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My honours year Massey University major project. A collection inspired by New Zealand rugby.


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  • Since the establishment of their partnership in 1998, Adidas and the New Zealand Rugby Union have re-created the All Blacks as a marketable brand. The elevation of a rugby jersey to a recognizable patriotic symbol shows the influence marketing can have on a piece of clothing or perhaps an entire collection of clothing.

    In a recent interview with Style.com, Alexander Wang states, Ive always liked to take something very dressy and bring it down, [take] something very, very casual and el-evate it. Taking cues from Wangs design aesthetic, I will produce a contemporary, wear-able, trans-seasonal womenswear collection that communicates a distinctive rugby theme. I will create my own brand, appropriate and re-design All Blacks imagery and employ marketing techniques to generate a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign that encapsulates the same sense of excess, spectacle, obsession and celebrity as New Zealand rugby.

    While I am not the biggest fan of the sport, I am intrigued by its impact on New Zealand society. Exploring the commodification of rugby and turning it into a body of work is my contradictory way of joining the fandom that surrounds rugby in the lead up to the world cup this September.

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    Ivealwayslikedtotakesomethingverydressyandbringitdown,[take]somethingvery,verycasual and elevate it.

    - Alexander Wang

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    Bloggingisacommunicationtool,amarketingtechnique,alisteningdeviceandawaytointeractdirectlywithcustomersone-to-oneonaglobal scale.


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