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  • Application Coversheet (Please type) (/) ^3 rn rn rn ^

    _ Henry Ford Academy: San Antonio_

    Name of Proposed Charter School

    Henry Ford Learning Institute

    Name of Sponsoring Entity

    5 C/5 c/5 ^ j^ O :o o ~~H C^Note: If the sponsoring entity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the name must appear exactly as it appears in the Articles •

    of Incorporation or any amendments thereto. 5 G)

    The sponsoring entity is a (Check only one.}: ^ rx~]501(c)(3) nonprofit organization [_j Governmental Entity j | College or University "z


    Chairperson of Governing Body of Sponsoring Entity: Michael Schmidt_ G> m

    CEO of Sponsoring Entity: _ Deborah Parizek_ O -<

    CEO/Superintendent of Proposed Charter School: TBD_ _ 3 O

    Representative Who Attended an Applicant Conference: Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom _ Date of Conference: 12/3/2007_ m - _ CO

    Applicant Mailing Address: 20900 Oakwood Boulevard. Dearborn. Michigan 48 1 24

    Physical Address of Proposed Administrative Offices (if different from above):

    Number of Campuses Being Requested : 1_

    Physical Address of Each Proposed Campus:

    318 W Houston Street. San Antonio. Texas 78207

    Contact Name: Shannon Clements Contact E-mail Address: sclements(qjhfli.org

    Contact Phone #: 313.982.6027 ContactFaxft 313.982.6218

    Circle Grade Levels to be served and state maximum enrollment for each year: By Year 3, at least one grade in which the state accountability tests are administered must be offered.

    Yearl:Pre-K3 Pre-K.4 K 1 23 45 67 8(9 10 11 12 Maximum Enrollment: 120

    Year2:Pre-K3 Pre-K4 K 1 23 45 67 8 9 \\9 11 12 Maximum Enrollment: 240

    Year3:Pre-K3 Pre-K4 K. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 i d u i 12 Maximum Enrollment: 360

    Year4:Pre-K3 Pre-K4 K 1 23 45 67 8 ( 9 [ I d ( l l 12 Maximum Enrollment: 480

    Year5:Pre-K3 Pre-K4 K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 f 9 [1(1(11 (13 Maximum Enrollment: 480

    I certify that I have the authority to submit this application and that all information contained herein is complete and accurate, realizing that any misrepresentation could result in disqualification from the application process or revocation after award. In accordance with TEC §12.120,1 further certify that no members of the governing body of the sponsoring entity or of the proposed charter school nor anyofficers or employees of the proposed school have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving^moral turpitude or of any felony. I understand that incomplete applications will not be considered.

    .,__ Deborah Parizek (BLUEflNJQ Signature of/Chief Executive Officer of Sponsoring Entity Date,Mvviq »lv' ^(I^OT^S^i

    / A ' /t2s^7&~ -7 JiJ^ - ! : ^ - - b i^nr-on i^AAA^ (r~A /?

  • new address for Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design Page 1 of 1

    Salvo, Rick ' ~ " APPROVED DURING CONTINGENCY PROCESS From: Shannon Clements [ShannonC@thehenryford.org]

    Sent: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 11:46 AM

    To: Salvo, Rick

    Subject: new address for Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design

    Hello Rick — it was great to talk with you this morning.

    The new address of record for the Henry Ford Academy is 429 Arbor Place, San Antonio, TX, 78207.

    We will begin occupying/working in the building on August 3, 2009, at which time mail delivery will begin. Is there a way to ensure that any written/mailed correspondence is delivered at the 381 W. Houston address until that time?

    Thank you for your help.

    -Shannon A. Clements



    Anderson, Valerie_ CONTINGENCY PROCESS _

    From: Jeffrey D. Flores [jflores@thealamedaschool.org] Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 1 1:51 AM To: Anderson, Valerie Subject: Re: AskTED changes for HFA: Alameda School for Art + Design

    Yes, our official name is; [Henry Ford Academy; Alameda School for Art + DesignA School starts August 26th. l J

    On another note, who can I talk to about my TEASE access? I applied Monday and am waiting for access.

    Thanks for everything.

    Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design 210-527-9000 (Office) 210-426-6645 (Cell) j f lores@thealamedaschool . org

    ----- Original Message ----­ From: "Valerie Anderson" To: "Jeffrey D. Flores" < jf lores@thealamedaschool . org> Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 11:43:08 AM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central Subject: RE: AskTED changes for HFA: Alameda School for Art + Design

    Mr. Flores,

    I updated your email, fax number and web address. Do you have an actual start date for the school? Also we have your school name as Henry Ford Academy San Antonio is this correct? I see you are referring to the Alameda School for Art + Design should that be how you are listed in AskTED?

