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  • GPS Tracker TK102 Config

    iPhone app: GPS Tracker TK (download from the App Store).

    Track online with auto tracking, register at at:

    Insert activated SIM card into the device (make sure SIM card is configured with caller ID on).

    SMS Commands-

    1. Enable TK102

    To enable your tk102 gps tracker, send the command "begin+password"

    Example begin123456

    2. Password reset

    The password is important, because every command you sent to the tracker need to follow with

    the password.

    The default password is 123456, and you may want to change it once you ready to use, to change the password send a message include password+old password new password to the tracker.

    Example password123456 567890 will change your password from 123456 into


    Note: password must be 6 digits long.

  • For the sake of this tutorial we will change the password back to default.

    3. Authorization You can authorize 5 different number on the allow list, so they can command the tracker.

    There is two way to authorize, one is calling, number, then this number will automatically became

    one authorized number.

    The most convenient way, send a message in the format of admin+password cell phone number to the tracker.

    Example: Send admin123456 0432733918 will authorize phone number 0432733918 on the allow list.

    To remove a number from the allow list then send sms in the format of noadmin+password

    cell phone number.

    Example: Send noadmin123456 0432733918 will exclude the number 0432733918 from the allow


    If youre authorising your tracker to call it from outside your own region (or country) then make sure to place the area code or country in front of the number.

    Example: If your tracker is in the United States, and youre calling the tracker from United Kingdom, then youll need to authorize your number as 61432733918 as the 61 is the country code of United Kingdom.

    Australia 61 UK 44 USA 1

    Find full list of country codes here.

    4. Auto Tracking

    This GPS have the auto tracking function. The command syntax as follow:

    t+time interval+time unit+repeat time+n+password

    This syntax seems a little bit confusing, so let me give few example for you.

    *Note: In time unit, s stand for second, m stand for minute and h stand for Hours.


  • Send auto report every 30 seconds, and repeat five times, the command is:


    In this example, where 030 is the interval of 30 seconds, the 005 means repeat 5 time, 123456 is

    the password.

    Time interval and repeat time must be in 3 digits length.

    If you want to set the auto tracking to report every 1 hours and repeat 24 times. Then send SMS as


    To cancel auto tracking, send notn+password.

    5. Voice Surveillance

    You can set the tracker into monitor mode, when you call the tracker, the tracker will answer your

    phone and transfer the voice around the tracker back to you.

    To set the tracker into voice surveillance mode (monitor mode), send command:

    monitor+password, make sure to set it back to tracker mode once you want it to report

    geographic info, to set it back to tracker mode send command tracker+password.

  • 6. Geo-fence Geo-fence will help you to restrict the target within a certain preset area. When the target breach

    the restrict area, youll get a message report. Note: You need to let the tracker stay still for 10 minutes before you send the command to it.

    The command is stockade+password latitude1, longitude1;latitude2,


    If you are unsure of the GPS coordinates of the zone your are creating a Geo-Fence for, the

    simplest way is to use Google Maps.

    Go to, and find the location of the desired Geo-fence you would like to

    create. In this example we will use the city of Adelaide, South Australia.

  • Place your cursor over the map and right click where you would like the top left corner of the Geo-fence to be and then select Whats here? option.

  • This will reveal the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of the cursor position on the map.

  • The following picture will show you how it works, the restricted area is defined by the two

    coordinate you set.

    Copy the latitude and longitude coordinates as they appear into the first half of your Geo-fence


    stockade123456 -34.922112, 138.587036;latitude2, longitude2

    Now place the cursor on the bottom right position of the Geo-fence, right click, select Whats here? and copy the coordinates into the last half of your command.

  • stockade123456 -34.922112, 138.587036;-34.934919 138.612270

    With this coordinates set in the Geo-fence command, a rectangle will be created as the boundry of

    the Geo-frence.

    no further North than -34.922112, South than -34.934919, East than 138.612270 and West

    than 138.587036

  • To cancel the Geo-fence, send command nostockade+password.

    7. Movement alert When movement alert is enable, once a movement of the target is detected ( a movement of 200

    meter by default), the tracker will send a report to you, and the movement aleart will

    be disable automatically.

    To set a movement alert, send command move+password, to deactivate the alert, send

    command nomove+password.

  • 8. Overspeed alert This is a very useful function to monitor if the target is overspeed.

    To set the overspeed alert, send command speed+password speed.

    Example: If you need to set the speed limit to 80km/s then send command

    speed123456 080, the speed must be in 3 digits length, and the speed unit is km/s.

    Note: This is a one time alert, the alert will be deactivate once a speed breach is detected.

    To cancel the alert, send command nospeed+password

    9. IMEI number IMEI stand for International Mobile Equipment Identity, its a unique number given to the GPS tracker, you can acquire this number by sending the command "imei+password".

    10. SOS You may already notice there is a SOS button at this tracker.

    Press the SOS for 3 seconds, itll send a SOS message with coordinate to all authorized number every 3 mintues, until a SMS help me! is replied to the tracker.

    11. Low battery alert

    This is an automatically function, the GPS tracker will constantly send you a low battery alert

    every 30 minutes once the voltage dropped to 3.4v.

  • 12. Changing the system time zone

    Command "time zone+password time zone"

    Note: time zone is define by UTC time. Adelaide time zone is +9:30.

    Example: time zone123456 +9:30 to change the system into Adelaide time.

    13. Enable SMS link mode To change the default SMS text coordinates to a link that opens the GPS coordinates on Google

    Map, send the following command


    To change the sms map link back to the default text coordinates, send the command


  • In configuration software or file of the TK-102 tracker use the following settings to connect it to

    free GPS tracking system:

    Configure TK102 for GPRS

    In order free GPS tracking service to correctly identify incoming data from

    Xexun TK-102 tracker in the settings use following parameters:

    Unique ID:

    IMEI (15 digits)

    Phone number: #########

    Phone number of devices SIM card in the international format, starting from +

    In order to configure the object, you have to follow these steps by sending SMS commands to the


    "apn123456 mts" sets the required apn for gprs configuration "apnuser123456 mts" sets the user for gprs configuration

    "apnpasswd123456 mts" sets the password for gprs configuration. For new equipment

    versions user and password are set with one command "admin123456 mts mts"

    "GPRS123456" were setting GPRS mode

    "adminip123456 20157" sets the servers address for packages sending, replace for IP of monitoring system

    "t030s***n123456" sets the interval of messages sending to 30 seconds. For new equipment

    versions this command can have the following format "fix030s***n123456"

    SMS Command List Summary

    Password modification

    password+old password+space+new password

    password123456 666888

    - the password should be 6 digitals


    admin+password+space+cellphone number

    admin123456 13311112222

    - there are 4 other numbers can set as the masters,use the same way to set them.

    IP and Port Setting

  • adminip+password+space+IP address+space+port

    adminip123456 8899

    - When you need the tracker has the way of GPRS transferring,this is the necessary setting.

    APN setting

    APN+password+space+the user's APN

    APN123456 internet

    - When you need the tracker has the way of GPRS transferring,this is the necessary setting.And

    APN refers to the GSM cards APN.

    APN user name setting

    apnuser+password+space+apn's username

    apnuser123456 come

    - If the APN has user name,this is the command to setting this.

    APN password setting

    Apnpasswd+password+space+apn's password

    apnpasswd123456 cmet

    - If the APN has password,this is the command to setting this.

    Interval tracking



    - T=time,s=second,m=minutes,h=hour,n=times,t030s005n123456 means track 5 times for 30s


    *** means countl