Hacking the brain sleep exercise

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<ul><li>1.1 Dr.Harsha Doddihal Hacking The Brain Sleep, Exercise &amp; Learning Inspired Heavily from Nathaniel T Schutta </li></ul> <p>2. 2 Objective Learning more about brain! Why learn about brain? Fun &amp; Profit Can we understand self by understanding the brain? Can we perform better if we know how our brain functions? What can help/aid our brain performance? How do we focus better? Are we rational? 3. 3 Road Map Sleep Exercise Learning Managing Information Distractions Predictably irrational External Brain Road Blocks 4. 4 Why Do We Sleep? Sleep allows body to repair cells damaged by free radicals Sleep helps replenish fuel. Adenosine puts us to sleep. ATP generation! Sleep-Housekeeping, pruning of synapses Reinforcing memory and learning We really dont know Sleep deprivation: You make more errors, attention failure http://www2.psychology.uiowa.edu/Faculty/blumberg/Course_Docs/Seminar.2008/Rea dings/Stickgold.Nature.2005.pdf http://sleep.boomja.com/index.php?ITEM=60866 Blood pressure rises Trouble metabolizing glucose Immune system depressed Body temp drops 30% loss in cognitive skill-skip a night Contributes to obesity Feel hungrier 5. 5 Circardian Rhythm Melatonin Jet lag Genes get turned on in 8, 12, 24 hour cycle Clock genes! Treating depression with bright light in the morning Treatment of cancer 6. 6 70%</p>