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HeD Pilots. Insert Name of Your Pilot/Organization Here. Pilot Team. Identify the members of your organization who will be supporting this pilot. If possible include the role he/she will play in the pilot and contact information. Goal of the Pilot. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


S&I Framework

HeD Pilots

Insert Name of Your Pilot/Organization HereS&I FrameworkOctober 11, 2011

1Pilot TeamIdentify the members of your organization who will be supporting this pilot. If possible include the role he/she will play in the pilot and contact information

10/11/20112NameRole EmailGoal of the PilotPlease include a write up or create a Visio diagram of what you intend to show/prove/support during the pilot process. Make this an actionable statement with specifics. Also include in this description what you hope to gain from this pilot.10/11/20113What portions of the IG are you PilotingPlease use this section to document what parts of the IG your are intending to pilot. Please be as specific as possible. This should include any of the examples you intend to pilot (ECA Rules, Documentation Templates, Order Sets)10/11/20114Section of IGSpecifics to PilotNotesIdentify the Use Case Actors Involved:A pilot may involve the following participants from the healthcare ecosystem:For example:Laboratories, Vendors, Standards Organizations, System Integrators, EHR Vendors, Physicians/Providers, Payors, Patients etc.

10/11/20115Minimum ConfigurationWhat is your current set up? What will you be using to conduct the pilot? For example:An ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, A transport system being used in Production environments, A security system being used in Production environments, Standards (and any types of mappings you suspect you will need, a database (which one/type), Any type of interface between 2 different systems etc.


10/11/20116TimelineWhat is your proposed timeline given we want to wrap up pilots by end of April/Mid May at the latest? (see Appendix A for more detailed timeline and activities)January Kick off and LogisticsFebruary: Start PilotsMarch: Continue with PilotsApril: Conclude Pilots

10/11/20117MilestoneTarget DateResponsible PartySuccess CriteriaWhat will you/your organization use to determine the success of this pilot? This needs to be quantitative and not subjective in as much as possible. (For example: Successfully implement 1 ECA Rule showing successful execution from the EHR system)10/11/20118In Scope/Out of ScopeIf you already know what will be in and out of scope for your pilot (beyond the IG or the UC) please document it here: (for example in scope working with 1 vendor out of scope customizing the ECA Rules to include a trigger event from a Documentation template)10/11/20119Questions/NeedsPlease include those items you wish to consider any questions you have or hope the pilot addresses. Additionally, please include those items you need in order to succeed.(we will try to accommodate as many of these needs as possible within the scope of ONC, S&I and HeD)10/11/201110Helpful ReferencesUse Case 1: http://wiki.siframework.org/Health+eDecisions+Use+Case

Implementation Guide for UC 1: http://wiki.siframework.org/Health+eDecisions+Harmonization+and+Standards+%28Implementation%29 (see the Final Consensus and Harmonization)

Pilots Wiki Page: http://wiki.siframework.org/Health+eDecisions+Pilots 10/11/201111Appendix A: timeline details10/11/201112Goal & Activities Week NumberTentative DatesDeliverablesKickoff /Establish Goals & Partnerships: - Review HeD Initiative Goals - Review Piloting Process & Resources - Define Value Statement - Define HeD Pilot Goals & Success Metrics - Establish & Approve Pilots - Develop Pilot Briefs

1-2(2wks)1/07-1/21 -Wiki Capturing Pilot Deliverables-Established Partnerships-Documented Value Statements and Success Metrics-Documented Pilot Briefs

Pilot Configuration: - Establish Pilot Test Environment & Resources - Establish Pilot Implementation & Testing Process - Develop & Review Pilot Configuration

3-4(2 wks)1/28- 2/11 Approved Pilot Briefs Committed Pilot ResourcesDocumented & Reviewed Pilot Configuration GuideWeekly Feedback on Use-Cases & IG AlignmentPilot Development : - Setup & Develop Pilot Prototypes - Review prototypes

5-10(6 wks or less depending on Pilot activity)2/11-3/25 Weekly Pilot Development Status UpdatesWeekly Feedback on Use-Cases & IG AlignmentUpdates to Pilot Configuration GuidesPrepare for HL7 UC 1 re-ballotPilot Testing & Showcase : - Complete Testing - Prepare Solution Showcase

11-12(2wks)4/1-4/15Weekly Pilot Testing Updates & KPIsShowcasePilot Wrap-up : - Develop Lessons Learned an ONC Feedback - Review Initiative Goal Alignment - Establish Next-Steps13-14(2 wks)4/15-4/29-Documented ONC Feedback- Next Steps Action Plan