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"Guerrilla Selling" custom one-day seminar for Pharos Marine Automatic Power, January 17, 2014 in Houston.


<ul><li> 1. GUERRILLA SELLINGGuerrilla Selling - How to NaB &amp; CaPTuRe More Customers Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP Sr. Partner THE GUERRILLA GROUPinc !Google me Presented by:THE GUERRILLA GROUP</li></ul><p> 2. Its a jungle out there! 3. Thank you, Scott. We get the picture. 4. GUERRILLA SELLINGWhat is Guerrilla Selling?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 5. Jay Conrad Levinson 1933 - 2013 6. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe most successful marketing series in history:THE GUERRILLA GROUP 7. GUERRILLA SELLINGTime 4to 1Golden Dont OneSelling Hourwaste a lunchmore stopTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 8. GUERRILLA SELLINGEnergy Eat Right 20 Minutes a Day Time Out Reward Yourselfand thank you Jesus for my wonderful job.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 9. GUERRILLA SELLINGImagination ThinkBigThinkSmallVisualizeSuccess Imagination is more important than Idea-of-the-Week Book -- Albert Einstein intelligence. THE GUERRILLA GROUP 10. Never, ever, think outside the box. 11. GUERRILLA SELLINGIf youre going to be texting: Twitter Handle HashtagIm in Houston listening to @OrvelRay Wilson speak about #Guerrilla Selling and its excellent! THE GUERRILLA GROUP 12. GUERRILLA SELLINGLeverage is Created Four Ways: You workPeople workMoney worksIdeas workTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 13. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe Guerrillas Secret Weapons InformationSurpriseTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 14. If this is the Information Age, how come nobody knows anything? 15. GUERRILLA SELLING10 Guerrilla Strategies to Increase Your Sales ImmediatelyTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 16. GUERRILLA SELLING1. Investment TheLaw of The Slight Edge: The difference between a champion and an also-ran, more often than not, is a very slim margin.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 17. GUERRILLA SELLING1. Investment PeopleTechnologyYourselfCommunity THE GUERRILLA GROUP 18. GUERRILLA SELLINGInvest in People Hire first for AttitudeHelp Wanted Jack Welsh 20/70/10 Train ConstantlyResource CenterOutside ExpertiseTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 19. GUERRILLA SELLINGInvest in Technology 4 Big Trends Affecting Sales: 1. Tablets 2. Mobile; growing at 2X per year 3. Big Data 4. Social Media THE GUERRILLA GROUP 20. GUERRILLA SELLINGInvest in Yourself Readthe tradesMaster GetMindan accountability coachBuildyour library.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 21. GUERRILLA SELLINGGuerrilla Selling 2.0 - 20th Anniversary EditionTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 22. GUERRILLA SELLINGInvest in your Community IALAIntl. Assn. of Lighthouse Authorities NOMADSNatl. Oil Equipment Mfgrs. and Delegates Society AWEAAmerican Wind Energy AssociationTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 23. GUERRILLA SELLING2. Consistent Poor selling done consistently will be more effective than great selling done sporadically.Consistency is interpreted as longevity, credibility, and trust.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 24. GUERRILLA SELLINGWhy Customers Quit: 15% quit for quality - found a better product 15% quit for price - found a cheaper product 20% quit for lack of contact or individual attention 49% quit because contact was poor and inconsistent. Forum Corporation study of commercial customers lost by 14 major manufacturing and service companies.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 25. Hes on another line at the moment, would you like to hold? 26. GUERRILLA SELLINGImage vs. IdentityTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 27. Ill tell you why I dont trust him. Its that damn sheepskin vest. 28. GUERRILLA SELLING3. Confident Guerrillas believe in their products and their people.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 29. GUERRILLA SELLINGWhy Customers Buy: Confidence Quality Service Selection Price THE GUERRILLA GROUP 30. GUERRILLA SELLINGWhy Customers Buy: 1. Confidence 2. Quality 3. Service 4. Selection 5. Price THE GUERRILLA GROUP 31. GUERRILLA SELLING3. Confident Expect the Sale500 hours @ $75 to prepare a Proposal Collect TestimonialsDefend your prices and margins.Engineering, Drafting and Documentation THE GUERRILLA GROUP 32. How did I go broke? I was the low bid! 33. GUERRILLA SELLING3. Confident Guarantee EverythingNo longer a differentiator Sunshine Trash ServiceTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 34. Mr. Colton, do we stand behind our products? 35. GUERRILLA SELLING4. Patient Fine-tuningyour knowledge and skills takestime.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 36. GUERRILLA SELLING4. Patient Less than 4% of sales are made on the first call, more than 80% are made after the eighth call.It takes 9 impressions to take a prospective customer from total apathy to purchase readiness.It takes 11 positive impressions to overcome a single negative impression. THE GUERRILLA GROUP 37. GUERRILLA SELLINGProspect Learning Curve Purchase ReadinessTotal Apathy Number of ImpressionsTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 38. GUERRILLA SELLINGDont Quit 48% quit after the first contact 20% quit after the second contact 7% quit after the third contact 5% quit after the fourth contact 4% quit after the fifth contact Yet 80% close AFTER the sixth call THE GUERRILLA GROUP 39. GUERRILLA SELLING5. Assortment Theold days when Henry Ford could get by with,You can have any color you want - as long as its black, are long gone.