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  • 1.Hematology and Oncology A focus on Prostate Cancer 2 0 0 9 a n n u a l r e p o r t

2. 2 h e m a t o l o g y a n d o n c o l o g y I n t r o d u c t i o n Dear Friend, I am excited to present this years HealthPartners and Regions Hospital Hematology and Oncology Annual Report. We are an American College of Surgeons certified comprehensive community cancer center with an emphasis on patient care and a strong focus on education and clinical research. From a patient care standpoint, we leverage the membership in our non-profit integrated health care system to improve the care we give our patients. We coordinate multidisciplinary cancer care through the use of an electronic medical record. We empower patients with tools to make informed choices including our online services, the Lundborg Patient Library and additional programs. We use standardized treatment algorithms based on national consensus guidelines to ensure all patients, including the underserved, receive the best treatment available. Finally, we measure outcomes and compare ourselves with national benchmarks to ensure quality cancer care delivery. In this issue we highlight our multidisciplinary approach to early-stage prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer affecting men. The incidence of prostate cancer in men is higher than the incidence of breast cancer in women. Just as women have choices for the treatment of early-stage breast cancer, men also have choices for the treatment of early stage prostate cancer. Inside, we describe our shared decision making program and treatment options for men with early-stage disease. Lastly, I take pride in showing off our new in-patient cancer unit. With the Regions 2009 expansion, we now have a new state-of-the-art in-patient facility for patients requiring hospitalization for their cancer care at Regions Hospital. Once again, we appreciate the privilege of serving you and your patients. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our program or have suggestions on ways we can improve the care we deliver. Randy Hurley, M.D. Medical Director, HealthPartners/Regions Hematology and Cancer Care Program randy.w.hurley@healthpartners.com Assistant Professor of Medicine Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplantation University of Minnesota Randy Hurley, M.D. Chairperson Cancer Program 3. 2 0 0 9 a n n u a l r e p o r t 3 p r o g r a m n e w s Regions Expansion 2009 This was an exciting year for Regions Hospital. We opened the new section of the hospital which includes a new main entrance, private patient rooms, emergency center, 20 operating rooms and a 450-space underground parking ramp. As part of our expansion, patients needing inpatient care for their oncology treatments are now located in our new 6 South Section. This unit incorporates staff from three existing units into one central area. Nursing care is given to patients with differing requirements including general medical care, intermediate care and intensive care. Physicians who direct the care of the patient unit include Regions hospitalists, intensivists, oncologists and other specialists as needed. The 6 South Section includes 36 private patient rooms, each with their own bathroom. The new patient rooms were designed to accommodate differing care needs including rooms to suit special needs related to isolation. The patient rooms are large and include abundant natural light and spectacular views of downtown St. Paul. Each room has been designed to support our goal of being a patient/family centered hospital. Each room has a provider zone, patient zone and family zone. The provider space allows the caregiver staff, including nurses, closer access to the patient. Besides family space in the room, there are separate areas on the unit for private conferences as well as open areas for waiting. Our new unit brings our whole team together in a centralized location and allows us to be closer to the patient and family. Lundborg Library nears 10-year milestone The Patricia D. Lundborg Cancer Library at Regions Hospital offers cancer resources in a convenient, on-site facility. The library, created in 2000, is staffed by a librarian and provides resources for patients, their families and friends, hospital staff and members of the community. Annual library usage has continued to increase each year. The Library enters its 10th year of existence in 2010. A continuum of care through palliative care and hospice HealthPartners Cancer Care Centers partner with HealthPartners Hospice and the Regions Hospital Palliative Care Team to provide a continuum of care that enhances end of life care. Multidisciplinary team meetings are held weekly and include representatives from medical oncology, nursing, inpatient and outpatient social work, health psychology, HealthPartners hospice and palliative care team members. Through this partnership, care is coordinated from the hospital to the clinic to the patients home. Our hematology and oncology patients are now located in new private patient rooms. 