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<p> 1. Hello, Im Liseth Natalialiseth Natalia Fuquen Martnez8TH 3SIMON BOLIVAR HIGH SCHOOLENGLISHSORCA2014 2. Hello i want to share withyou somethingmy name is liseth NataliaFuquen Martinez.I study inthe Simn Bolvar HighSchool in soraca.I wasborn in tunja;I am 13years old.I live in soraca .Iam very kind andrespectful. 3. He is myfather: Hisname is JosAlfredofuquen. He is43 years old.He is kind andrespectful;heis a driver. 4. SHE IS MY MOTHER: Her nameis Martha IsabelMartnez.She is 43 years old .She is kind,respectful andaffectionate;She isa housewife . 5. MY BROTHERS :Theyare Edison Mesa andDaniel Fuquen.Edison is 20 yearsold; he is a soldier.Daniel: he is 3 yearsold; he is a student 6. MY SISTERS: areDiana,Yesica,Sandraand Lorena.They are students.They are 21,16,11and 9 years old.They are very kindand lovely 7. MY GRANDFATHER:he is mygrandfather LuisAlejandroMartnez medina.He is anagricultor. He is72 years old. 8. MYGRANDMOTHERShe is mygrandmother SaraBernal . She is84 years old.She is ahousewife . 9. I like to listen music regetn I like to watch tv. I like to dance salsa. I like to Paint. I like to sleep. 10. MY HOUSE I live in soracadowntown,my house is big and ithas one kitchen, one living room,one dining room, one garage,twoyards, two bathrooms and threebedrooms 11. The yard 12. The kitchen 13. the living room 14. The d ining room 15. The bathroom 16. The bedrooms</p>