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 40. GUERRILLA SELLINGMove Them Up the Curve Fill the Curve Show the Best First Opportunities to UpgradeTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 41. GUERRILLA SELLINGLifetime Value of a Customer $5,000 year x 3% Net = $150 per year x 5 Years = $750THE GUERRILLA GROUP 42. GUERRILLA SELLINGLifetime Value of a Customer Average cost of an industrial sales call* = $1,644Calls needed to close an industrial sale = 4.3Average cost per sale = $7,069.20* McGraw Hill, Laboratory of Advertising Performance Report #8051THE GUERRILLA GROUP 43. GUERRILLA SELLING6. Subsequent Guerrillaswage their marketing campaign simultaneously on three fronts.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 44. GUERRILLA SELLINGPath of Least Resistance CustomersCurrentNewEasiest NewProducts OldHardMost ProfitableSome ProfitHarderVery HardLess ProfitNo ProfitTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 45. GUERRILLA SELLING6. Subsequent It takes 11 positive impressions to overcome a single negative impression.Repetition, Repetition, Repetition You Oughta Be In PicturesTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 46. Dear Ken, THANK YOU for the opportunity to serve Pharos Marine Automatic Power. What a FASCINATING group! We had a GREAT time! OrvelRay From the desk of Orvel Ray Wilson34316 Gap Road, Golden, CO 80403 800-247-9145 47. GUERRILLA SELLINGShow Up 80% of sex is showing up. -- Woody AllenTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 48. Ren Neuman 49. GUERRILLA SELLINGShow Up Happy EasterPark YourselfTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 50. GUERRILLA SELLING7. Convenient Guerrillas are user friendly. They are in touch, easy to reach, and they do everything immediately.Message in a bottleTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 51. GUERRILLA SELLING MARKETING SALES &amp;8. Measurement What you measure is what you get. Inspect what you expect. Tom Peters 28 great years.THE GUERRILLA GROUP THE GUERRILLA GROUP 52. Monthly Sales Performance Total Sales VolumeNumber of TransactionsGross Margin %Jeannie$16,550.002531.1%Cindy$20,196.002630.2%Kathy$24,952.003029.3%Chris$19,252.003232.1%Pat$22,532.003134.9%Michelle$21,036.002526.0%Ryan$26,382.001931.0%Average$21,557.1426.8630.7% 53. Monthly Sales Performance Total Sales VolumeNumber of TransactionsGross Margin %Jeannie$16,550.002531.1%Cindy$20,196.002630.2%Kathy$24,952.003029.3%Chris$19,252.003232.1%Pat$22,532.003134.9%Michelle$21,036.002526.0%Ryan$26,382.001931.0%Average$21,557.1426.8630.7% 54. Monthly Sales Performance Total Sales VolumeNumber of TransactionsGross Margin %Jeannie$16,550.002531.1%Cindy$20,196.002630.2%Kathy$24,952.003029.3%Chris$19,252.003232.1%Pat$22,532.003134.9%Michelle$21,036.002526.0%Ryan$26,382.001931.0%Average$21,557.1426.8630.7% 55. Monthly Sales Performance Total Sales VolumeNumber of TransactionsGross Margin %Jeannie$16,550.002531.1%Cindy$20,196.002630.2%Kathy$24,952.003029.3%Chris$19,252.003232.1%Pat$22,532.003134.9%Michelle$21,036.002526.0%Ryan$26,382.001931.0%Average$21,557.1426.8630.7% 56. GUERRILLA SELLING9. Excitement A Good Word for EveryoneNever ComplainGreet them with a 10.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 57. GUERRILLA SELLING10. Commitment Isolate Putthe Trigger Event"your customers secondKeepyour promisesTakeout the slack.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 58. Small World Machines 59. GUERRILLA SELLINGTwo Words That Guide the Guerrilla to the Sale:NaB &amp; CaPTuRe THE GUERRILLA GROUP 60. GUERRILLA SELLINGNaB &amp; CaPTuRe 1. Need 2. Budget 3. Commitment 4. Presentation 5. Transaction 6. RewardTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 61. GUERRILLA SELLINGStep One The Need StageTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 62. Swiss Army Couch Swiss Army Couch 63. GUERRILLA SELLINGGuerrilla Prospecting: Do They dis-qualify? Do they have. . .1) a need. 2) a budget. 3) the authority to make a commitment. 4) and a motivation to act now. THE GUERRILLA GROUP 64. GUERRILLA SELLINGGetting Behind the Lines GatekeeperNot authorized to say yes and trained to say no.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 65. GUERRILLA SELLINGGetting Behind the Lines InfluencerEvaluating from a technical or financial point of view.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 66. GUERRILLA SELLINGGetting Behind the Lines PurchaserReleases the fundsTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 67. GUERRILLA SELLINGGetting Behind the Lines DeciderCan say no even if everyone else says yes.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 68. GUERRILLA SELLINGGetting Behind the Lines UsersHave to live with this decision over time.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 69. GUERRILLA SELLINGGetting Behind the Lines SpySomeone who, for reasons of their own, wants to see you succeed.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 70. GUERRILLA SELLINGGetting Behind the Lines SaboteurSomeone who, for reasons of their own, wants to see you fail.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 71. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe Iceberg PrincipleTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 72. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe Iceberg Principle Problems?Resources Available?Other Solutions Being Considered?Uncover at Least One ConcernTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 73. You really should have called me sooner. 