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<ul><li><p>Golden Plains Unified School District </p><p>22000 Nevada Street P.O. Box 937 San Joaquin, California 93660 </p><p>(559) 693-1115 FAX (559) 693-4366 </p><p>_______________________________________________________________ </p><p>CLASSIFIED VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT </p><p>POSITION: SCHOOL SECRETARY II/ATTENDANCE CLERK </p><p>SITE: San Joaquin Elementary School </p><p>HOURS/TERM: 8 hours/day - 192 paid days </p><p>SALARY: $13.04 - $18.54 per hour; placement based on experience </p><p>BENEFITS: Medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage for employee </p><p>&amp; dependents </p><p>BRIEF DEFINITION: The School Secretary II/Attendance Clerk, under the supervision of the </p><p>Elementary Principal and/or designee, will adhere to applicable laws, rules, and regulations of </p><p>the state, county, and school district governing board. The School Secretary II/Attendance Clerk </p><p>will assist in the administration of school affairs and maintenance of school records, and do other </p><p>related work as assigned. </p><p>DUTIES: </p><p> Responsible for attendance data and reports </p><p> Takes and transcribes dictation of various types, including correspondence, </p><p> reports </p><p> Processes incoming correspondence for the Principal or Administrative Designee </p><p> Receives visitors and arranges appointments </p><p> Maintains the District policy manual and school handbooks </p><p> Independently composes correspondence necessitated by Board action </p><p> Enrolls students and fills out all forms </p><p> Prepares school directory, program pamphlets, updates address files </p><p>QUALIFICATIONS: </p><p> Knowledge of basic office methods and procedures </p><p> Knowledge of correct business English, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation </p><p> Ability to operate common office machinery </p><p> Possess excellent record keeping skills </p><p> Ability to meet the public tactfully and courteously </p><p> Ability to maintain cooperative and effective working relationships </p><p> Ability to understand and carry out oral and written instructions </p><p> Ability to train personnel </p><p> Bilingual (English/Spanish) required </p><p>EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: </p><p> Any combination equivalent to: High School Diploma, General Education Degree (GED) or </p></li><li><p>State High School Proficiency certificate, knowledge of accounting, finance or related field. Two </p><p>years secretarial, accounting or bookkeeping experience preferred. </p><p>Preferable experience in attendance accounting. </p><p>APPLICATION DEADLINE: Until Filled </p><p>APPLICATION PROCEDURE: </p><p>Interested GPUSD employees must submit an Employee Request for Change of Assignment. </p><p>(Request forms are available at the District Office.) </p><p>All other applicants must provide the following: </p><p>Completed GPUSD Classified Employment Application </p><p>Copy of resume and copies of diplomas/certificates and college transcripts </p><p>Copy of three (3) current letters of reference </p><p>Applicants who fail to submit all required information will not be considered for employment. </p><p>SUBMIT APPLICATION MATERIALS TO: </p><p>Golden Plains Unified School District </p><p>Attention: Jeannette Covarrubia, Human Resources Specialist </p><p>22000 Nevada Street/P.O. 937 </p><p>San Joaquin, CA 93660 </p><p>Telephone: (559) 693-1115 ext. 3128 </p><p>Fax: (559) 693-2526 </p><p>E-mail: </p><p>Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer AA/EOE </p></li></ul>


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