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Fundraising 1.0: Grass Roots

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Presented at the American Pets Alive No-Kill Conference 2014.


  • Fundraising 1.0: Grass Roots
  • Who are we? Lindy and Katy are both long term volunteers of San Antonio Pets Alive! SAPA! was formed in January 2012 and granted nonprofit, 501(c)3 status in April, 2012. Our mission is to save every adoptable dog and cat in danger of euthanasia at the City Shelter through adoption, foster care, baby bottle-feeding, the provision of alternatives to pet surrender, and the involvement of citizens and businesses in order to make San Antonio a No-Kill city. While many APA practices were leveraged, there was less than a month between the initial informational meeting about SAPA and their first save! Team had to raise money and supporters quickly w/o any budget or background in fundraising! Here are tips on what we did, what worked and what didnt.
  • Fundraising Online Fundraising: Easy and can be large pay off, can do often Grants/Foundations: Time consuming, few and far between but large pay off Events: Extremely Time and Resource consuming, medium pay off Donation Drives and Boxes: After process set up, easy money! Merchandise sales Direct Mail: Costly and time consuming for initial creation but very successful Thank yous and Recognition! 12% 16% 33%4% 2% 32% Events Direct Mail Online Donations Medical Chipins Merch Sales Grants
  • Online Fundraising Select your online donation tool look at fees, features, and ease of use: Ex: Paypal, Razoo, Network for Good, Cause, Firstgiving, YouCaring is where you can select a shelter and then shop at Amazon or other stores with part of proceeds going to charity. Online Auctions: Example: V-day Theme basket auction. Use 32 Auctions Encourage supporters to set up their own fundraisers for Birthdays, Graduations, etc. Team Fundraiser/contests: ex Mutt Milers raised almost $5000! Create clever online campaigns and seek matching gift donations held one at end of year and raised over $30k in 72hrs.
  • Example Chipin People like giving to a specific purpose or animal. For instance, if there is an animal with a medical need rather than absorbing the costs in your general budget look for donations. Example: Poor Miracle was hit by a train and needed substantial medical care & surgery to amputate tail and leg. The team worked together and raised $2500 in 3 days from almost 100 individual donations: Set up a Donation page with pictures /video and story. Post online & ask supporters to share. Provide updates on progress. If appropriate, send out a Press release. Maybe it will go no where, but often it will be picked up on a slow news day! Include a open-ended donation link so there is no limit to donations! See Press release in next slide: KEY: Thank the donors and make them feel appreciated and as though they have made a tangible difference. Send picture of animal looking healthy and happy letting them know THEY helped make this happen!
  • Press Release for Miracle FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Taryn or Gabrielle 512-994-9116 DOG HIT BY TRAIN: NEEDS LEG AND TAIL AMPUTATION This dog was believed to have been hit by a train today. She was brought to Animal Care Services after being found by railroad tracks with a severed leg and tail. San Antonio Pets Alive pulled her from euthanasia, evaluated her and determined she can be treated and live a rich life full of belly rubs and love. SAPA pulled the dog and has begun medical treatment. Most of the pets we save have treatable illnesses and injuries, and this doesnt stop SAPA from its lifesaving work. This dog needs urgent surgery and a foster home for after care. Please make donations at our website: to foster please email [email protected]
  • Grants Google! Look for grants, foundations via Google, look at other animals shelters to see whos supporting them. Guidestar Research: Review Foundations 990s to see who they have given to in the past and what amount. Just do it! If you dont apply, you will lose 100% of the time. Reach out! If there is a contact listed, reach out to pitch your idea, gain insight and create personal connection to your application. Compile a Grant folder with commonly requested items: 501c3 Determination, Board List, Budget, Financials so you can quickly compile the generic stuff and focus on the story telling and content. Create a basic case study with key content on your mission, program and accomplishments.
  • Events Assess each event idea realistically. Often events are incredibly time and resource consuming yet result in small profits. Third party events are the best! No work aside from mktg but charity gets profits. EZs, 54th St, local charities provide a % of the nights revenue to the org. Ex. A local restaurant add a special drink Pawmagranate Margarita and chose an entre to give us a % all month calling it Puppy Love month. Recruit an events team. Encourage supporters to come with door prizes and a fun time! Maximize other events already occurring. Get a whiteboard with a Wish List for Adoption events at stores. Sell Merchandise T-shirt etc. Just need to manage inventory so they dont walk off. Event ideas: Golf Tournament, Dog Wash at local Groomer, Gala, Luncheon/Breakfast
  • Donation Drives & Boxes Donation Boxes: Approach local businesses to put a donation box near their register. Include a QR code to your online donation page for folks that dont carry cash. Groomers, restaurants, Local Pet Stores, any friend! Donation Boxes: $9.63 per box at Recommend a lock keep honest people honest. $1.48 ea / keyed the same at Donation Drives: Reach out to schools, churches, scout troops to host donation drives for supplies and donations! Claytons Bday party was a hit! In Kind Donations: Work with Costco, Walmart, local Pet supply houses, linen/laundry businesses to donate dented/ripped dog food or used linens.
  • Merchandise T-shirts! or Zazzle takes away up front costs, inventory mgmt and distributionbut cuts into profit. Christmas Stockings for pets: Make braided toys, get donations from stores, buy $1 items to make a Pet Stocking to sell! Good old fashioned Bake sales! Fiesta Medals or your citys equivalent First Pet Package
  • Direct Mail December Direct Mail 17,500 pieces Printing costs $5009.00 ($0.286) Envelope $2138.00 Card $1796.00 Inserts $1075.00 Mailing cost (match mailing) $962.00 Postage $1730.11 ($.098) Total costs: $7564.11 ($.432) Donations received: $18579.00 Profit: $11014.89
  • Quality Data Your outreach by email or mail will only be as good as the quality of your data. Collect name, address, email and phone number of every supporter and contact at every opportunity. Add them to your database with a classification of adopter, foster or donor. Track donations by each campaign with an annual total per donor. When doing a direct mail have your data run through NCOA (National Change of Address). Determine if you will continue to mail to those on your list that have moved based on: 1. Have the donated before? 2. When did they donate last? 3. Did they move out of the area?
  • Data Management Update NCOA changes to your data after each mailing. Keep your data backed up in several locations. Your data is an asset that will appreciate over time so treat it that way Have staff and volunteers that have data access sign a confidentiality agreement to make sure your data doesnt leave if they do.
  • THANK, THANK, THANK Proper Appreciation: Ensure your supporters feel appreciated and like they are making a difference. Provide updates on an animal/campaign: Set up a protocol for donor recognition: Ex. $1-$25 receive an email thank you $26+ receive a hand written thank you $250 are contacted by Exec Dir $500 are invited for a tour Donor DB: Collect and Track all donors for more effective and targeted campaigns in future dog lovers vs cat lovers; S/N Gifts for Givers: Provide little thank yous here and there. Request donated tickets to an event and offer them to key donors as a thank you w/o an ask attached. They will answer the phone the next time and likely donate!
  • Know your supporters!
  • Use Facebook and Web Analytics to get smarter at when/how to engage/communicate
  • Work with your Marketing Team to engage your supporters!
  • Handy Links For medical chip ins People can shop at Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. A percentage of the sales will be donated to your shelter. Get your rescue on there and search foundations for their 990s.
  • San Antonio Pets Alive! Contacts Fundraising Team [email protected] Marketing and Direct Mail Team [email protected]