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  • 1. Maintaining On-Premise Software is Too Complex Mobile device Mobile delivery Spam lter sever Operating system Security Servers Email Servers Backup storage servers Database to Support Content Repositories Content Repositories Tape backupGoogles approach Lowers Total Costs $700 Add $ for High Availability $610 High Availability Hardware Included: Operations Add $ for Scale and Capacity $300 - High Availability $50 $525 Software 1000 Operational support Scale and capacity Add $ for Operational Support Hardware and storage $350 $350 $290 Add $ for Hardware and Storage ice ion Pr ct $125 u R ed $$$ Software license $60 Google Legacy approach $0 Exchange On-Premise BPOS BPOS Google Apps
  • 2. Vectors of Innovation Cloud computing - data and applications reside in the network 1 2 3 Falling cost Ubiquitous Democratized tools of storage broadband of production Google CloudGooglesenterprise vision Platform Discovery and Compliance HTMLS Apis Access On-Premise chrome andrid Enterprise GSA Search Identity Management
  • 3. Messaging Collaboration Security Compliance Google apps Platform Give employees powerful messaging and collaboration tools without the usual IT hassle and cost
  • 4. Problems with Business Messaging and Google Apps Can TransformCollaboration your Business Users spend 25% of their time nding information The Information (IDC), and 60% of the average corporations Production employees Black Hole intellectual property is stuck in e-mail Less time searching for information, more time using information -Storage Magazine The average e-mail and collaboration solution The Collaboration costs more than $300 per year for less then Lower IT cost and complexity Money Pit 100MB of storage Scalable, reliable cloud computing with less maintenance -Radicati The Opportunity IT organizations spend 80% of their budget on maintenance Reduced security and compliance risks Cost -Gartner Move the business forward while ensuring youre protectedSecurity and Compliance Offerings Google Apps Premier Edition Security Messaging Message Filtering Gmail Protect email from malware, viruses, spyware... Make email a usable information tool Message Security Talk Protect email from malware and manage content policies Instant communication within and outside your business Web Security Calendar Block web based security threats. Manage web access Personal, shared, and public calendars Compliance Collaboration Message Discovery Docs Archive, Search and Retrieve email for e-Discovery Simple real-time document collaboration from anywhere Message Encryption Sites Encrypt sensitive emails based on policies and content Easily created and edited group pages Start Page Your personal view of all your internal and external information