, Jochebed, we learn the importance of earlytraining and the lesson of protecting our children from a hostile world(Exodus 2:1-10).

    From Samuel's mother, Hannah, we learn the lesson of dedicatingour children to God and praying for them faithfully (I Samuel 1-2).

    From Jesus' mother, Mary, we learn the lesson of faith in God's pro-mises for our child (Luke 1:45).

    From Timothy's mother, Eunice, and his grandmother, Lois, we learnthe lesson of the importance of our Christian example to our children(II Timothy 1:5).

    The role of mother is always challenging and sometimes overwhelming. A godly mother is a tremendousblessing in any child's life, and she should desire to be God's instrument in the development of her child. Proverbs31 tells us that the children of a godly mother will one day" ... arise and called her blessed."


    Greet each child this morning by showing him a picture of your mother or a picture of yourself if you area mother or your wife is a mother. Have the following conversation: (Child's name) . , can you find a mother inthis picture? That's right! She is a mommy! Today is Mother's Day. I love my mommy." (If you are using a pictureof yourself, say, "My children love me.") "Today you can say, 'God loves you, mommy!'"


    1. "Is Your Mommy Home?"The purpose of this activity is for the child to hear his mommy's name and to hear God loves her.Make six or seven construction paper houses (each should be about the size of 1/2 sheet of construction paper).

    Tape the houses onto the table (see diagram) in front of each child. The teacher should sit at one end of the table.

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  • The teacher will need one small paperdoll (see center #1 patterns) taped to a popsicle stick. Each child willhave a picture of his mom, or if he has no picture, give him a small "Mommy" paperdoll. (Have several extra..Mommy" paperdolls made for those who did not bring their own Mommy's picture.

    , Have the children put their pictures or paperdolls behind the house. Conversation: "I'm going to come visit;t II the'm6mmi('s. Is everybody ready? (Peek in a door.) "Knock, Knock! Is (child's name) 's Mommy home?"(Guide child in bringing picture to the door. If the picture is too large for the door, have child hold it to the side

    of the nouse.) .. (Child's name) , what is your mommy's name? Do you love your mommy? God loves her, too!Happy Mother's Day, (mother's name) !"

    Repeat this same conversation at each house. Some of the children may want to take your place as the "visitor."

    2. "Who Wants To Help?"The purpose of this center is to introduce ways the child can help at home and to remind him to help at home.

    Bring five placemats, napkins, forks, spoons and paper plates. Also bring paper towels and a spray bottleof water. Let five children help set the table. (Use one of your big tables rather than a small table in your homecenter.) The placemats will help to make this activity more inviting.

    Before the children begin to set the table, give each of them a paper towel and let them clean the table.Remind the children that they should help their mommies at home. Conversation: "There are so many ways

    that you can help your mommy. If mommy says, 'Who will help me set the table?" you can say, 'I will.' Whenwe help our mommy, we make Jesus happy."

    As the children finish setting the table, sit down and say a prayer (as if you were blessing the food) askingJesus to help them help their mommies and thanking God for mothers.

    3. "I'm My Mommy"Set six chairs up in the homecenter, two by two. Set a doll from your room or special dolls from your home

    in every other chair. Each doll should have an empty chair next to her for a child to sit in. Youwill want to slantIhe pairs of chairs in toward each other so they appear to go together.

    Conversation: " "would you like to pretend to be your mommy and take care of this baby?"(Cive the child a bib or a small dish towel to drape around the doll's neck, a baby spoon or another small spoon,,111 empty baby food jar or a small cup or bowl.) Have enough items for several children to be mommies at the~ame time. You will need to demonstrate with your own "baby." Be sure to show the children how mommies('Iean a baby's chin with the spoon after each bite. Remind the children how special mommies are. If your children;1 i-eattentive, stop and say a prayer thanking God for all the things mommies do.


    1. "Where's The Mommy?"The purpose of this activity is to engage the child in an activity that requires him to recognize a Mommy

    while you thank God for his Mommy.

