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<ul><li><p>HERRICK DISTRICT LIBRARY FUNDING</p><p>The millage, or funding collected through local taxes, is the primary revenue source for Herrick District Library, comprising almost 90% of revenues. Due to falling property tax values in our service area, HDL has experienced a signicant reduction in revenues over the past several years. In response, HDL has implemented cost savings measures like self-check out, to ensure quality service continues to be available despite this fact. The next millage vote for HDL will take place in 2016. </p><p>89 % - Local property tax millage and contract service area funding</p><p>6.5 % - Court penal nes</p><p>2.5 % - Library nes and fees</p><p>1 % - State of Michigan funding</p><p>.5 % - Friends of Herrick District Library/Donations</p><p>.5 % - Federal grant</p><p>300 S. River Ave. I (616) 355-3100155 Riley St. I (616) 738-4360 89%</p><p>0.5%0.5%1%2.5%</p><p>6.5%</p></li></ul>