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Harrods Christmas Toys From the softest cuddly bears to all the latest action-packed games, there is something to entertain boys and girls of all ages.


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2. Hansa Jack russell 24.95 This adorable, lifelike dog from Hansa comes complete with a toys that teach tag,describing the animals habitat, lifestyle,care of their young and eating habits. This cute pup makes playtime both excitingand educational. 3 years +. ITeM 2622314COdeLittle Pocket Bears34.95Beautifully styled, with real heritage appeal, these classic bearsare the ideal special gift to treasure forever. each one is craftedPeakaBoo Bearfrom the finest wool and tweed with sophisticated detailing,39.95and presented in a stunning gift box. From birth. Hide and seek has never beenGirlITeMCOde 2612388so fun with Peak-A-Boo Bear.Boy COde 2612389ITeMLet the fun begin by pressinghis foot, and watch in delightas he pops out from behindthe blanket. 3 years +.COde 2616907ITeMHarrods stardust Bear14.95A TY UK exclusive to Harrods,Stardust Bear is part ofthe luxurious Plush rangeand wears the stores iconicH monogram with pride.3 years +. ITeM 258132 COdedISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM 9 3. Harrods Paddington Bear24.95 Paddington has beengiven a Harrods makeover, Kaloo Bear sofawith his traditional duffle 49.95 coat embroidered with Sit back and relax in style withthe gold H monogram. the cuddly bear sofa. designed toBut he hasnt forgotten fit the shape of babys back,his please look after this lightweight seat makes this bear, thank you tag, it safe and easy to sit upwhich still hangs around and see the world.his neck. 12 months +. COde 2481085 ITeM 6 months +. COde 2617500 ITeM Peter rabbit Classic 26.95 This cute-as-a-button Peter Rabbit wears his traditional blue jacket, delicately embroidered in dark blue, and holds his favourite food a carrot in his paw. From birth. COde 2073100 ITeMTouch mat 54.95 explore an exciting and stimulating environment with this giant-sized, padded play mat. Complete with squeaker, baby-safemirror, teether, plastic rings, peek-a-booand seven different textures its a wholebundle of fun! From birth. ITeM 2297779COde10 dISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM 4. Paris Chihuahua T-rex 49.95 44.95 This super-stylish handbagdelve into a Jurassic jungle with this tactile T-Rex. has all the loveable At 62cm tall, this towering titan is guaranteed charm of your favourite to add an exhilarating amount of terror Paris Chihuahua. to any make-believe game. 3 years +. 6 years +. ITeM 2598762 COdeCOde 1945784ITeM Penguin 29.95 Join the penguin parade this Christmas with this loveable, lifelike pal. Carefully constructed with great attention to detail, hell be around to weather all of winter! 3 years +. ITeM 1945783COdestory Telling Puppet set 69.95Let storytime come alive with these fabulous animated puppets. Watch in delight as you move their lips to re-tell traditional tales,making them more enchanting than ever before. 3 years +. ITeM 2617484 COdedISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM 11 5. steiff Wallysnowy owl72.95steiff Fynn Bear Wally, Steiff s limited-edition Snowy Owl,139 is a genuine workSteiff s famous Fynn bear is back but thisof art. Covered inyear he is bigger than ever, standing at 80cm tall.luxurious curled whiteFynns cuddly soft fur showcases Steiff s exceptional mohair, Steiff s talentedcraftsmanship, while the famous Steiff ear buttonartisans have lovinglyis a true mark of quality. From birth. ITeM 2467022 COde hand airbrushed each individual feature making this lifelike owla real collectors item.12 months +. COde 2619229 ITeM steiff Lommy dangling Lemur steiff my First Bear 94.95 Lommy the dangling lemur is the latest32.95 member of the Steiff family for winter 2011.Start your Steiff collection with this At 40cm tall and made from a super-soft,extra-special little bear. Standing 25cm woven plush he is one of the most charmingtall with a beautifully soft, cream plush characters yet. From birth. ITeM 2571258 COdeand gold embroidered foot pad hes a keepsafe well worth keeping! From birth. ITeM 2571296COdeFrederick Harrods Christmas Bear 2011149Frederick, Harrods 2011 Christmas bear, is a shining exampleof Steiff craftsmanship at its best. dressed to impress withhis curly mohair fur, brass-buttoned waistcoat and matchingbow-tie, this limited-edition bear is the smartest in town.12 months +. ITeM 2524926COde12dISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM 