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A presentation by Tom Butler head of libraries Croydon college which focuses on the redesign of library circulation and help desk services. Given at the 2012 ALISS AGM


  • 1. Historical Baggage

2. Historical Baggage - 20 per item* 3. Historical Baggage - 20 per item* * plus taxes, charges, fees and credit card surcharge 4. Historical Baggage - 20 per item*Tom Butler Head of Libraries & Learning ResourcesCroydon College * plus taxes, charges, fees and credit card surcharge 5. Taking a RyanAir approach toSelf-Service 6. easyJet September 2011 7. Background Self-Service Implementation Static to Roving Free Speech Session 8. Background Largest provider of FE/HE in borough Medium sized General FE College 6,500 Students 14+ University Centre Croydon 1,500 students Foundation Degree, BA, LLB 9. Impetus for Change 32m Refurbishment and Extension New Library and LRC over three floors Do more for less Embrace Technology Outsource, Outsource, Outsource 10. Old Library Opened September 1998 3,000 m2 Combined Library, IT Centre, MediaServices, Learning Support, Careers 11. Shrinking library 3,000 m2 1998 1,700 m2 2011 12. Still Shrinking 3,000 m2 1998 (old) 1,700 m2 2011 (old) 1,450 m2 2011 (new) 13. Self-Service Implementation Trial with one machine, slow uptake Visits to other libraries 14. Inspiration in the strangest places Stansted Airport RyanAir approach You have no choice http://www.flickr.com/photos/isriya/2921811626/ Reused under the Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial 2.0 Generic Licence 15. Full Self-Service Roll-out 3 Machines replaced 3 counter positions Staff moved onto the floor Targets 65%-75% Good uptake 75%-85% Outstanding 85%+ Unachievable? 16. Full Self-Service Roll-out 17. Accidental Roving Only one member of staff needed for self-service Other staff being approached by studentson the floor Help desk use falling 18. Over-engineering 19. One Desk Two Libraries Demco Interiors 2011 20. Demco Interiors 2011 21. Demco Interiors 2011 22. Demco Interiors 2011 23. Free SpeechSamuel Caulker Customer Services Assistant Diana Elliott Library Supervisor 24. www.croydon.ac.uk/library @CroyCollLibrarylibrary@croydon.ac.uk