guide to stickers - sticker oval sticker. remember! 1)the cutting line must be vector based. 2)...

Download Guide to Stickers -    sticker Oval sticker. REMEMBER! 1)The cutting line must be vector based. 2) ... Make a color that differs from the rest of the design

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  • To cut stickers, you need to draw a line around graphics or images. The simple ones are square or round, but can also follow the edge around shapes such as. a

    logo, a person or a vase. Following this guide allows you to deliver a file ready for print and cut.

    Logo with cut line

    Square sticker Oval sticker

    REMEMBER!1) The cutting line must be vector based

    2) The color must be defined as Spot Color

    3) The color should be named CutContour

    4) File must be delivered in PDF format

    Guide to Stickers

  • In Adobe Acrobat PRO, you can use the Output Preview feature to view the Spot Color CutContour.

    Here it is small but the color is not important.Make a color that differs from the rest of the design.

    Cutting lines must be made in an application that works with vector, such as Adobe Illustrator, InDe-sign, Inkscape or Corel Draw.

    The color of the line should be defined as a Spot Color and named CutContour. The printer uses the special color to cut and it will not print.

    Correction: On stickers with pure vector graphics, it is often enough to choose the outer edge- Here is an example where the border is marked with purple. Remember, there must be 3 mmprint / bleed in addition to cutting file.

    Screen Edition Printed version

    Round, square or triangular logos are made 3 mm larger than the cut or placed on a background of the same color. This means that you get a little "bleed" and avoid white edges.