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Idyllwild resources for sustainable and environmentally conscious living.


  • The Idyllwild Town Crier's guide to responsible living 2011Going Green

    This year's Idyllwild

    Earth Fairpg. 2

    Meet theGreenwood

    Award recipient

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    Theimportance of composting

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    How to capture and

    use rainwaterpg. 6

    Sporty andpractical eco-bikes

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    Cartoon: Ernie Maxwell illustration from March 30, 1956 Idyllwild Publications Inc.

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  • Page 2 - Idyllwild Town Crier, Going Green, 2011

    A Town Crier Special PublicationTown Crier staff who compiled Going Green are: Publisher Grace Reed; Production Manager Halie Johnson; Editor J.P. Crumrine; Staff Reporter Marshall Smith, Copy Editor Beth Nottley; Production Assistant James Larkin; Advertising Sales Representative Shane Fender; and Of ce Manager Sandy Burns.

    Copyright 2011 Idyllwild Publications Inc.

    Idyllwild Water

    District(951) 659-2143


    v Idyllwild Water District Conservation Programs Customer Rebate Programs Low- ow toilets $75 High-ef ciency washers $300 Districts Drought Tolerant Garden Free Conservation Kits Free Landscape Guide for Mountain Homes Guidelines for the Riverside County approved gray water systems for

    IWD customers at our of ce.

    v Sustaining our environment by reducing energy and greenhouse gases

    District approved Advantex residential on-site wastewater treatment units for replacing failed septic systems.

    Foster Lake Solar System Uses solar energy to operate wells and treatment plants reducing energy demand and provides emergency power during power blackouts.

    Installing Capacitors Reduces energy demand for IWDs wastewater and water treatment plants.

    Investigating a Hydrogen Generator Reduces greenhouse gases for IWDs generator Will increase engine life and ef ciency.

    Proposed Recycled Water Project Will reduce water demand and provides future water supplies. IWD seeking grant funds.

    Visit our booth at the May 21st Idyllwild Earth Fair and share your thoughts, questions and comments with us.

    By J.P. CrumrineTown Crier Editor

    Idyllwilds 22nd Annual Earth Fair will be Saturday, May 21, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Town Hall. This year the theme is Were all in this together. The logo depicts five people standing in a circle holding hands. Each indi-vidual represents a piece of our world and environment. Theres the paw print for the animal and wildlife king-dom, a tree for the plant life, a bee for the interconnect-edness between human life and food (our dependency on a healthy environment), the sun for light, power and photosynthesis and the uni-versal symbol for recycling the three chasing arrows forming the mobius strip. Were ALL in this together was one of the themes we were considering this year. Once the earth-quake and tsunami occurred in Japan, we all felt that this theme expressed what a lot of us were feeling; were all connected and have a responsibility to each other and the planet, said Holly Owens of the Earth Fair Committee. The committee promises the usual attractive mix of food, music and dancing. Interactive booths will fea-ture recycled art, solar en-ergy, earth-friendly products, composting, garland making, wildlife education, henna painting and more. Again this year, the popu-lar Butterfly Pavilion will

    22nd Earth Fair familiar and friendly for all

    return and offer exciting and very personal experiences with the beautiful North American Monarch butter- y. Dolma has come out of somosa retirement and will indeed be making her fa-mous samosas, Owens said. Sage Mountain Farm will be serving tacos made with their own organic, grass-fed beef, and well have organic funnel cakes, smoothies and mochas made by solar pow-ered equipment! Preceding Earth Fair at 7 p.m. Friday, May 20, will be a Dessert Reception at Town Hall. Attendees can taste dessert delicacies prepared by local restaurants and lis-ten to the Celtic-in uenced folk sounds of Swift Pony, a silent auction with an amaz-ing variety of items to bid on from area galleries and businesses, and presentation of the Greenwood Award. Tickets for the Friday event are $15 at the door and all proceeds go to producing Earth Fair. The highlight of the Fri-day event will be the annual presentation of the Green-wood Award to this years re-cipient, 91-year old Cahuilla elder and co-founded the Malki Museum, Dr. Kather-ine Siva Saubel. See page 3 for more about Dr. Saubel. The Idyllwild Earth Fair was created in 1990 by a group of volunteers who wanted to contribute to

    the life of our local com-munity by presenting an annual event focusing on environmental concerns that affect us locally and glob-ally. This grassroots event is still produced entirely by volunteers. Through inspi-ration, motivation and the provision of information and expertise, the Earth Fair organizers encourage neighbors, visitors and others to become actively involved in the pursuit of such areas as solar energy, multi-spe-cies preservation, recycling, earth-friendly products, re safety, composting, water conservation and more. In the two decades since the Idyllwild Earth Fairs inception, the individuals responsible have changed, but the goal and enthusiasm remained. The constant is that everyone whos involved donates their time and gives from their hearts, Owens said. Idyllwild makes this event happen from the donations at our silent auc-tion, to the incredible talent on stage the whole day, to the people who staff the event its a community effort.

    The Idyllwild Earth Fair has been a popular annual event for 22 years. Below, Friday, May 20, at 7 p.m., the Dessert Bar will be available at Town Hall. Tickets for this event are $15 at the door and proceeds go directly to the production of Earth Fair. Below left, T-shirts and other Earth Fair memorabilia will be avail-able throughout the event. In 2010, Yvonne Poirier helped provide information to Fair attendees.

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    Ernie Maxwell

    WeekTown Crier founder Ernie Maxwell was the longtime president of the Izaak Walton League, Idyllwild most active conservation group during the 1960s to '80s. A popular IWL T-shirt read "May the FOREST be with you." Maxwell would have been 100 years old on July 7, 2011. The Town Crier and Maxwell's friends and family have organized a celebration to honor his memory and encourage the con-tinuation of his commu-nity spirit. Ernie Max