2009 Regions Hospital expansion includes new inpatient oncology unit. 4. p e o p l e P r o g r a m N e w s 4 h e m a t o l o g y a n d o n c o l o g y Survivorship Program enters second year The HealthPartners and Regions Cancer Survivorship Program, under the direction of Dr. Kurt Demel, is entering its second year of providing comprehensive survivorship care plans to cancer patients. The success of the program has led to an invitation to participate in the Excellence in Survivorship care meeting. Sponsored by the Livestrong Survivorship Center of Excellence, this program is designed to foster and improve cancer survivorship care. Cancer Survivors Advisory Council The HealthPartners Cancer Survivors Advisory Council is a forum for patients who have completed their acute cancer treatment at Regions Hospital and Riverside Cancer Care Centers and who are now transitioning into long-term cancer management. Members of the council are asked to share their experiences and to contribute ideas on how HealthPartners can improve the treatment and support of cancer survivors. The twelve-member council met seven times in 2009 and was asked to make recommendations on services already offered and to assist with the design of new services. The first topic presented to the council was patient education materials. Feedback from the council guided the changes we made. Educational materials are now easier to understand and more specific to the needs of the patient. The experiences and recommendations of the advisory council were also an integral part of the development of two new programs that began in late 2009. Lets Get Physical is a beginner-level physical activity class tailored to the needs of cancer patients who want to improve their level of physical conditioning. Renewing Life is a transformative program of education and support that engages participants in an exploration of the possibilities for growth in living with serious illness. Both of these programs are lead by cancer survivors and are available at a minimal cost. Colleen Morton, MD, manages the hemostasis and thrombosis program. She has interest in thrombotic disorders of pregnancy and is working with the U of M to develop city-wide protocols to standardize treatment of bleeding and clotting disorders. Gretchen Ibele, MD, treats adult patients with oncologic and hematologic diseases and was named to the Minnesota Monthly Top Doctors for Women 2009 list. Dan Schneider, MD, had the highest patient-rated satisfaction of over 220 specialty physicians in the HealthPartners system. Our hematology and oncology program utilizes a Cancer Survivors Advisory Council to help us make recommendations on new and existing patient services. Back row: Scott Cruse, Marge Watry, Ron Bentley, Carolyn Markwood Nyberg, Churon Webb, Micky Gutzmann, Gobind Tarchand, Marjorie Moore Front row: Deanna McWilliam, Joe Kennedy, Judy Clasen Kurt Demel, MD, is the medical director of the survivorship program and recently completed his MBA. 5. 5 E d u c a t i o n 2 0 0 9 a n n u a l r e p o r t Training tomorrows hematologist/oncologists HealthPartners partnership with the University of Minnesota Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplantation Fellowship program Regions Hospital is a clinical training site for the University of Minnesota Hematology/Oncology Fellowship program and is regarded as one of the highest ranked rotations by University Fellows. Dr. Jeff Jaffe heads the teaching program at Regions Hospital which combines clinical experience with specific teaching conferences. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Dr. Jaffe and other HealthPartners oncologists have mentored many of the oncologists that practice in the Twin Cities area. This year, three HealthPartners oncologists were nominated for a teaching award among teaching faculty at the University of Minnesota, Veterans Administration Hospital and Hennepin County Medical Center. Dr. Balkrishna Jahagirdar won the award for outstanding clinical mentorship. Regions hematology and oncology faculty provide elective rotations for the University of Minnesota internal medicine residents and teach in the Medical School second year hematology course for medical students. Faculty also coordinate six hours of hematology and oncology lectures in the Universitys Global Health course. HealthPartners hosts Oncology Nursing Symposium In April 2009, HealthPartners hosted an Oncology Nursing Symposium. This half- day event was certified for continuing education credit by the Oncology Nursing Society and was attended by over 60 nurses and health care professionals from the Twin Cities area and western Wisconsin. A wide range of topics were discussed including oncologic emergencies, survivorship and new trends in cancer clinical trials. We look forward to a second symposium in April 2010. Regions Breast Health Center partners with University of Minnesota to


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