happy valentines day!!

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Happy valentines day!!

Happy valentines day!!02.14.13

How to celebrate Valentines dayMake sure your sweet, cute puppy wakes you up in the morningAllow time for puppy kissesFinally, get out of bed

After you get out of bedIf applicable, hopefully your significant other has made you breakfast. If not, go make them breakfast.You could possibly share with that adorable puppy that woke you up.

Sadly, go to work or school Etc.Sadly, Valentines Day is not a holiday where you get the whole day off to spend with loved ones. But, thats ok! Plan to do something around your schedule or on a different day.Going out to eat is always a good option!

Low on funds, no problem!Valentines Day doesnt need to be expensive. Here are some other options:Cook supperMake dessertsHome made presents Rent a movie