healthy ways to lose weight 2

Healthy ways to lose weight 2
Healthy ways to lose weight 2
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  • 1. HenricoSchool Nutrition ServicesTimothy P. Mertz,E.Directorto#ta/tl,q,h/ansLoseWeightAreyour childrenoverweight? Whethertheyneedto shedjust afew poundsor are more senouslyoverweight, theredre wa)lsyou canhelp. Considertheseideasto help themIoseweightwhilelearninghealtlryeatinghabitsthatcanlastal{etime.Trackfood intake Making healthy choices may be easier if your teen knowsmore about his diet right now Suggest that he keep a fooddiary. In a small notebook or on a computer or smartphone,he can record what he eats, how much, and when. Writing Eatingbreakfast first thing in the moming will actuallyjump-down what he eats will encourage him to think about the start his metabolism-which is a good thinglchoices hes making-and seeing the list can be a wake-upAlso, eatingmealsand snacksat roughly the sametimecall in itself. eachday lets your childs body know what to oq)ect, making Encourage him to look over his entries and reflect on howit lesslikely that hell craveextrasnacks.Explain that hehe eats and changes he could make. For instance, maybe hes needsenergyfrom regularmeals,and hell feelmore satisfiedreally hungry after school and has one snack after anotherthroughout the day.without stopping to consider whether hes full. You could sug-gest that he eat one nutritious, filling snack (say,peanut but- Figure servingsoutter on whole-wheat toast or on an apple), and wait beforePortionsplay a big role in the successeating more to see if hes still hungry.of any eating plan. Help your teenMakea planbecome more aware of servingsizes by looking together at por- Help your child write down a plan, setting goals for eatingtion information on food labels.and physical activity. Encourage her to be realistic and buildMake sure she realizes that onein gradual changes. Note; Let her know that fad diets dont package might have multiple sew-work long-term-she wont keep the weight off-and they ings-but the calorie and nutri-can be unhealthy for her growing body.tion information applies to only one For example, she could cut down on soda or increase hersewing. For instance, even a "small" bag of cookies or chipsworkout time each week. While she might want to set actualmight contain two to three servings.weight-loss goals, steer her toward healthy habits instead.You can also suggest a few "tricks" to make portion sizesThe weight will come off, and she will feel better. feel larger. She might use smaller plates and bowls for mealsand snacks, for instance. When she eats out, she could orderKeepmeals an appeizer as her meal. Or she can split restaurant entrees- regularwhich tend to be oversized anlnvay-witha friend or familyYour teen may member. think that skippingbreakfast or lunchFindsupportis a good way to losel-osingweightwill be easier your child hassupport fromifweight. In fact, it can family,friends,or otherstrying to loseweight.Shecould enroll inlead to bad habitsa weight management program,such asa WeightWatchersgroup Iike overeating later. for teens,a classat a local hospital,or a programat her school. F6Bp&Fffiesscontinued O 201 Res0urces Educators,1 for a division CCH 0fIncorporated This institution equalisan provider. opportunity

2. @r&nawreweigtrft_2Page,/=>-Or she might join forces witha friend who also wants to loseq_-_J Get hookedweight. They could exercise on exercisetogether and check in with Encourage your teen toeach other about whatmake exercise a part of histheyre eating-or even calldaily routine. Physical activityfor support before reachingis not only an important partfor a piece of cake. Finally, aof losing weight, its a way of greatway to help your teen healthy living. Help him findis for the whole family to eatactivities he will enjoy, whetherhealthfully.Shell be more apt to stick to her plan if shesnot its organized spors (lacrosse, soccer), individual activitieswatchingher parentsor siblingseatinghot fudgesundaes! (running, swimming), working out at a g),rrn, outdoor pur- orsuits like hiking, climbing, or kayaking.Drinkto your health!fu with tracking food, encourage your child to record his Does your teen know that sim-exercise. He should get about 60 minutes a day. That might ply by eliminating soda, hell seem like a lot to do at once, but he can find ways to stayprobably lose weight? And sodaactive throughout the day. For instance, he could bike instead isnt the only culprit in theof driving to friends houses, take stairs rather than elevators,"liquid calorie" in place during TV commercials, or walk around the ln fact, many drinks may block for study breaks. seem like a good choice, but they contain sugar-and calo- Focus healthonries. For example, a regularTry to keep the focus on being healthy rather than on how 20-ounce bottle of vitamin your child looks. That can be especially difficult when sheswater has 125 caloriesfromsaturated with magazine, Intemet, and television images ofsugar,and a l6-ounce bottle ofsuper-thin models and actors. Remind her that those imagesorangejuice has 192 sugar calories. are unrealistic. Having one of these drinks every once in a while is okay,Let her know that her sellworth is about who she is as abut encourage your child to choose water to stay hydrated person, not what her body looks like. Then, talk about theand healthy. A glass of fat-free milk a day is a healthy addition long-term benefits of maintaining a healthy weight (prevent-to his diet, too. ing heart diseaseand diabetes, for example). If she appreciatesthat exercise and the right diet are about helping her body stay ener$zed and healthy, she might be more motivated tocontinue her good eating habits. Yourchilds weight may {luctuateasshe grows.Thats you.mlSh,t wanr ro suggesranotherway to recognize hisnormal. But if her weight suddenlyjumpr, y:o,_, want to maywork. Perhapsyou could go to the gym togetheifor a gameconsider thesequestions:of racquetball, he could go bowling witf, his friendslTry oro Is sheeatingmorebecause stress? of Maybeshesbeento help your teenseeactiviry not food, as a reward.studyingfor an importanttestat schoolor her bestfrienda Is sheputtinghersefdowr?Along with overeating,decidedshe didnt want to be friendsanyrnore. varieryofwatch Afor your teenager sa)rngthings like, ,,I alwaysloolf fat inthings might triggeryour reento start eai- thesejeans" or "I wish I were skinny likeing to make her feel better. Talk to herabout other ways to boost her mood, likeJenny." An occasional comment can be okay, but too many may mean she needslistening to upbeat music or getting exer-to talk to someone other than a parent.cise,which helps her body release,,feel Consider talking to the guidan." .ou.,_good" chemicals called endorphins. selor ar school or your childs health_C Is your teenrewardinghimself withcare provider for advice. Also, remind food?If he celebrates doing well on a rest with aher to be patient-losing weight in afew cupcakes or other calorie-laden treat.healrhy way can take time.Editors Note: ken Food ; Fitness" is reviewed by a registered dietitian. Consult a physician before beginning any major change in diet or exercise. ffBp&Fffiess" Resources Educators, division of CCH Incorporatedr I28 N. RoyalAvenue,Front Royal,VA22630 t 540-636-4280 foraO 201 Resources Educat0rs, I fOr a division CCHoflncOr0Orated