    Tape 5 half sheets of construction paper to a sheet of butcher paper. Under three flaps place amagazine or catalog picture of a woman. Under two flaps place a picture of a man. As each child comesto you, have the following conversation: " (Child's name) , can you find a Mommy?" (Guide him inlifting the flap.) "There's a mommy! Where is another mommy? Is that a Mommy? No, that's a Daddy!

    (Child's name) has a mommy. Thank you, God, for (child's name) 's mommy."

    2. Mommies In A Box

    Place five or six magazine or catalog pictures of women in a shoe box. Draw five circles on thebutcher paper covering your table.

    Attract the children's attention by shaking the box. Conversation: "I have something in my box!"(Set the box on the table and let one or two children reach into the box and pick out a mommy. Guidethe children in placing the mommies in a circle.) " (Child's name) has a mommy. Thank you, God, for

    (child's name) 's mommy."Let the children put the mommies back into the box and begin again. You may want to let one of

    the children shake the box. You will need to put a lot of enthusiasm into shaking the box in order tokeep the children's attention.

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    (jl('~:;;FOR CHILDREN 24 MONTHS OLD AND UNDER (cont'd.)3. "I'm My Mommy

    Set an adult rocking chair in the home center. Wrap a doll or teddy bear in a blanket and pretendto give him a bottle (a real baby bottle would be best). Encourage the children to take turns sittingin the chair holding the "baby" and giving it a bottle. (A teddy bear may be more interesting.) As eachchild takes a turn, remind him that he is just like his mommy. He is taking care of someone. Mommiesare special.


    1. Supplies NeededBible; an apron; a large doll; a cooking pan and spoon; a child's tennis shoes; kleenex; a towel and soap; the

    bed or a pallet in the home center; two chairs for a car; a steering wheel made from a clothes hanger; a pictureof your family; pictures brought by the children of their mothers.

    You will want to have your story in the home center today.

    2. Preparation For StoryEase the children to your story circle by singing your transition song. Once the children are seated, sing "Where

    is ?", act out monthly rhyme, say the monthly Bible verse and begin the story with prayer."Dear God, thank you for my mommy who cares for me. Help me to help my mommy. In Jesus' name, Amen."

    *BIBLE LEADER - Have one child come up and read (repeat after you while he is holding the open Bible)."Honor your Father and your Mother." Exodus 20:12

    3. Outline For StoryThe aim of the story is to cause the child to think of all the ways his Mommy caresfor him.

    Begin your story sitting down at the small table in your home center. "I am a mommy. God wants me to takecare of my family." (Show a picture of your family.) "I do many things to care for my family."

    (Stand by the stove and put on your apron.) "I cook for my family." (Demonstrate with the pan and spoon.)"Does your mommy cook for you? Thank you, God, for mommies."

    "I help make up their beds." (Make up bed.) "Does your mommy make your bed? Thank you, God, for mommies."

    "I help my children get dressed to go outside." (Put the tennis shoes on the doll.) "It's hard to tie shoes. Mom-mies can do that! Thank you, God, for Mommies."

    "1give my children a bath." (Pretend to bathe the doll with the soap and towel). "Does your mommy give youa bath? Thank you, God, for Mommies!"

    "I put my child to bed." (Put doll in bed and cover her up.) "I make sure he has his special blanket or his teddybear. Then I fold my hands, and he folds his hands and we talk to God together. Does your mommy pray withyou at night? Thank you, God, for mommies!"

    Carry the doll to the chair at your home center table. Sit down and hold the doll in your lap. "But the mostimportant thing a mommy does is tell her child about Jesus." (Hug doll.)

    "I have some pictures of mommies right here. Thank you, God, for (child's name) 's mommy." (Show the mommyof each child who brought a picture and repeat the conversation.)

    "Today, say to your mommy, 'Mommy, God loves you!'" (Say it together as a class.)



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