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Presentation/ trendsession for the Erasmus University/ HHS The Hague Masters.


  • 1. HIGH* LOWRECENT YEARS * Edelman Trust Barometer

2. HIGH LOWRECENT YEARS 3. * Ronald Coase, 1937 The nature of the firm. 4. INTERNET HISTORY1. STATIC.WEB 2. VOLUME GROWTH.1.0 3. VOLUME EXPLOTION: SEARCH / ALGORITHMS APPLICATIONS 550.000.000.000 PEOPLE ON LINE 4. PEOPLE/CONNECTING SOCIAL NETWORKS/MEDIA 5. * DatafromForresterResearchTechnographicssurveys,2007 6. * Here comes everybody, Clay Shirky,2008 7. VIRTUAL SOCIAL NETWORKS: WEBTRIBES SOCIAL:HYVES BUSINESS : LINKEDIN SOCIO-BUSINESS: MINDZ.COM SERIOUS GAME:WORLD OFWARCRAFT (MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) 8. 20% 80% 9. BOUNDARYLESS ORGANIZATION 10. TOBEORNOTTOBE ISNOLONGERTHEQUESTION WHODOYOUWANTTOBE?WHOAREYOU? 11. : HOW SOCIAL CAN YOU BE ? Share product images Customers who boughtShare with friendsthis book also bought Average customerExternal reviewsreviewAmazon.com sales rankBooks on related topics Customers were alsoCustomer tagsinterested inWhat do customers buy Rate this item after viewing this itemCustomer reviews Customers discussions Most helpful reviews List-maniaGuide-maniaCustomers who boughtitems in your history also bought 12. DUTCH HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY: HOW SOCIAL CAN YOU BE ? 13. Seats2meet Plaza:www.mindz.com Social network: www.frisinjehoofd.nl Personal blog(s) www.ronaldvandenhoff.nl ikwilmeedoen.nlCorporate blog(s) Reviews: www.meetingreviews.com Twitter fountainHyves,Linkedin Facebook,YoutubeFlickrDelicious Slideshare 14. PERSONAL CONTACT 40% WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON? 100%CO-CREATION (MEEPRATEN)65% INFO AS EMPLOYER26%*UNIVERSITEIT VAN TWENTE, 2007 15. IBM LEADERSHIP SURVEY 2008 : HUNGRY FOR CHANGEEXCEED EXPECTATIONSGLOBALLY INTERGRATEDDISRUPTIVE BY NATUREGENUINEENTERPRISE2.0