6. Harrods Hello Kitty16.95 Since her first appearance in 1975, Hello Kitty has been a firm favourite amongst children andadults alike. Available exclusively from Harrods, this Hello Kitty Loves Harrods soft toy will make for a charming gift. From birth. ITeM 2146676COdeHarrods dragon12.50With a soft, plush coat and gold-tonedetailing, this cute dragon is a favourablecompanion for all. He also boaststhe embroidered Harrods signatureon his foot. From birth. ITeM 2118037COdeFreddie,Harrods Christmas Bear 201124.95Meet festive Freddie the teddy,Harrods exclusive Christmas bearfor 2011. dressed in an adorablewinter cardigan, this super-softted will delight any age group.3 years +. ITeM 2423406 COdeHarrods Eric Bear29.95 Sitting stout and proud, eric is a huggable bear with soft,long-pile fur and bright shiny eyes. dressed for the weather in a warm green duffle coat, he can join you on your winter walks. 3 years + ITeM 1933551COde dISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM 13 7. stevenson Brothers rocking Horse 5,995 exclusively available at Harrods, this beautiful, old-fashioned steed was created in england by world-renowned rocking horse artisans Stevenson Brothers. Carved from english oak, its a hand- finished masterpiece that is bound to be cherished for years to come. 3 years +. ITeM 2562700COde my Pet Horse With your favourite horse at your commandfor canters indoors and gallops outdoors it wont be long before youre conquering the world. My Pet Horseis the perfect sidekick for budding riders. Giddy-up! Small (3 years +)ITeMCOde 2267370 169 Medium (5 years +) ITeMCOde 2267371 199 Large (7 years +)ITeMCOde 2267372 29914 dISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM 8. sesame street Lets rock Elmo84.95 elmo, the cutest-ever Sesame Street character, is the star of the show withhis very own microphone, tambourineand drum set. Why not choose which instrument elmo plays and then have a go for yourself. 18 months +. ITeM 2590640COde Winnie The Pooh interactive Friend45.95everyones favourite bear, this interactive Winnie the Pooh will become your best frienddance star mickeyas he mirrors your actions throughout89.95the day. 12 months +. ITeM 2598996 COdeWatch dance Star Mickey come to life rightbefore your eyes. Now more realistic thanever, the worlds most famous mouse walks,talks, dances to six different songs, and evendoes the moonwalk. 2 years +. ITeM 2598653COde Furreal Cookiepie 89.95 The super-sweet Cookiepie barks, wags her tail, moves her head in the direction of sounds and makes puppy noises she really is the closest thing to owning a real pup! 4 years +. ITeM 2428631COdedISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM15 9. Talking roland rat19.95 The coolest rodent of them all, this Roland Rat character is retro fun at its best.This talking cuddly toy brings back his The Womblesmost memorable quotes for a realnostalgic treat. 3 years +. 11.95COde 2598705 ITeM As the residents of Wimbledon Common, these lovely plush Wombles are a delightful gift for both young and old. 3 years +. Great Uncle Bulgaria ITeMCOde 2598708 OrinocoITeMCOde 2598707 Madame CholetCOde 2598706ITeMFraggle rock19.95Join the party with Red,one of the best-loved Fraggles, whose vibrantjumper matches her Large monkey exuberant personality. says relax3 years +.COde 2064282ITeM 29.95 A popular character from the world of TV and radio, Monkey will bring a smile to everyones face. 3 years +. COde 2598711 ITeM16 dISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM 10. yooHoo Panda11.95Say hello to Ringring, a loveablegiant panda from the cuteYooHoo & Friends range. yooHoo Fennec FoxWith his distinctive7.95black-and-white coatMeet Pammee, a snuggly-softhe is one of the mostfennec fox from the YooHoo &recognisable animalsFriends collection, who is notin the world! From birth.only cute and cuddly, but isCOde 2212107ITeMalso super silly making a whistlesound when you squeezeher tummy! From birth.COde 2212103ITeMLittle Charley Bear Lets Pretend 59.95 Little Charley Bear loves playing the guessinggame watch him act out a movement andthen see if you can guess what he was pretending to be. 2 years +. ITeM 2481425COdeyooHoo Bush Baby11.95YooHoo is a tiny bush baby from east Africa, with rather a lot of friends! Joinhis exciting adventures as he meets other animals from around the world, andlearns all about their way of life. Colours may vary. From birth. ITeM 2212093COdedISCOVeR THe TOY KINGdOM ON THe FOURTH FLOOR, ANd ONLINe AT HARROdS.COM17