    Thank you,

    Valerie Anderson 512-463-9575

    ----- Original Message ----­ From: Jeffrey D. Flores [mailto: j f lores @thealamedaschool .org] Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 11:28 AM To: Anderson, Valerie Subject: AskTED changes for HFA: Alameda School for Art + Design


    Can you make the following changes to our AskTED info?

    My email to jflores@thealamedaschool.org Fax number: 210-527-9053 Web address: www. thealamedaschool . org

    Thanks, . ,̂ (® 3(

    Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design 210-527-9000 (Office) 210-426-6645 (Cell) j f lores@thealamedaschool . org

    mailto:jflores@thealamedaschool.org mailto:jflores@thealamedaschool.org


    Table of Contents

    Application Sections Section 1 : Statement of Need 4 Section 2: Vision of the School 10 Section 3 : Education Plan 14 Section 4: Student Goals 30 Section 5: Human Resources Information 32 Section 6: Governance 60 Section 7: Community Support 73 Section 8: Geographic Boundary 77 Section 9: Admissions & Enrollment Policies 79 Section 10: Special Needs Students & Programs 83 Section 1 1 : Business Plan 84

    Attachments Attachment A - Notarized Biographical Affidavits 93 Attachment B- Organizational Chart of the Sponsoring Entity 138 Attachment C - 501(c)(3) Determination Letter from the IRS 140 Attachment D - Articles of Incorporation 145 Attachment E - Bylaws 160 Attachment F- Published Notice of Public Hearing 220 Attachment G- Synopsis of Public Hearing 222 Attachment H - Signed Certified Mail Receipt Cards 226 Attachment I - Audit Report 238 Attachment J - Credit Report 250 Attachment K - IRS 990 Filing 253 Attachment L - Documentation Verifying All Sources of Funding 295 Attachment M - Start-Up Budget 298 Attachment N - Budget for First Three Years of Operation 309 Attachment O - Negotiated Service Agreements 358 Attachment P - Negotiated Lease Agreements (Letter of Intent to Lease) 377

    ^Exhibits Exhib1t4 - HFLI Advisory Jfoapl \ 381 Exhibit 2^sQ)llege and Career Re&djness Report Cards ^\^ 383 Exhibit 3 - Tinteline to Adapt 9th Grade^C^re Curriculum to HFXs§an Antonio 394 Exhibit 4- Senior Ntestejy Process Assessm&rW^Rubrics ^\ 396

    Page 2

  • Henry Ford Learning Institute Charter Schools Contingency Issues for Resolution

    Area: Other Remove from the application all exhibits after Attachment P.

    HFLI agrees that the Texas Education Agency may remove all exhibits after Attachment P from its application.


    Contact: Shannon A. Clements 18 1/23/09 shannonc@thehenrvford.orG


  • Applicant Checklist

    Henry Ford Academy: San Antonio Henry Ford Learning Institute Proposed Fourteenth Generation Charter School Name Sponsoring Entity Name This checklist MUST be completed and submitted as part of the application to ensure that the applicant has provided all of the information required by the RFA.

    Application S" Attended Applicant Conference: Date 12/3/07 : Board Member Who Attended Aaron Wilson-Ahlstrom B; Application Coversheet B Table of Contents Jg Applicant Checklist (this document) Application Sections (Alt questions in each section must be answered completely.) H 1 Statement of Need H 6 Governance BI 2 Vision of the School jjg 7 Community Support H, 3 Educational Plan IS 8 Geographic Boundary IS 4 Student Goals Kl 9 Admissions Policy S 5 Human Resources Information 0 10 Special Needs Students and Programs Attachments A - P 12 11 Business Plan

    gl A Notarized Biographical Affidavits for members of the governing body of the sponsoring entity or of the charter school (if any) and any identified officers of the charter school

    H B Organizational Chart reflecting all of the sponsory entity's operations, including the proposed charter school 63 C 501(c)(3) Determination Letter from IRS or statement that it is not required if sponsoring entity is an

    institution of higher education or a governmental entity gp D Articles of Incorporation filed with Texas Secretary of State or a comparable document if the sponsoring

    entity is an out-of-state nonprofit corporation or a statement that this not required if the sponsoring entity is an institution of higher education or a governmental entity. (If the sponsoring entity has amended its Articles of Incorporation, it must submit both the original Articles of Incorporation and the documents reflecting amendments to the original Articles of Incorporation. The failure to submit all of these documents will render this attachment incom