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History of the Electric Guitar. By Justin Hayes. Invention of the electric pickup. Invented in late 1920’s by Lloyd Loar Faraday’s Law of Induction Didn’t catch on at all. Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp Perfected Loar’s design Rickenbacker began selling the “Frying Pan” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • History of the Electric Guitar

    By Justin Hayes

  • Invention of the electric pickupInvented in late 1920s by Lloyd LoarFaradays Law of InductionDidnt catch on at all.Adolph Rickenbacker and George BeauchampPerfected Loars designRickenbacker began selling the Frying PanHawaiian lap steel players love itother players didnt

  • Mass ProductionLeo Fender invents the TelecasterFirst mass produced solid body electric guitarCheap to produce, affordableGibson introduces the Les PaulHigher end model endorsed by Les PaulBoth models are still sold todaySolid Body guitars are designed for amplificationSound much better than old style modified hollow bodies, less feedback.

  • ContinuedGuitars shapes have become increasingly modern (ex. Flying V)Preamplifiers inside guitarBasic construction and operation has stayed the sameMuch cheaper nowEx. Gibson and Epiphone, Fender and Squire

  • AmplifiersCant have the electric guitar without the amplifierGuitar ---> Pre-Amp--->Power-Amp--->SpeakerFirst amplifiers were modified stereo equipmentManufacturers started building guitar specific amp in the 1930sUntil 1970s most amps were tube poweredRefinement of silicon transistors led to solid stateTube sound is sought after, solid state amps emulate tube amps, distortion.Computer technology has lead to modeling ampsCan often emulate many (20+) different models

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