74. GUERRILLA SELLINGFive Steps in Finding Prospects: 1. Identify your ideal prospects, those most likely to buy from you. Your Best Prospects are Your Competitors Best Customers Match Your Demographics.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 75. GUERRILLA SELLINGFive Steps in Finding Prospects: 2. Get Out in the Field Join Their Associations Exhibit at Trade Shows Sell at Reverse Shows Schedule Virtual Coffee over SKYPE THE GUERRILLA GROUP 76. GUERRILLA SELLINGFive Steps in Finding Prospects: 3. Use an Unusual, Creative, or Unexpected Approach. Send a Box Send a fork Happy Birthday THE GUERRILLA GROUP 77. GUERRILLA SELLINGFive Steps in Finding Prospects: 4. Ask a Lot of Questions. The 37 Magic Selling Questions*THE GUERRILLA GROUP 78. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 1. What is your main objective? 2. How do you plan to achieve that goal? 3. What is the biggest problem you currently face? 4. What other problems do you experience?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 79. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 5. What are you doing currently to deal with this? 6. What is your strategy for the future? 7. What other ideas do you have?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 80. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 8. What role do others play in creating this situation? 9. Who else is affected?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 81. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 10. What are you using now? 11. What do you like most about it? 12. What do you like least about it?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 82. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 13. If you could have things any way you wish, what would you change? 14. How would this affect the present situation? 15. What would motivate you to change?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 83. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 16. Do you have a preference? 17. What has been your experience? 18. How do you know? 19. Is there anything else youd like to see?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 84. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 20. What would it be worth to you to solve this problem? 21. What would it cost, ultimately, if things remain as they are? 22. Are you working within a budget? 23. How are you planning to finance it? THE GUERRILLA GROUP 85. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 24. What alternatives have you considered? 25. What benefit would you personally realize as a result? 26. How would others benefit? 27. How can I help? THE GUERRILLA GROUP 86. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 28. Is there anything Ive overlooked? 29. Are there any questions youd like to ask? 30. What do you see as the next step? 31. Who else, besides yourself, will be involved in making the decision? THE GUERRILLA GROUP 87. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 32. On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident do you feel doing business with us? What would it take to get that up to a [10]?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 88. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 33. Are you working against a particular deadline? 34. How soon would you like to start? 35. When would you like to take delivery?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 89. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: 36. When should we get together to discuss this again? 37. Is there anything else youd like for me to take care of?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 90. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe 37 Magic Selling Questions: Just like Aladdin, when you ask the right questions, youll never know what sort of magic youll set in motion.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 91. GUERRILLA SELLINGFive Steps in Finding Prospects: 5. Listen Actively to the Answers.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 92. GUERRILLA SELLINGListen Actively &amp; Visibly Maintain Eye ContactUse Verbal Attends:Use Non-verbal Attends:Take Visible NotesTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 93. GUERRILLA SELLINGListen Actively &amp; Visibly Ask for ClarificationParaphraseAsk Who, What, When, Where, How?Dont ask Why.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 94. GUERRILLA SELLINGI-LandTHE GUERRILLA GROUP 95. GUERRILLA SELLINGStep Two The Budget Stage Discomfort in Discussing DollarsAvoids Sticker Shock Defuses Price Anxiety You must get a specific amount. THE GUERRILLA GROUP 96. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe About Face Your price is too high.Too high? (pause) When you say too high, what do you mean; too high relative to what?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 97. GUERRILLA SELLINGThe About Face Youre always too expensive until they know what you deliver.Engineering, Documentation, Drawings We have no argument with those who sell for less. They know best what their product is worth. THE GUERRILLA GROUP 98. GUERRILLA SELLINGDefending Your Price The LimboI wont pay any more than... Can you explain to me how you arrived at that figure? What did you take into account? Ask them to itemize their calculation. THE GUERRILLA GROUP 99. In what way are they better for your application?GUERRILLA SELLINGDefending Your Price Theyre the same (or better)Counter by asking for specifics In what way are they better for your application?THE GUERRILLA GROUP 100. In what way are they better good deal on the first one. Give me a for your application?!GUERRILLA SELLINGDefending Your Price The First-timerGive me a good deal on the first one.THE GUERRILLA GROUP 101. In what way are...</p>