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  • 1.IELTS take the next step

2. A quick overview of Road to IELTS Helps with all four exam modules Developed by the British Council Includes 120 hours of learning materials Academic and General training versions 3. How will Road to IELTS benefit you? Learners become familiar with the exam format Learners develop vocabulary and awareness in 12 key themes Helps learners measure progress and understand mistakes Develops confidence Provides instant feedback For example, with timed listening tests 4. Road to IELTS is easy to use Progress 5. Road to IELTS is easy to use Scratch Pad 6. Road to IELTS is easy to use Print 7. Road to IELTS is easy to use Marking 8. Road to IELTS is easy to use. Road to IELTS is easy to use Click to watch an IELTS speaking test. Video 9. Road to IELTS is easy to use. Road to IELTS is easy to use Exam tips 10. There are six main sections: What kind of activities? Words 11. Words Learners listen to a speaker and match a leisure activity. 12. Reading Learners work on authentic texts, as in the exam. 13. Listening Learners practise with timed listening tests, as in the exam. 14. Speaking Learners watch videos of the speaking test. 15. Writing 1 Candidates learn to describe charts and tables. 16. Writing 2 Candidates practise developing a written argument. 17. Why is the speaking section so useful? The videos gives candidates a real feel for the exam. Learners watch four candidates answer differently. Candidates are from different countries and of different ability. Each section of the speaking test is practised in detail. 18.

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