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2. Contents2 Introduction to Holographic Memory History of the Holographic Memory Components of Holographic Memory Basics of workingWriting to diskReading from disk Spatial Light Modulator Storing techniques Properties of Holographic Data Storage Applications of Holographic Memory Pros and Corns of the system Conclusion References5/22/2013 3. Introduction to HolographicMemory Holographic memory is a developing technology that haspromised to revolutionize the storage systems. Holographic memory is an advanced optical storagedevice that can store information in the form ofholographic image. A method of producing a three-dimensional image of anobject by recording on a photographic plate or film thepattern of interference formed by a split laser beam andthen illuminating the pattern either with a laser or withordinary light.3 5/22/2013 4. History of Holographic Memory Scientist Pieter J. Van Heerden proposed the idea ofholographic(three-dimensional) storage in 1940 It is invented in 1947 by the Hungarian-British physicistDennis Gabor (1900-1979), who won a Nobel Prize forhis invention in 1971.4 5/22/2013 5. 5HVD technology5/22/20131. Green writing/reading laser(532 nm)2. Red positioning/addressinglaser (650 nm)3. Hologram (data)4. Polycarbon layer5. Photo polymeric layer (data-containing layer)6. Distance layers7. Dichroic layer (reflectinggreen light)8. Aluminum reflective layer(reflecting red light)9. Transparent base 6. 6Cont.. Holographic Versatile Disc(HVD) is an optical disktechnology still in research stage which would hold up to3.9 TB of information The HVD also has a transfer rate of 1 gigabyte/s It is a technique that can store information inside crystalsor photopolymers.5/22/2013 7. Components of HolographicMemory71. Blue-green Argon Laser2. Beam splitters to spilt the laser beam3. Mirrors to direct the laser beams4. LCD panel (spatial light modulator)5. Lenses to focus the laser beams6. Lithium-niobate crystal or photopolymer7. Charge coupled device camera5/22/2013 8. 8Writing to Disk5/22/2013 9. 9working principleSLMObjective LensCover LayerRecording LayerReflective LayerInner :InformationOuter :ReferenceFourier transformedinformation beamDiffracted referencebeam (modulated)Diffracted informationbeam (page data)Fourier transformedreference beamRecorded Hologram5/22/2013 10. 10SLM A Spatial Light Modulator is used for creatingbinary information out of laser light. The SLM is a2D plane, consisting of pixels which can be turned onand off to create binary 1s and 0s. An SLM can usually be refreshed at rates of about 1000frames per second5/22/2013 11. 11Storing TechniquesMultiplexing Angular Multiplexing : By modifying the angle of a sourcebeam, large amount of data is stored in the volume.5/22/2013 12. 12Cont.. Wavelength Multiplexing : Alters the wavelength of sourceand reference beams between recordings Spatial Multiplexing : Changing the point of entry of sourceand reference beams into the recording medium5/22/2013 13. 13Reading from Disk5/22/2013 14. 14 5/22/2013 15. 15Technology Comparison5/22/2013 16. 16Holographic Data Security5/22/2013 17. 17Data Transfer Rate1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015Availability Year1M10M100M1G10G100GDataTransferRate,bits/secBlu-rayHD DVD0.1MDVDTapeHDD5/22/2013 18. 18How HVD compares with other storagedevice? While HVD is attempting to revolutionize data storage,other discs are trying to improve upon current systems.Two such discs are Blu-ray and HD-DVD, deemed thenext-generation of digital storage.HD-DVD Blu-ray HVDInitial cost forrecordable discApprox. $10 Approx. $18 Approx. $120Initial storagecapacity30 GB 54 GB 300 GB5/22/2013 19. 19 5/22/2013Applications of Holographic Memory Data Mining : Retrieval of data is very fast and storinglarge amount of data in a single disk. Petaflop computation : performs thousand trillionfloating point operations per second. Holographic memory can be used as an extendedDRAM with 10ns access time. 20. 20Advantages of Holographic Memory1. Resistance to damage - If some parts of the mediumare damaged, all information can still be obtained fromother parts.2. Efficient retrieval - All information can be retrievedfrom any part of the medium.3. High storage capacity of 3.9 terabyte(TB)4. While reading data the entire page of data can beretrieved quickly and at one time .5. Backward compatible, supports CDs and DVDs also.5/22/2013 21. 21Disadvantages of Holographic Memory5/22/2013 Manufacturing cost of HDSS is very high. There is a lack of availability of resources which are neededto produce HDSS. Writes in the same fashion can degradeprevious writes in the same region of the medium. 22. 22Cont..5/22/2013 The re-illuminated reference beam used to retrieve therecorded information, also excites the donor electrons anddisturbs the equilibrium of the space charge field in a mannerthat produces a gradual erasure of the recording. The crystal used as the photographic filament must haveexact optical characteristics. 23. 23Holographic Memory Systems Fuji Photo Film Imation Toshiba Konica-Minolta Matsushita/Panasonic Memory-Tech Micron Mitsubishi Chemical Nippon Paint OPTWARE TV Asahi Corporation TV Tokyo Corporation Warner Bros. Disney Universal Pioneer Sanyo JVC NEC InPhase Technologies Maxell AprilisSOME OF THE CURRENT PLAYERS5/22/2013 24. 24 5/22/2013Key Technological Partners 25. 25Conclusion HVD will soon replace present DVDs. It is currently supported by more than 170 of the worldsleading consumer electronics, personal computer,recording media, video game and music companies.5/22/201325 26. 26Referenceshttp://www.tech-faq.com/hvdhttp://electronics.howstuffworks.com/hvd.htmlhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/holographic_versatile_dischttp://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1759907.asphttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/holographic_data_storagehttp://electronics.howstuffworks.com/hvd6.htm5/22/2013 27. 27 5/22/2013


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